Dental Teeth Whitening Methods: Your Guide In Selecting Teeth Whitening Systems and Teeth Whitening Prices


Dental teeth whitening is a growing industry, as can be seen by a stroll through any drugstore. Here is a breakdown of each type of teeth whitening method and the results that can be achieved using them.

pointDental Teeth Whitening Toothpastes

Almost every brand of toothpaste has one that is labeled as whitening.

The difference between these dental teeth whitening toothpastes and traditional toothpastes is that they contain additional abrasives and ingredients to whiten teeth.

Teeth whitening toothpastes do not contain bleach or peroxide, thus they can only whiten the teeth back to the original color by removing stains.

There are several dental teeth whitening toothpastes that do contain peroxide and which will bleach the teeth to a white color. According to, Rembrandt, Supersmile, Plus White and Natural Dentist are the only toothpastes that will actually provide dramatic results.

.dental whitening tooth pastetooth white tooth paste

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pointAt Home Dental Teeth Whitening Systems

For at home options, there are several teeth whitening systems to choose from.

The most common is the traditional tray teeth whitening systems, where a whitening gel containing peroxide is placed in the mouth.

The tray is left on the teeth for five to 20 minutes and bleaches the teeth. These teeth whitening systems work well and results are usually noticed quickly.

teeth-whitening at home

Teeth whitening strips are clear sticky strips containing whitening gel that is placed on the teeth.

These are left on for a period of time and either dissolve or are removed and discarded.

A more recent type of teeth whitening system is paint on teeth whiteners.

These products come in a small tube and is brushed onto the teeth. It dries quickly and not only whitens teeth, but protects the teeth against stains.

pointProfessional Dental Teeth Whitening Methods

For those desiring more dramatic and quicker teeth whitening methods, professional dental procedures are the answer.

Laser teeth whitening is the most common dental office procedure and works similarly to at home teeth whitening systems.

The difference is that a laser is concentrated on the teeth which activates the bleaching power of the gel. Results are seen immediately.

teeth whitening at office

pointDental Teeth Whitening Prices

Teeth whitening prices vary widely, but here are some general price ranges for the teeth whitening methods described above. Teeth whitening prices for procedures performed by a dentist typically cost around $650.

Teeth whitening prices for over the counter teeth whitening systems costs anywhere from $20 to $100. Most teeth whitening toothpastes cost less than five dollars.

For dramatic results, professional dental teeth whitening methods are the best option.

For a cheap teeth whitening option that takes a little longer, choose over the counter teeth whitening systems.

You can also try natural teeth whitening options which can help achieve good teeth whitening results.

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