How to Get Rid of Roof of Mouth Sores: Best Home Remedies

Mouth roof ulcer

Roof of mouth sores are among the most painful oral ulcers anyone can deal with.

This article looks at the various causes predisposing roof of mouth sores.

And provides you with simple home remedies to get rid of your painful palate sores quickly.

These oral sores and ulcers can cause a lot of discomfort, especially when chewing, talking and swallowing.

Despite being very painful, in most of the cases, roof of mouth sores are a self-limiting condition, that is not life threatening.

The immense discomfort in the roof of your mouth can be caused by, an ulceration, a soft tissue swelling, or a fluid filled blister.

What Causes Your Roof of Mouth Sores?

Knowing the range of possible causes of such lesions is important for proper diagnosis and treatment planning.

The roof of mouth sores can be caused by various of reasons: trauma, burn, stress, viral infection,…..etc.

We will discuss the causes in details as follows:

1. Thermal Burns/ Pizza Burns


One of the most common causes of getting the painful roof of mouth sores is because of eating very hot food.

Any type of  very hot beverages or foods can cause a thermal burn to the roof of your mouth.

However, Pizza remains to be one of the most common foods leading to such burns on your palate.

Pizza and other types of pastries are more likely to cause such burns, because the hot cheese on top is always much hotter than the crust itself.

It is also thought foods and drinks heated in a microwave, are more likely to cause burns inside of your mouth. This is true because microwave ovens tend to heat food and liquid unevenly.

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2. Infections

Sores in your mouth can be caused by either bacterial or viral infections.

Oral ulcers are often caused by a lack of cleanliness of the teeth and the oral cavity, in other words, poor oral hygiene.

3. Mechanical Injury

Injury or trauma to  your palate can happen as a result of eating sharp crunchy foods like potato chips and nachos. These sharp snacks can scratch your palatal mucosa and lead to painful ulceration in some cases.

4. Aphthous ulcers/Canker sores

The lesion on the roof of your mouth could be an aphthous ulcer, or a Canker sore.

These painful ulcerations are multi-factorial. It is widely believed that canker sores are caused by stress, vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition, or food allergies.

5.Cold sores

Cold sores, or fever blisters, are caused by a virus called herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).

Despite their name, cold sores or fever blisters are not caused by common cold.

These painful, blistery lesions, can present themselves anywhere on the human body.

But they are most likely to appear on the inside and outside of your mouth and lips.

In some cases, roof of mouth sores are a manifestation of an outbreak of the viral infection.

Cold sores start with a tingling sensation, then burning sensation begins to surface.

Then finally the outbreak takes place as a painful red blister.

6. Oral cancer

In very rare cases, roof of mouth sores could be a sign of oral cancer.

Like all types of cancer, early diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer is essential to ensure good prognosis.

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When to See Your Dentist for Roof of Mouth Sores

If roof of mouth sores or ulcers persist for more than two weeks, you should pay your dentist a visit.

Proper examination and history taking can help exclude and rule out the serious causes of the sore.

On the other hand, if  you notice a painful swelling in your palate opposite to your teeth, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible for a checkup.

The inflamed abscess in the roof of your mouth needs to be treated quickly to prevent the spread of the infection.

It’s also important to point out, that if you are already a patient of cancer or HIV, you should se your dentist as soon as possible.

Here are 14 home remedies to get rid of Roof of Mouth Sores:

Roof of mouth sores can cause immense pain and discomfort. Which reaches its epitome when use our mouth throughout the day to eat, drink, and speak.

Fortunately, in most cases, mouth ulcers heal on their own. And there are many simple home remedies that can reduce discomfort and help speed up the healing process.


Honey is one of the best natural treatments that help to get rid of those painful sores.

Honey possesses natural soothing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

It can help relieve pain and prevent infection and also speed up the healing process.

  • Simply, mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of turmeric powder until you have a paste.
  • Place the mixture on the affected area and leave for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Finally, gargle with lukewarm water.
  • For best results, repeat this process 2 to 3 times a day.

2. Saltwater Mouth Rinse

Roof of mouth sores are often raw ulcers that can easily get superimposed with bacterial infections.

Saltwater possesses many therapeutic properties that  can help in the treatment of gum inflammation and mouth sores. It helps and reduces pain and inflammation in the area.

  • Mix a teaspoon of sea salt or just regular salt in a glass of warm water.
  • Use the warm mixture as a mouthwash.
  • Make sure you repeat this 3-4 times a day for best results.

3.Licorice root Rinse

This natural tonic forms a protective layer on the affected area and prevents further irritation.

Licorice also has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

  • Simply, soak a tablespoon of licorice root powder into 2 cups of hot water for two hours.
  • And use it as a mouthwash several times a day as needed to speed up the healing.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Apple cider vinegar kills harmful bacteria in the mouth and its natural antiseptic properties makes it a perfect remedy for ulcers.

