All You Need is 6 Days For Brighter Teeth With Bella Teeth Whitening Kit

A smile is a very important feature of your beauty.

Especially if you are a woman then you most probably very conscious about your smiling, and if your teeth don’t let you smile confidently, then you must need something special that gets rid of the strains effectively you have on your teeth.

Why are stains crammed on the surface of your enamel?

teeth-stain-with bella labs teeth whitening system

It is when you drink too much coffee, taking caffeinated or energy drinks, eating too many sweets, and smoking cigarettes.

You need to balance your diet and should quit some bad habits that ruin your health for example smoking and alcohol, along with that you should use Bella teeth whitening kit which we are going to review in this article.

The Bella Laboratories Teeth Whitening System is a package that can help you to perk up your grin and improve your teeth. You can make an order for 30 days, 3 months, or 5 months of treatment method.

What is the Bella Laboratories Teeth Whitening Kit?

Teeth Whitening Kit of Bella Labs

Your look is usually the first thing people observe anytime you introduce yourself.

You would like your smile to be enticing and pleasant, but tarnished teeth can give someone a negative impression, making them believe that you don’t take care of your hygiene.

Even when you clean your teeth every single day, they can become tarnished with different drinks and foods that can permeate your teeth enamel and leave a permanent mark.

Having said that, Bella Labs has a Teeth Brightening System which can help you.

This Teeth Whitening System is apparently able to provide you definitively brighter teeth within just 6 days.

By using this treatment in a defined way, you can easily both remove oral plaque from your teeth and shine the surface. With these initiatives, you’re able to help the entire way that other people see your smile.

Whitening solutions at the dentist’s office can be pricey, but the hassle of having to plan for visiting the office and your individual commitments.

You don’t need to get the dental office to have this treatment, especially when you want to look healthier for a night out at the end of your week.

Using the Teeth Whitening Kit , you can easily get the smile you want without the cost of any professional.

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About Bella Laboratories

Bella Laboratories LOGO

The company of this Teeth Brightening Program is Bella Laboratories that has been running a business for almost fifteen years.

This company claims that they’re recognized in the Beauty and health industry, making the most of the nutritional science to create supplements that help enhance your well-being.

How Does this Teeth Whitening Kit Work?

How does teeth whitening kit works at home

The main point associated with the Teeth Whitening System is to get rid of the unattractive stains that have accrued on your enamel through the years.

Sipping tea or coffee can grime your teeth, destroying your teeth enamel with caffeinated drinks and infiltrating the surface.

Tea is capable of doing exactly the same thing, gathering cavity inducing plaque. On the other hand, one of the most detrimental staining elements is using tobacco, which usually layers the teeth with tar and nicotine.

While the product promises to be effective in getting rid of these stains, there aren’t any details precisely what the system gives break down to stains and recover teeth enamel. However the high quality ingredients it has proves on why it does work.


According to the company of this particular product, brightening gel in this package contains a couple of key brightening agents — Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide.

There are some added components which are useful for teeth and oral wellness — Coenzyme Q10 Supplement and Sodium Fluoride.

Find out more about each ingredient incorporated in this teeth carbamide peroxide gel below.

pointHydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide has become the most frequently included whitening agents in teeth bleaching gels.

If HP is used on your teeth, it will work by oxidizing strains.

pointCarbamide Peroxide

The same as HP, Carbamide Peroxide is a great whitening agent. In comparison with Hydrogen Peroxide it’s not that formidable (about 3 times), so generally, it’s a part of teeth bleaching products in better concentrations.

You can certainly find a more in depth comparability between these 2 whitening agents on the internet.

pointSodium Fluoride

Sodium Fluoride is a frequent ingredient in teeth whitening gels as it is capable of improving teeth enamel, which considerably cuts down the odds of having a rot.

Therefore, besides teeth whitening advantages, you can also help your teeth wellness by making use of Bella Labs gel.

pointCoenzyme Q10 Supplement

Coenzyme Q10 Supplement substance is a useful element for dental health.

