Get Rid Of Age & Brown Spots on Face In Few Days! With Zeta White 3 Point System

get rid of age spots with zeta white 3 point system

It is becoming harder by the day to maintain a flawless complexion, because of the hectic nature of life.

Improper diets coupled with stress, pollution, and damage from harmful UV rays can cause an imbalance of the skin tone, making a flawless skin a distant dream.

And while there are ways to lighten the skin, most of them leave undesirable effects and diseases, which make the practice a dangerous undertaking.

Well if you are out to make your skin radiant and light without the baggage of side effects, then Zeta White 3-point lightening system is just what the doctor ordered.

This 100% natural and safe powerful skin lightening product is highly effective, working night and day to whiten your skin gently.  

It has no toxins, working best as a one full lightening system with no chemicals added to it. Made in the UK, it is vegan-friendly, being 95% organic.

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How is Zeta White different For Age Spots?


Skin lighteners or skin bleaching work to lighten the darker areas of your skin, to give them a lighter tone.

This procedure can significantly reduce the appearance of unsightly scars, and unwanted birthmarks or dark patches.

Melasma or darkening of the skin is brought on by genetics, age and sun exposure, causing your melanin production to go on hyperdrive.

This will cause hyperpigmentation and darkening, that can be eliminated safely with Zeta White 3-point system.

While most skin lightening will have adverse effects after use such as skin cancers, thinning of the skin, skin irritation and infections, mercury poisoning and more hyperpigmentation, Zeta White will not.


Formulated with natural, safe and gentle skin lightening ingredients, this system is even safe for sensitive skin users. These products will restore your skins natural whiteness, by halting the production of melanin for that flawless, even-toned skin.

The Zeta White 3-point system

Zeta White has three products that work seamlessly together to brighten your skin naturally and efficiently.

These products will balance your skin tone, getting rid of marks and blemishes and protect your skin from damaging UV rays as well.

These natural ingredients will also act as antibacterial shields, eliminating infection causing bacteria to ensure that you are not a victim of acne, black and whiteheads.

ZetaWhite Alternative Cream to Ambi

The Zeta White 3- point system includes

  1. The Zeta White face wash
  2. Zeta White lightening moisturizer
  3. Zeta White lightening night cream

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This trilogy will meet all the needs of your skin on a day to day basis, enabling you to achieve a lighter and flawless complexion.

The makers of the Zeta White system advise you to utilize the complete package to achieve the best results.

Unpacking the Zeta White 3-point system

pointZeta White Face Wash


Well, your mom made you do it every morning, and for your face to glow in radiant health, you need to have a cleansing regime that works.

A simple splashing of water on your face may have worked back then, but as you grow up, a facial cleanser becomes a necessity. Why?

An excellent facial cleanser will assist you to get rid of oil, dust, dirt, dead skin cells and a multitude of pollutants from your face.

A good cleaner will do this too without messing up your natural skin PH and without breaking your moisture barrier.

The Zeta White Face Wash is rich in potent deep cleansing ingredients such as papaya extract and lemon extract.

papaya pointPapaya extract

Papaya extract is well known for its skin lightening abilities which are due to the high amounts of enzymes, phytochemicals, and beta-carotene present in it.

Papayas are rich in papain, which when combined with the natural alpha hydroxy acids in it, will exfoliate your skin.

This, in turn, will get rid of dead skin cells and dissolve non-functioning proteins to induce a bright complexion.

So papain does not essentially chemically lighten skin but gently exfoliates out your skins outer layers to reveal fresh healthier cells.

When used in a cleanser, papain hastens up the breakdown of these old cells, rejuvenating the skin. This is essential in dealing with acne, as one of the reasons acne thrives, is due to dead skin cells clogging the pores.

lemon pointLemon extract

Zeta White Face Wash has added lemon extract to ensure that it penetrates deep into your pores, lifting off dirt, dead skin, and makeup.

Lemon extract is derived from a lemon’s peel. It is a concentrated oil that contains the phytochemicals, citral and limonene, vitamin A and ascorbic acid.

Limonoid is a phytochemical in the lemon extract which has antiseptic as well as astringent abilities.

Limonoids are critical to Zeta White Face Wash’s ability to give a lighter, whiter skin with use.

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Benefits of using the Zeta White Face Wash

  • prosWill naturally lighten your skin
  • prosThe lemon extract will reduce the amount of melanin your skin produces for a lighter look
  • prosWill remove all build up of old skin cells, dirt, and makeup to lessen black spots
  • prosWill boost your skin’s hydration for a soft, moisturized feel
  • prosWill keep your skin clean and clear by reducing the amount of sebum on it.

pointZeta White lightening moisturizer

Zeta White lightening moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin can seem such a chore in the morning when all you are raring to do is beat the traffic.

But to keep your skin forever young you must moisturize it properly. Moisturizers will help your skin maintain its natural balance, preventing the growth of acne.

The Zeta White lightening moisturizer is specially formulated with licorice extract, a plant native to Asia and Nothern Europe. And while it is known for tantalizing flavor, licorice has impressive cosmetic potential as well.