Gargle with a glass of warm water blended with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar 3 times daily.

5. Milk

Oral ulcers can also be treated with milk that helps to relieve the pain.

  • You can simply swish some cold milk around your mouth.
  • Or wet a piece of sterile gauze with some milk and hold it against your sore until the pain is relieved.

6. Cold packs

Ice cubes and cold water greatly help to numb the painful area.

They can also reduce the redness and swelling associated with large sores and blisters.

  • Wrap an ice cubes into a thin clean cloth or gauze.
  • Place it gently on the affected area for a minute to get instant pain relief.
  • Repeat this process several times a day as needed.
  • Also, you can gargle with ice cold water or just hold it in your mouth for 10 seconds from time to time to relieve discomfort.

7. Glycerin

Glycerin has antiseptic properties that greatly help to heal wounds quickly and fight infectious microbes.

It also keeps the affected area moist  which is essential for healing.

  • simply paint some glycerin on the affected area, then rinse your mouth with cold water.
  • Make sure to repeat this simple process 3 or 4 times daily for best results.
  • Also, you can use glycerin-based mouthwash to rinse the mouth several times a day.

8. Tea bags

Tea contains tannic acid, a kind of astringent that helps reduce pain and inflammation and speeds up the healing process.

  • All you need to do is to immerse the clean tea bag in a glass of hot water.
  • Then, put the bag in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  • Finally, place the tea bag on the affected area with mild pressure for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • You can repeat this remedy 2-3 times a day for best results.

9. Aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera is also effective in treating roof of mouth sores because of its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that can help relieve pain and get rid of burns and oral sores quickly.

  • Apply organic aloe vera gel it directly to the infected area, and avoid eating or drinking for 20 minutes.
  • Then rinse mouth with lukewarm water.
  • Use this remedy several times a day for several days.

10.Turmeric Powder

Turmeric root has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it the perfect home remedy for many problems.

  • Simply mix a teaspoon of organic turmeric powder with some milk to make a paste.
  • Use a clean cotton swab to apply the paste to the affected area.
  • Wait 30 minutes, then rinse  your mouth using lukewarm water.
  • It’s recommended to repeat this treatment 2 or 3 times a day for best results.

11. sage Herb

Sage is famous for its soothing properties that can reduce pain and discomfort.

Moreover, it has a powerful astringent effect  that can speed up the healing process of mouth sores.

  • Add 2-3 teaspoons of fresh or dried sage leaves to 2 cups of boiling water.
  • Cover the mixture for 15 minutes.
  • Gargle with the sage tea several times a day for best results.


12. Castor oil

Castor oil is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve the pain and inflammation associated with large sores and ulcers.

It also keeps the area moist and prevents irritation caused by dryness and cracking.

  • Mix equal amounts of castor oil and honey.
  • Use a clean cotton swab to gently apply this mixture to the affected area.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes, then rinse mouth with lukewarm water.
  • Use this treatment 2 or 3 times a day to get the best results.

13. Tahini paste

Tahini is a well known home remedy in the Middle East for roof of mouth sores, cold sores on the lips, and aphthous ulcers.

This gentle home remedy is really good for reducing the pain and discomfort associated with roof of mouth sores.

It can help you get rid of sores fast if painted on the affected area 3 times daily.

 14. Baking Soda Rinse

Baking soda possesses both antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

  • Add one teaspoon of baking soda to 1/2 cup of warm water and stir very well.
  • Now swish and gargle with this solution.
  • Keep in mind that you have to spit and never swallow this remedy.
  • Use this mouth rinse once daily.


pros Things to keep in mind when having roof of mouth sores:

  • Stick to your regular oral hygiene measures.
  • Stay away from eating acidic fruits as they can make the pain and the burning sensation get worse.
  • Don’t drink lemonades, acidic beverages, or energy drinks.
  • Avoid smoking as it may slow down the healing process markedly.
  • Try to avoid hot and spicy foods that could cause more irritation.
  • Avoid eating crunchy foods as this can cause further injury to the sores.
  • The delicate soft diet will save the day.Vegetables soups and yogurt will do magic.
  • Avoid Alcohol, as it can dry out your mouth and make the pain worse.
  • Try your best to reduce your stress level and keep yourself relaxed.
  • See your doctor to Keep your Vitamin B levels in check and take supplements when necessary.
  • Drink lots of fluids.
  • Don’t take any medications without consulting your dentist first.

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    Honey is another effective home remedy to treat your roof of mouth sore. Honey has anti-bacterial properties and has a soothing effect on the skin. All you need for this is a tablespoon of honey.

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