What To Avoid And What To Look For In Skin Bleaching Creams


Bleaching creams, whiteners, skin brighteners, fading creams fall under the umbrella of the skin lightening products that are widely found on many well-known platforms due to the high demand on their usage.

Many people seek the bleaching creams to treat some skin disorder such as acne scars, sun damaged skin, freckles, pregnancy, hormonal disturbance, uneven coloration and the naturally dark skin people.

Bleaching creams mainly work by decreasing the melanin Skin’s pigmentation level; it is what actually determine your color!

Melanin is a pigment produced by specific cells called melanocytes, as simple as the possible the more melanin the darker the skin.

So, how can I control my melanin?

Unfortunately, your melanin level is considered as a matter of genetic makeup however, there are also other factors that may contribute to the increase of melanin level.

The popularity of the bleaching creams has increased all across the globe…and for many reasons people will seek any kind of procedures such as skin whitening pills, skin-whitening injections, or bleaching creams that make them feel much more comfortable and fine.

Read more about why you should not go for either skin whitening pills or skin whitening injection option.

How to know if you are using a good quality bleaching cream?

In my opinion, skin-whitening products must provide the following points without causing any kind of harmful effects:

1.Eliminate blemishes; Your bleaching product must be able to remove or fade away your dark spots…most of the uneven coloration cases are caused by hyperpigmentation.

Therefore, you must choose a product that is able to decrease the melanin level giving you an even skin coloration without initiating any adverse effects.

2.Enhance skin texture; You must keep on using your bleaching creams on a regular basis in order to provide your skin a lighter and smoother texture.

3.Stimulate the skin Luminosity; How? By using bleaching creams on a regular basis, this will help remove the dead skin layer, thus giving you the fresh, young and the most luminous look.

What is the best choice on the market & What Ingredients to Avoid?

Bleaching creams are a cosmetic product that mainly works on your melanin, due to the presence of chemical compounds such as topical corticosteroids, hydroquinone, mercury, retinoid and other compounds.

On the other hand, many bleaching creams are composed of natural ingredients that did not induce any kind of side effects.

But, how the bleaching creams induce a side effect? The chemicals found in most of the bleaching creams can cause an adverse effect indeed! For example,

Hydroquinone substance that is found in most of the bleaching creams has an adverse effect and it is not approved until now from the Food and Drug Administration.

On August 29, 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed a ban on over-the-counter sales of cosmetic products containing hydroquinone, a skin-bleaching (lightening) ingredient. Moreover, any skin-lightening products containing hydroquinone would be considered new drugs, according to the proposed FDA regulations.

The products would require FDA approval before being sold to the public and would only be available with a doctor’s prescription.

“And according to a report published by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, “hydroquinone may increase skin cancer risks due to UV exposure and that there is a side effect in using it too much called ocrynosis; you get a paradoxical darkening discoloration of the skin.

Another chemical that may cause any adverse effect is Mercury, it stated that “Mercury is a toxic agent that can cause severe psychiatric, neurological, and kidney problems.

The use of mercury as an ingredient in bleaching creams is banned in the U.S. However, other bleaching creams are still produced although it is mercury based this happen outside the U.S.

On the Contrary, the bleaching creams are considered as safer and less harmful especially if they are composed of natural ingredients for example;

“Steroids and retinoic acid”

Both of them are naturally found and derived from vitamin A; therefore, they are potentially used in the skin bleaching creams.

“Arbutin and Kojic Acid”

The well-known skin bleaching ingredients that have melanin-inhibiting properties, both of them are naturally derived.

Whereas, Arbutin found in the leaves of pear plants and mulberry, while kojic acid is naturally derived from a fungus that grows on fermented rice.


The most effective and naturally found tropical fruit that can reduce the production of melanin; therefore, lighten your skin naturally without any kind of side effects.


The excellent exfoliator, moisturizing and bleaching agent; you can easily observe its results easily as it helps remove the dead skin found, fade away the dark spots and smooth your skin…make sure to use honey only or skin bleaching creams containing honey as one of its ingredients. The use of lemon, olive oil can also have the same effect due to the presence of vitamin C.

Turmeric and Oatmeal

Oatmeal and turmeric will help remove the dead skin found on your face and encourage brighter new cells to form, look for those ingredients in the skin bleaching creams you will get amazing results within a short period of time.

Licorice Root Extract

The active ingredient in licorice root extract is “Glabridin”; that works efficiently by protecting the skin from the absorption of either UVA rays or UVB rays.

Moreover, it inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme without causing damage to the cells, you have to make sure that your bleaching cream is containing Licorice Root Extract as one of its ingredients.

Vitamin B3

Call it vitamin B3 or niacinamide; it is considered as an effective whitening ingredient that gives the most glowing and healthy look, the glowing look is because it works by the inhibition of melanin level while the healthy look is because it can increase the collagen level.

Based on research, it was stated that “ Daily use of a facial lotion containing niacinamide, panthenol, and tocopheryl acetate improved skin tone and texture

Go For Natural Ingredients and Glow Better!

Are you looking for bleaching creams with most of the previous ingredients? Yes…

We highly recommend Zeta White Cream, that is consists of natural ingredients such as papaya extract, liquorice extract, Lemon extract and it is hydroquinone and mercury free!

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Zeta White Cream Lightening System


Face Lightening Wash

 Zeta White Face Wash contains enzyme-rich papaya extract, to naturally lighten skin, and lemon extract, to reduce the amount of melanin your skin produces.

Used morning and evening, it’s your first step towards creating the foundation for lighter, whiter skin.

Lightening Moisturizer

 Zeta White lightening moisturizer is packed with liquorice extract to not only brighten your skin but to act as a natural sunscreen and shield against skin darkening rays.

Used daily, it simultaneously whitens, whilst protecting against further darkening.

Lightening Night Cream

 Helping your skin to replenish while you sleep, zeta white lightening night cream boasts high levels of allantoin.

This helps to remove dead cells from your skin’s surface, paving the way for the growth of new, lighter skin and preventing further darkening. anti-inflammatory properties mean you will wake to look brighter and revitalized.

Last but not the least, most skin whitening creams don’t magically whiten your face directly but it removes the dead skin found instead, giving you the luminosity look.

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