TEN Fast Ways To Treat Your Sunburn Blisters Effectively

How about the south and western coast of Britain nowadays? How about visiting the most beautiful Malaysian islands at the south East Asia?

Seems interesting, Right? By now, you are thinking of relaxing, refreshment, good air, smell of the sea and the beautiful sun that we have waited so long to give us the most beautiful tan…Ops!

How about the most annoying thing about the sun, which is the sunburn blisters?

DO NOT hesitate and keep thinking of what you will also do this summer; here is your guide and all what you need to know about sunburn blisters… Keep Reading.

The first thing, you have to know “what is the reason of sunburn’s dermatological adverse effect?”

The excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays that comes in two different forms, which are:

  1. UVA: Considered as the primarily cause of sunburns.
  2. UVB: It has characterized by its strength, which is much stronger, that UVA and considered as the reason for the form of sunburn’s signs.
    • It is supposed that this type of radiation we do not exposed to; due to the presence of ozone layer, that shields us from its harmful rays.

Sunburns and Blisters:

SunBlisters on back from sun

As said “For every action there is a reaction” this is what typically happens when your body exposed to an excessive exposure to the sun and its harmful rays or any form of UV light.

The more you face the sunlight and its radiation, the more your body absorb UV rays; as a result your body warmth heat up giving you the warmness feeling.

On the other hand, the UV light stimulates melanin cells in the skin causing them darken and when this happen you subsequently have a tan!

Unfortunately, the UV light that burns have an adverse effect on the skin cells such as accelerating the skin aging process, increase the chance of developing skin cancer.

Because of skin damage from the UV rays, the body draw more blood to the skin’s surface to help in the healing process and form sunburn blisters.

What are the Sunburn blisters?

Sun Blisters BEst Treatment

In sever sunburns, your skin may blister and swell!

Blisters will typical appear after several hours after the excessive exposure to sunlight.

Sunburn blisters are formed in form of small & transparent pocket filled with liquid fluid. Sunburn blisters are painful and considered as 2nd degree burn.

What is the reason of the sunburn blister formation?

They are formed from one of our blood constituents such as plasma for the many reasons; one of them is to prevent further damage to deeper tissues.

Another reason is that the fluid present inside the blister is mainly there to help in the healing process of your skin.

Therefore, you have to leave the affected area and do not POP your blisters! If accidentally a blister pops, you have to protect the affected area as much as possible in order to prevent any kind of infections and damage for the deeper tissues.

Remember, that is your skin at this time is very delicate and susceptible to any kind of bacterial and fungal infections.

Can sunburn blisters cause complications?

Sever sunburns that cause blisters may associate with some complications such as vomiting, dizziness, nausea and redness of the skin with a painful feeling. It may also increase your chance of developing skin cancer.

Remember that you have to visit a doctor immediately if you experience one of these symptoms.

Am I susceptible to severe sunburn?

Everyone is susceptible to the adverse effects of the UV rays but some people are of high risk of sunburns than others such as those who:

  • Have white skin
  • Fair or red skin
  • Have a family history of skin cancer
  • Infants as well as children

Nothing is impossible; here is TEN ways to treat sunburns and blisters:

  1. Leave your blisters alone!
    • Do not pop the sunburn blisters as mentioned before as it may develop infections, the problem will be two times harder to resolve, and more complications will be added.
  2. Stick to the shade
    • Avoid sun exposure until the blisters pop and heal
  3. Use Aloe Vera
    • It’s supposed to be the best choice for sunburn blisters as it reduce the pain and help in the healing process
  4. Take a cool bath
    • It will decrease the irritation and you body’s temperature
  5. Lettuce… seems interesting!
    • It is a well-known painkiller, which help to remove the effect of burns found on your skin. You can use lettuce by boiling its leaves in a water, then let the water to cool down in the refrigerator then dip a cotton ball inside the cool water then with care wipe over your skin
  6. Yogurt
    • Yes yogurt can help in the treatment process as it contains a lot of probiotics and enzymes that help in your healing process
  7. Bath in Oatmeal
    • Oats is the best skin moisturizer and soother, that help in fighting the burn effect
  1. Drink plenty of water
    • Your sunburn will decrease the water content in your body, so make sure that you drink plenty of water in order to fasten your healing process
  2. Cold water!
    • Use cotton balls and dip them into the cold water, place them on your affected skin so that some of the heat get out of your skin
  3. Seek a doctor
    • If your blisters are sever, you have to seek a doctor that may prescribe a medication for the swelling and redness of your skin or a medication that accelerates the healing process

Prevention is better than cure!

  • The American Cancer Society encourages the “Slip! Slop! Slap! And Wrap” method to protecting you and your loved ones from the sun’s harmful rays:
  • Slip on a shirt
  • Slop on sunscreen
  • Slap on a hat
  • Wrap on sunglasses

So wear clothes to protect your skin, wear sunscreen with the best SPF according to your doctor opinion regularly almost every three hours, slap a hat that protect all of your facial organs and use your trademark glasses that block most of the harmful UV rays.


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