According to study, it can strengthen the overall health of teeth gums.

pointOther Substances: Poloxamer and Water.

How to Use Bella Laboratories Teeth Whitening System

The only information on the site about the approach this treatment uses to your enamel is that you just need a matter of seconds.

Any other details about the advised dosage or other particulars come in the documentation or product; you can also make contact with customer support.

The Price Tag of Bella Laboratories Teeth Whitening System

If you want to start using this program, you may have a number of deal options, based on the period of time you need to carry on using it.

Make a choice from

  • 5 months’ treatment: £149.80 (£29.97 per package)
  • 3 months’ treatment: £99.85 (£33.40 per package)
  • 30 days’ treatment: £49.96

To get one box of this treatment, you must pay the £6.95 delivery fee. On the other hand, for any package deal which is more than just one box, you can get the additional advantage of free delivery.

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(Discounts included)

Money-Back Guarantee

The important thing to Bella Labs is you will be pleased with the effects of their system. This company makes use of high-quality substances, however, that might not be more than enough to suit your needs. In case you don’t like the upshot of using this solution, you should return your untouched portion within 3 months to get the reimbursement.

At home teeth whitening kits bella labs


  • prosConsists of a carbamide peroxide gel and tray formulation, no sloppy strips.
  • prosHelps get rid of oral plaque buildup
  • prosShines while bleaching your enamel
  • prosApparent effects in six days
  • prosPrice tag is affordable


  • consThis teeth whitening gel under specific conditions can take shape more of a fluid, making application challenging for first-time customers of these solutions
  • consThe applicator teeth whitening trays can be uneasy for some users who aren’t used to these home-based teeth brightening systems.

Customer Reviews

It’s been easy to find Bella teeth whitening review which is praiseful for the product. As it is still a bit new in the marketplace (compared to other systems) but a majority of reviews read like this “it is really easy to use” another consumer says “After applying the product my teeth enamel was brighter and I felt satisfied.” The particular reviews and customer feedback for Bella Labs Teeth Whitening Package that you can easily find on the internet are mostly positive.

The truth is you will have a hard time finding any reviews that are negative about this particular product.

Therefore, it is very clear that there’s everything normal regarding this brightening solution (high quality, customer care and so forth.) but safety measure is important before buying it.

Bella-Laboratories-Reviews-online for teeth whitening kit

Where can you buy?

Bella white teeth can be purchased directly from the official website or other online merchants for example Amazon. There are several top-notch factors to buy directly from official site directly because they have a 90-day refund policy and fantastic customer service.

Payments can easily be made by bank card or PayPal, they contain normal shipping charges and more importantly speed delivery for the swiftness of your package. You can get Bella Laboratories Teeth Whitening package at very affordable rates. When purchasing from the company, worldwide shipping can be obtained in order to get it shipped in virtually every country.

At the moment, you can find three offers to opt for, and discount rates are offered while buying more deals of Bella Laboratories System. You can certainly get a set of available deals bellow.

  • One package — £49.92;
  • Three packages — £99.94;
  • Four packages and a couple of at no cost — £149.92.

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While details about substances in Bella Laboratories whitening, solution are provided, it’s clear that what levels of these whitening agents are used. For this, you can be positive that it won’t trigger sensitiveness or any other negative effects that are frequent with some other teeth brightening products.

On top of that, you will find a couple of online reviews, which discourage the superior quality of this gel and comfort of the perfect mouth tray. These are due to some other reasons, either they want to defame the company or product, or they might be kinda competetior or desperate rivals.

Bella laboratory system is cost-effective and can result in brighter teeth. The responses we come across has been superb, with other features like quality mouth teeth whitening trays that are comfortable for many customers.

Generally, it is just a great solution for many people globally that are making use of it with great results. General score, according to what we have realized – Bella laboratories deserves 4.5/5 stars. Good job Bella Laboratories.

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