Best Way To Vaginal Bleaching at Home (Amazing Results!)

how to bleach a vagina at home

Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot deny the effects of the Kardashians on the self-image of people these days, and how they have influenced certain beauty trends in the mainstream like anal bleaching.

It corresponds with the overall beauty trends – Brazilian waxing has increased in popularity, and more people are paying extra attention to how their back and front areas look.

Anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching may seem very strange at first, and you may wonder why those areas are even important in the first place.

However, this has not put off many people – both women and men – from trying to get procedures to make these areas more attractive, in addition to feeling cleaner and more confident in intimate situations.

This bleaching activity has become the hot new trend that lightens any dark skin around your private areas.

However, many are not brave enough to do it in the salon or at a spa, and that is where bleaching creams come in to save the situation.

The good news is you can do it effectively and safely from the comfort of your home, and avoid the unnecessary expenses of going to a salon. That has led to the rise of DIY Vaginal bleaching.

The most important thing is to do your homework before starting any procedure so that you are completely aware of what to expect.

Here is why you can consider SOME BY MI as one of the best anal and vagina bleaching cream on the scene.

Why consider doing vagina bleaching at home anyway?

bleaching vagina at home step by step

It is a human obsession, especially in the present day, to have a ‘perfect body’, whatever that means to an individual.

This is farfetched though because no one is perfect anyway. However, there are certain things you can do to enhance how you look and get closer to your dream body.

One of the most common ways is getting in shape, while the other is brightening the intimate areas of the body that tend to have darker skin tones.

The darkening of these areas can be due to several reasons, which include friction in the areas – walking or jogging resulting in rubbing of the thighs and darkening over time.

Another possible cause could be drinking high amounts of coffee or soda, and even poor anal hygiene.

Therefore, years of inadequate maintenance can result in darker skin in these areas, which is not what most people would want.

Bleaching has become a method of easing the distress of people who are not comfortable with these areas of their bodies.

It began with spa treatments but has extended to creams that people can use safely and comfortably in their homes.

What is the best option out there?

Bleaching of your private areas is a sensitive issue, no matter what angle you want to look at it. There are many questions you may have about it, and it includes the best options for at-home treatments.

After all, the process is a private issue and you need to consider all the options you have before trying it out. Some treatments you can explore include laser treatment from skin care professionals, retinol treatments that your dermatologist applies topically, at-home treatments, and medical treatments that your doctor gives you.

If the risks that are associated with spa and surgery worry you, you are better off going for the at-home treatments as they will;

  • Not cost you much money,
  • Complete control of the entire process.

What do you need to know before going for at-home treatments?

Bleaching creams have had an infamous reputation before because of the harmful ingredients they were comprised of.

However, the recent scientific research and consumer protection standards have led to manufacturers now producing bleaching creams that are safe and meet international standards of safety.

Any lightening cream and gel you use needs to be made from all-natural ingredients, which are usually safe for skin regardless of the skin type you have.

These ingredients will also not lead to side effects, so they are safer than previous creams.

The good news is you can explore all your options in the privacy of your home and modify according to your schedule. That is enough to beat out expensive appointments at your medical office, spa or salon.

The DIY treatment option is definitely increasing in popularity as a safe way of brightening your skin without the rest of the population around you know what you are doing.

The most important thing is deciding on the best treatment option for you, and make sure you follow all the instructions carefully.

Why choose SOME BY MI Intensive Tone-up Cream?

Some by mi toneup intensive cream

It is free from fragrance and paraben, so it may be useful for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.

Launched in 2016, the product has the advantage of correcting the mistakes its older counterparts have had in the skin care industry, and the current version of the product has 20 ingredients, two that are main and several other minor ingredients.

This cream has been consistently chosen by users as the best bleaching cream for intimate areas of the skin.

Since it uses a combination of natural extracts from herbs, its powerful formula ensures that dark skin becomes two or three shades lighter in a safe way.

In fact, many users report lighter skin in less than a month of using it consistently, even though the manufacturer recommends one to use it for at least six weeks, depending on the condition of your skin.

The cream works by stopping the increase of melanin in the skin of these areas. It does so by preventing hyperpigmentation, as it works in the inner tissue, where it will slow down or inhibit the buildup of chemicals that lead to discoloration.

The cream contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine, which use scientific research. The result is a cream that minimizes dark spots and evens out pigmentation.

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Ingredients list

SOME BY MI Intense Toneup

Are there possible side effects?

The main ingredients are all-natural, so it’s very rare to encounter any side effects. 

For instance, individuals with highly sensitive skin, lactating mothers and pregnant women should not use the product.

In addition, if your skin has undergone recent waxing or shaving, it is not advisable to use the serum.

In the case of pregnant women, the blood can absorb the ingredients easily, and they can pass through the placenta and harm the baby – the child may even suffer discoloration disorders.

Note that the product is only for external use, so that means you should handle it with care. For instance, do not apply the product on open wounds or destroyed skin.

The company has a policy that allows you to return the product within 60 days if it does not work for you, and full refunds are applicable in this time frame.


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How to bleach your vaginal area properly using SOME BY MI Tone-up cream while at home

It is best to start off with a clean area, where you will apply the cream.

Use a light exfoliate though – you want to avoid breaking the skin because this can lead to redness and irritation after application.

Gently pat the area using a soft cloth or towel. In addition, avoid rubbing the area because this will result in irritation of the skin.

You only need to apply the cream twice a day, in the morning after taking a shower, and again in the evening before you head to bed.

You should continue the procedure for a minimum of six weeks before seeing results. Again, the rate of seeing positive results depends on the condition of the skin, so it may take a shorter time in some people and a longer time in others.

Avoid using the product if you have wounds or broken skin (including undergoing recent waxing procedures), and always make sure to apply strong sunscreen on the affected area, since the product will increase the sensitivity of the skin to sun exposure.

Final thoughts

Bleaching of skin has been a controversial issue for a long time, and rightly so.

The products that people were using in the past had led to problems with skin health, and it is understandable if people are conscious, especially with the recent trend of bleaching private areas.

However, safe creams exist to help with the process such as SOME BY MI cream, and as long as you use them correctly, they should not pose a danger to your health.

Be particularly cautious when choosing a cream, and do not risk your health for the sake of beauty standards.

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