Is Your Skin Aging Faster Because of Coffee? Full Guide For Coffeeholics

coffee and skin care

“Do not talk to me at morning unless I drink a cup of coffee”…says everybody!

Indeed, this is the most common statement among most of the people worldwide; no one can deny the magical effect of caffeine found within coffee beans that usually act as brain stimulator, therefore, give us the ability to concentrate at work, study, or drive…etc.


Do you know that this magical amazing effect can turn into the worst decision for your skin?

Unfortunately, drinking a lot of coffee during the day can pose an adverse effect on your skin as it cause premature aging, therefore, wrinkles and face lines start to develop earlier than it should be.

In this context,

We will give a piece of information about how coffee can fasten your aging phase to be much more visible, moreover, we will provide you with the best products that can fight the aging signs if you already notice the effect of caffeine on your face or you already suffer from aging signs.

You just have to keep scrolling down…keep reading…and enjoy!

How caffeine affects our skin?

As mentioned before, caffeine found in the beverages such as coffee, tea, some soda drinks could accelerate the aging phase; this is due to many actions that are posed by caffeine on the skin as follows;

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One cup of coffee=One cup of alcoholic beverages

Unfortunately, yes! It is the diuretic effect that is caused by alcoholic beverages is the same as the diuretic effect caused by cups of coffee.

Based on studies, it has been found that excessive drinking of coffee cause dehydration in the overall body thus, affect the skin and cause rapid premature aging.

  • How dehydration affect the skin?

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and it should be always hydrated either through water or through following regular skincare routine that allows appropriate moisture.

Drinking coffee will stimulate skin dryness phase that rapidly starts to be visible on the face through the appearance of wrinkles, faces lines, repetitive skin irritation, flakiness, roughness, and cracking that gives you a premature aging look!

  • What is the relationship between dehydration and aging?

The relationship simply lies in the effect of caffeine on the primary connective tissue that is called “Collagen” that is responsible for the skin elasticity.


Collagen is mainly made of water, therefore, when we lose water, we lose skin elasticity, and thus; develop skin wrinkles, face lines, and many other forms of aging.

  • How can I overcome the dehydration problem?

Decrease caffeine intake

Indeed, you should reduce the cause of the problem as priority number one, therefore, it is recommended to decrease the total amount of caffeine cups intake so that you drink maximum one cup per day.

  • Increase water intake

eye color benefits from drinking water

In case, you increase the total number of caffeine cups,

You should increase the total cups of water three times at least in order to compensate for the total amount of loss occurred due to caffeine intake.

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  • Use moisturizers


Indeed, you should do a general important step, which is moisturizing even if you are not addicted to certain caffeine beverages.

Refer to a doctor, in order to provide you with the best skincare routine that suits your skin type in order to avoid premature aging signs.

Before reaching the end,

I would like to confirm on the presence of many other adverse effects that the caffeine pose which causes premature aging such as Glycation action;

Which means that sugary substances and caffeine converted into harmful molecules called “advanced glycation end products” that usually fasten the aging phase!

Other actions occur due to caffeine that found to be critical to your skin however, dehydration and glycation are the most common and important actions that most of the dermatologists said when they got asked about caffeine and skin aging.

 At the bottom line,

I would like to confirm on the easiness of treating aging signs unless it is early…we have almost reached the end; await your valuable feedback and questions…cheers!

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