Skin Improvement with Clinical Treatments Like Lasers

If you have concerns about the ongoing health of your skin, you are in good company.

Many people share those concerns, which is why the skincare industry is so large.

There are clinical skincare treatments these days for a multitude of skin concerns, such as scars, wrinkles and even unwanted tattoos.

Therefore, whatever your skin problems are, they can probably be treated at your local skincare clinic using lasers or other types of treatments and procedures.

How Skin Issues Are Treated with Lasers


Lasers are among the most common and well-liked of all skincare treatments performed in modern clinics.

They are prized for several qualities, including the diversity of the skin conditions they can treat, as well as how accurate they are.

For example, you can use lasers to treat wrinkles, scars, sun spots and more. (1)

Lasers are capable of providing revitalization treatments for your skin as a whole or treating small areas effectively for specific purposes. (2)

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One of the reasons laser procedures are so diverse is there are different types of laser machines available. The medical lasers for sale by manufacturers today cover a wide variety of styles and specializations.

They all use light beams to treat the skin, also combining the use of heat to heal skin problems.

However, they do so in varied ways. For example, ablative laser treatments are often used to provide peel procedures, treating the surface of the skin.

Non-ablative lasers are often used for general revitalization of deeper tissues. You can also opt for a Fraxel laser treatment. (3)

A Fraxel laser creates columns through multiple skin layers, encouraging healing by causing just enough damage to trigger healing responses.

Clinical Surface Peels Using Non-Laser Techniques

Aside from laser treatments, there are several types of peel procedures you can have done in clinics to revitalize your skin.

One option is microdermabrasion. That is a process by which a tool will be used to remove debris and blemishes from the surface of your skin. Essentially, the tool is used to “sand” the skin, allowing fresh new cells to take over as dead cells are removed.

Alternatively, you may decide to revitalize the surface of your skin using a chemical peel.

A chemical peel provides similar results to a laser peel or microdermabrasion.

The only difference is the method of treatment. A chemical peel uses chemicals approved for skin treatment to revitalize the skin and remove imperfections.

The exact mixture of chemicals controls the depth and strength of the procedure, which can also influence the recovery time and side effect risks.

More Ways to Treat Your Skin Problems

Of course, skin peels are not the only types of skincare treatments.

In fact, lasers alone can perform deep tissue treatments as well. You also have several other non-peel treatment options.

For example, sound wave treatment is a good way to encourage collagen production in your body. (4)

Collagen can help hold your skin cells tight together, reducing wrinkles.

Sound wave treatments can include ultrasound or radio frequency treatments. Another option is to try some sort of light therapy, such as intense pulsed light, to treat your skin.

Surgery is also an option for skincare, but it should only be used as a last resort. Most of the methods above are best for treating mild to moderate skin problems.

If you suffer from severe skin sags, surgical intervention may help.

However, surgery comes with side effects and risks. It is also a lengthy process and can be quite expensive. Therefore, exploring other clinical methods of skincare first is the best option.

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