Skin Bleaching: Lotus White Glow Vs Zeta White

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Whitening & Brightening VS ZetaWhite

Are you keen to get fair and bright complexion?

Well, getting hold of the best whitening cream can be quite a tricky choice. most of the whitening creams cannot offer you the same quality and do have their drawbacks.

To pick a winning choice you need to have a clear perception about the ingredients of the cream so that you do not end up picking the wrong cream.

Lotus White Glow cream claims that it can brighten your complexion in just 7 days.

Well, we will just discuss here the effectiveness of Lotus White Glow.

Lotus White Glow

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Whitening & Brightening Gel

The ingredients are questionable

The lack of organic ingredients should be enough to put you off.

A real organic product is flooded with organic ingredients but that is not the case with Lotus White Glow.

It has got parabens in it. This includes Methyl paraben and propyl paraben. Most, people are unaware of the fact that parabens can change the morphology of the cells and this is why they promote ageing.

When you are looking for a skin brightening cream, then you should ensure the fact that it should not have parabens.

Moreover, Lotus White Glow has liquid paraffin as well. This liquid paraffin can cause skin itching and skin inflammation as well.

 When you study the ingredients closely, then you will notice the fact that there are no organic oils present in Lotus White Glow.

The organic oils play a major role in moisturizing the skin so this means that this cream lacks the nutrients needed for your skin.

Fairness alone is not enough. Your skin needs to be well-nourished as well.

The container lacks appeal

The container of the cream will also put you off because it has got quite a bulky look.

Moreover, the container has got a silver lid that breaks off easily.

The truth is that if a container looks appealing, then as a customer you are keener to explore and buy the product.

Last but not least, is that results are not lasting with Lotus White Glow. This is why you should consider other alternatives like Zeta White Products.

Zeta White: The best products to pamper your skin

If you are looking forward to get the best results with Zeta White, then it is advisable that you should grab the 3 point lightening system. If you are completely new to skincare, then you just do not have to be disappointed because Zeta White defines your skincare routine.

Looking at the top products of the 3 point lightening system

ZetaWhite Alternative Cream to Ambi

  • The wonders of the lightening face wash

If you always had a hard time picking up the right face wash, then your struggle is over because the lightening face wash addresses all your skin issues.

The face wash does not have any harsh ingredients that will spike up any skin reaction.

Moreover, you will not have to worry about the fact that your skin will dry up excessively because of using the face wash.

The face wash has Palm Kernel in it. Well, the Palm Kernel is rich in vitamins and your skin needs these essential vitamins.

Additionally, the manufacturer has also added cranberry extract in the lightening face wash. Well, it is surely bliss for you. The reason is that the cranberry extract can be termed as a natural exfoliant.

It is quite rich in Vitamin C and A. Both these vitamins can prove to be quite useful in boosting up the production of collagen. Moreover, the cranberries have also got properties that can help to fight wrinkles.

  • The soothing properties of lightening moisturizer

The Zeta White lightening moisturizer will also be a treat for your skin. It does not only protect your skin from darkening but also offers restoration from the pigmentation.

It is perfect for sensitive skin. What your skin needs the most is Vitamin E and the good news is that Vitamin E is one of the key ingredients of the lightening moisturizer.

The Vitamin E helps to fight wrinkles and it also boosts the cell growth. Moreover, Vitamin E also prevents the free radical damage.

 Another key ingredient of the lightening moisturizer is Allantoin. Now, Allantoin can help to make the skin soft. Plus, it also helps to soothe your skin.

The presence of Allantoin will boost up the cell regeneration process as well. Moreover, this ingredient will not irritate your skin as well.

This means that this moisturizer is perfect for all skin types and you should make sure that you try it out.

  • Revitalizing lightening night cream

The lightening night cream offered by Zeta White is also a treat. One of the major ingredients of the lightening night cream is the Arnica oil. It helps to soothe down the inflamed skin. Arnica oil can be quite useful in soothing down sun burn and helps to restore a healthy look in no time.

Additionally, the night cream has wheat germ oil as well. The wheat germ oil is a rich source of Vitamin E. Well, the vitamin E is quite useful in reducing skin damage.

Now, that we have analysed all the lightening products of Zeta White, one thing is quite clear. The 3 point lightening system enjoys a fair edge over Lotus White Glow.

In fact it will not be wrong to state that Lotus White Glow is no match for Zeta White. This means it will not be a wise decision on your part to spend your money on Lotus White Glow. The reason is that you will never get the results.

On the contrary, if you try Zeta White, then you will notice visible difference in your skin condition just in a matter of days so you should try it out.

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