Is It Bad To Wash Your Face Twice a Day? Best Guide on Face Wash

wash face two times a day

Waking up in the morning …Unconsciously, you start to wash your face with soaps or facial wash rapidly in order to get dressed for your work! And every day the same as yesterday!

Have you ever asked yourself whether you wash your face in the right way or not? Have you ever asked yourself how much you should wash your face every day? And what is most important how can I follow a good skincare routine that can help me get rid of dark spots and enjoy face glow?

Because we know how much it is important to follow proper facial cleaning steps as it can reduce your acne breakouts, skin inflammation, provide even skin tone, and many other advantages!

We will provide you full guide about proper facial cleaning, tips on mistakes we used to do while washing our faces, and the best product that will provide you with perfect skin glow instantly!

This will be in form of questions and answers in order to get what you want just in a few minutes.

Just scroll more…keep reading…and enjoy


How often should I wash my face?

Based on many dermatologists, it has been found that you should wash your face twice per day; one of the washes in the morning and the other one in evening.

  • When exactly?

Once in mornings and once in evening.

  • Why this time exactly?

It is recommended to wash your face once at mornings in order to remove the excess oil produced during the night as well as sweat, and the second time will be an evening in order to remove makeup, impurities, and all the things that you have gathered during the day…


How can I wash my face effectively?

  • Remove makeup

This is the first essential step that you should consider because washing your face is not enough to get rid of all makeup impurities, therefore, make sure that you use an oil-based makeup remover that remove at least 80% of total makeup residues.

  • Use an appropriate facial cleanser

Do not pick up any kind of facial cleanser, however, you should be picky about making sure that you use a facial cleanser that suits your skin type.

So, you can consult your dermatologist if you do not know your facial skin type or you can identify it now though; the Best guide on face type identification “Step By Step Guide To Identify Your Skin Type

Then, you should follow some tips as follows;

  1. Dry skin type

If you already have dry skin type try to use facial cleansers that are cream based that can provide you moisture, therefore, many dermatologists recommend using cleansers containing shea butter or glycerin.

  1. Normal skin type

For people who have normal skin type or if you are not able to decide your skin type until now; it is recommended to look up for cleansers that are PH-balanced based.

  1. Oily skin type

Because like dissolves like therefore, dermatologists recommend using oil-based cleansers in this case, others are also recommending using foaming cleansers

  • Temperature

Definitely, the temperature is an important factor that you should consider while washing your face therefore, many experts recommend using moderate water temperature in order to be effective and smooth on facial skin.

  • Towel

It is recommended not to use the dirty towels, or even use the one you have used after showering.


How can I enjoy having a glow and even skin tone?

Skin glow is the final goal you can achieve after following an appropriate skincare routine that starts from appropriate facial wash method, using makeup products that are well known, using morning and night creams, and many other factors, however, some products can provide you the best skin glow within an only short period of time!

We highly recommend using


Some by mi toneup intensive cream

What is SOME BY MI Toneup Cream?

It is designed specifically for solving the uneven skin tone problems as well as instant skin glow.

It is rising quickly in popularity because of the benefits it claims to give its users, as well as the claim that it is comprised of natural ingredients that work scientifically and safely.


  • Free of Hydroquinone, parabens, fragrances, or any other harmful chemicals
  • Suitable for all kinds of skins
  • Made using all natural ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Treats conditions like dark circles and crow’s feet.

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So, how can I use it?

Before applying this cream, you need to clean the area you intend to apply first.

Use a gentle exfoliate, either a loofah or a scrub gently.

You have to be cautious enough not to break the skin. After washing the area, pat it dry with a towel and do it gently.

After that, apply the cream once in the morning and once in the evening. You have to keep at this procedure until you gain the desired skin tone.

Bottom Line

I would like to confirm on the easiness of having perfect skin glow unless you are dedicated to following special skincare routines, skin glow products, as well as the best skincare tips as we mentioned within the article.

We hope that we provide you what you exactly need.

Await your valuable feedback, cheers!

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