Are You Hurting Your Teeth Without Knowing?


Some people don’t give their toothbrush much thought.

They take whatever the dental offices hands out, or the kind their wife buys at the store.

Other people look for toothbrushes that are the right color to match their bathrooms , or specific sizes that fit into the toothbrush holder correctly, or buy crazy designs in hopes the kids will enjoy and will use regularly!

One detail that is often overlooked when choosing a toothbrush is the “softness” of the bristles. Just about everyone should be using a toothbrush that has soft, polished bristles. Why soft?


Two words-toothbrush abrasion.

Toothbrush abrasion is a phenomenon that occurs from incorrect brushing, too much or too abrasive of a toothpaste and /or using a hard-bristled brush.

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This is Why You Develop Sensitive Teeth Without Knowing?


Over the years I have seen many cases of toothbrush abrasion. These people tend to want their teeth to feel very clean-so they buy a hard scrubbing brush, load on the toothpaste and use a back and forth scrubbing action to clean away bacterial plaque. All these intentions are good, except over the years, these people actually wear away gum tissue and tooth structure and develop sensitive teeth! I have seen older patients who have worn into the tooth so much that a notch exists in the tooth!! It looks just like a tree that is being cut down with an ax!

A dentist can correct these notches with composite filling material, but it is, of course, better to avoid this situation all together. If you are unsure that your toothbrush is “soft enough”, I advise patients to run the bristles under HOT water before brushing to soften them.

Be sure to always use a soft toothbrush, minimal amount of toothpaste, and ask your dental hygienist to teach you the CORRECT way to brush your teeth .

Happy Flossing! (and in this case–happy GENTLE brushing!!)

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Dr. Saleh is an active author in the beauty & health industry. He is well known for his unprecedented research and advocacy efforts to support safe cosmetic products and healthy way of living.

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