A Guide For Women Coping With Thinning and Loss of Hair


Approximately 40% hair loss sufferers are women.

While hair loss tends to be regarded as normal in men, women generally don’t expect to deal with this issue.

It may be a more traumatic experience for women as hair, especially the ability to wear it styled is often seen as an important feminine trait.

For instance women in the media are always portrayed as having full heads of hair crafted into various styles, while men are often portrayed in various stages of male pattern baldness.

Post-menopausal women may experience hair loss as a result of certain medications, while other women in this general age group may experience female pattern baldness.

Other causes vary, and this issue can be experienced in any age group.

As hair loss can be a symptom of various problems, the most important step when dealing with this issue is to consult a physician.

While some causes may be reversible, it’s certainly not always the case.

For example, a change in hair growth after chemotherapy is very common.

In some cases, hair density does not completely return. Whether temporary or permanent, various measures can be taken to make the best of the situation.

Appropriate Haircut To Cover Hair Loss

Selecting an appropriate haircut varies on a case by case basis. Hair texture, how straight or curly the hair is, as well as the current density determines how long the hair can be before it looks limp, stringy, or the scalp appears visible.

As hair grows longer its weight increases. Long hairstyles, especially those consisting of all one length lay closer to the scalp than short layered styles.

Generally, a hairstyle that is chin length, or shorter helps to increase overall volume.

This is more the case with straight to wavy hair types. Some curly hair types can handle longer lengths, since curls tend to increase in volume.

The addition of layers, at least through the back of the style generally improve the illusion of fullness.

The shorter the length of the layers the more the hair strands lighten up, and when styled sit less closely to the scalp.

Short hairstyles that leave at least part of the ears exposed optimize this effect, as more layers can be added to the sides without making the perimeter of the hairstyle thinner.

Quality Shampoos and Appropriate Styling Products

In most cases, as hair density thins the general quality of the strands degrades.

The hair looses it’s ability to grow quite as long often reaching the end of its cycle early leaving more stages of hair that have not grown in yet.

Low-quality shampoos with cheap surfactants exacerbate this, as they tend to strip the hair of its natural oils, opening up the cuticles. This leaves the hair frizzy and even more brittle.

A shampoo-conditioner set designed for thin hair will encourage volume, creating the illusion of a slightly thicker head of hair.

When selecting a shampoo checking the ingredients on the back of the product for surfactants will ensure a higher quality product.

If the shampoo says sodium laureth sulfate, the product has a gentle surfactant appropriate for maintaining hair quality.

If the shampoo says sodium lauryl sulfate, the product has a harsh surfactant that will dry out the hair.

Keep in mind that sodium lauryl sulfate is the surfactant found in most dish soaps.

When selecting styling products for this hair type, lightweight volumizing products work best.

Heavy products, especially those designed for thicker hair types can weigh the style down and make the hair appear greasy.

Professional hair care products designed specifically for this hair type work very well, and for the shopper on a budget beauty supply stores that sell to the public generally carry appropriate products.

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Bottom Line

While hair loss in women can be an unexpected, and upsetting situation multiple resources exist to assist with this problem.

Seeking a physician is necessary in order to diagnose the cause of the hair loss. Depending on the situation, medical treatments may be able to reverse the issue.

Regardless of the permanence of the situation, combining an appropriate haircut with complimentary styling aids assist in concealing the issue.

In more extreme cases hair pieces, or hair replacement surgery may be better options, but something as drastic as surgery should be considered with great care. It also may not be as necessary as it seems.

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