The 15 Mins, No Surgery Solution For Bags Under Eyes (Puffy Eyes) With Q10 Patches

According to Dr. William (Ophthalmologist),

We have a very thin skin around the eyes and quite sensitive, thus it’s common to see Puffy eyes and bags under eyes when we start getting older. Although avoiding poor diet, less sleep and stress. Will delay the eye puffiness and wrinkles.

Also Dr. Ellen Marmur, MD added;

Puffy eyes are usually temporary and don’t require a doctor visit. If the problem persists or seems to worsen, a dermatologist can determine if you have either fat herniations or malar festoons. A fat herniation is when the fat pad under the eye shifts out of place. A malar festoon is a semicircle of swelling that looks like a puffy banner under the eye and upper cheekbone. It’s caused when circulatory problems obstruct the drainage of fluid. Both festoons and fat herniations can be corrected with cosmetic surgery.

What about the ones who don’t want cosmetic surgery for puffy eyes?

Luckily,  puffiness under the eyes can be diminished also with Q-10 anti-wrinkle patches, which improves the eyelid-to-cheek contour so that the demarcation isn’t so pronounced. And this all done in 15 mins time!


What Are The Benefits of Eye Secrets Q10 Patches:

prosHelp retexturize the skin around your eye area, brighten dark circles and minimize fine lines.

prosSupport the skin lock in moisture and strengthen its protective barrier.

prosCalms any inflammation and firms the skin area.

prosAid to keep future wrinkles from cropping up.


How Does Eye Secrets Q10 Patches Works?

helps improve appearance of “chronoaged skin” (skin aged due to sun exposure) is by reducing water loss. And this is due to it’s key ingredient Hyaluronic acid (HA).

This product heavily relied back in 2014, a heavily publicised study appeared in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology showed that products containing hyaluronic acid effectively decreased the appearance of wrinkles and reduced skin sagging within 30 days of consistent use.(source)

However, Q10 managed to combine the benefits of collagen and HA to help restore lower eye area to its structure and shape.

  • Because HA binds to water, it hydrates the skin and tissues and keeps skin junctions tight.
  • Helps bring nutrients to damaged tissues.
  • Controls inflammation and helps fluids carry out waste.

Bottom line: Q10 Anti-wrinkle patches ain’t magic. It’s a blend of high quality ingredients based on recent studies, here are the ingredients;

1_redGlycerine Glycerine attracts water from the lower layers of skin (dermis) and increases the amount of water in the surface layers of skin. Glycerine also maintains the outer barrier of your skin and prevents dryness or scaling.

2_greenHyaluronic Acid The Hyaluronic Acid found in the Eye Secrets collagen patch works to boost the skin’s moisture content and help prevent moisture loss, leaving your skin feeling less puffy, smoother and tighter.

3_blueNicotinamide Nicotinamide is used in the collagen and q10 patch as it contains some brilliant anti-aging properties. It has been shown to improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture, which in turn delivers smoother skin and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines.

The patch also contains Collagen, Propylene Glycol and Aqua which when combined with the above can help to reduce dry skin and puffiness, leaving you with smoother, tighter, younger looking skin.


  1. Wash and dry face.
  2. Remove/get patches from the packaging.
  3. Apply underneath your eye.
  4. Relax for 15 – 20 minutes.
  5. Remove the gel patch slowly from the edge.

Recommended use:

Apply Collagen patches for 15 – 20 minutes, 3 times for the first week and once or twice a week after.

Where to Buy Q10 And Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles and Bags?

You can easily purchase Eye Secrets Collagen and Q10 from Offical e-store with it’s ongoing discounts. It offers 60 days money back guarantee plus Free worldwide shipping.

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