Licorice is, first of all, an anti-inflammatory agent, perfect for healing eczema.

When in contact with itchy and inflamed skin, it will reduce the swelling, itchiness, and redness within no time.

Licorice can be excellent protection against inflammatory and autoimmune diseases that target your skin.

In the Zeta White lightening moisturizer, the licorice extract primarily aims to brighten your skin with use, providing your skin with natural sunscreen protection.

The sun has ultraviolet rays that not only darken the hue of your skin but can eventually lead to premature aging.

These UVA and UVB rays can cause skin cancer if your skin is left unprotected. The licorice extract in this moisturizer can help protect your skin against these darkening rays.

licorcie found in zeta white ingreidentsWhat are the major components in licorice extract?

  • Glycyrrhizin: main active component
  • Glabridin: antioxidant/ anti-inflammatory agent
  • Licochalcone A: antibacterial/ antiparasitic agent
  • Isoliquiritigenin and Liquiritigenin:  anti-inflammatory/antioxidative/ antitumor agent
  • Glabrene
  • Coumarins

While licorice has many components,  glabridin, a flavanoid is what imbues it with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative prowess.

Licochalcone A a polyphenol, gives licorice extract its antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties, which is why it heals inflamed skin naturally. By binding with other enzymes, this polyphenol inhibits UV rays induced damage to the skin, ensuring that your skin keeps an even light tone.

Benefits of the Zeta White lightening moisturizer

Due to the abundance of the natural goodness of the licorice extract  in this moisturizer, its benefits to your skin include;

    • prosThe reduction of the appearance of wrinkles.  According to a study done by Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics giant, licorice can prevent age-related sagging skin as well as facial exercises can.
    • prosThe reduction of flaky dry skin Glycyrrhetinic acid from glycyrrhizin can help give your skin a supple and fresh look, by reducing the amount of flakiness and dryness.


  • The whitening of your skin


Glabridin is a natural and gentle skin whitening agent that acts against spots, creating an even skin tone.

Other benefits of  Zeta White lightening moisturizer

  • prosPrevention of black spots and blemishes because of the maintenance of the natural balance of the skin
  • prosDeeply moisturizes to give your skin a healthy sheen
  • prosKeeps your skin young, by reducing the effects of dryness
  • prosFights of wrinkles by moisturizing your skin’s cells and locking in the moisture
  • prosFeels great to the skin.

👉Grab your Zeta White On

pointZeta White lightening night cream


 After a long day at work, most people just want to flop into the warm softness of their beds and forget their night time skin care routine.

Well if you go to bed without your night cream on, you will not wake up with that glow that pushes you through the day.

The application of a night cream to your face is as essential as cleansing and toning. A good night cream like the Zeta White lightening night cream will hydrate and nourish your face through the night.

The Zeta White lightening night cream is fortified with the ingredient allantoin, which is well known for its strong moisturizing ability.

This skin conditioning agent is a natural nitrogenous compound that can be created in a lab or sourced from plants and animals sources. Plants like comfrey, sugarbeet, chamomile, wheat sprouts and tobacco seed are excellent sources of allantoin.

In animals, it comes from the most humble of origins like uric acid from mammals, with cows’s being more utilized.  

The Allantoin in Zeta White lightening night cream helps create healthy smooth skin, by softening keratin, a horny substance that sits atop the epidermis.

Keratin is a protein that forms strong bonds that protect your skin from external damage.

Keratin holds the outer skins cells together keeping toxins and other potentially harmful substances out. Allantoin helps keep the dead cells off of your skin so that your face can look lighter, smoother and refreshed.

icon Voted By Women: #1 Serum To Reduce Wrinkles by 70% 

Benefits of the Zeta White lightening night cream

  • prosAnti-aging

This night cream is a  gentle non-irritating anti-aging product for all types of skin. It is also keratolytic, increasing the water content of cells to aid in the peeling of the epidermis.

  • prosMoisturizing

Safe skin care that deeply moisturizes the skin increasing its smoothness. It helps eliminate dryness and flakiness, without irritating sensitive skin.

Its natural ingredient allantoin is safe and can be used daily to moisturize without irritating sensitive skin, unlike other night creams.

  • prosHealing

This night cream will assist in wound healing, and cure of acne scars form chronic acne. It will soothe your skin without causing further irritation to it.

  • prosPromote cell regeneration

The Zeta White lightening night cream encourages your skin cells to grow and discourages aging cells.

  • prosUV protection

Allantoin will not only moisturize your face but will block irritation from damaging UV rays.

Other benefits of the Zeta White lightening night cream

  • prosensure a smooth and even skin complexion, delicate in texture
  • prosboosting the collagen in your skin to make your face more firm and supple.
  • prosassist in the circulation of blood and therefore nutrition for a radiant look
  • prosPrevent sagging skin

How to use the Zeta White 3-point system


Using lukewarm water, wet your face and apply the Zeta White face wash. Use your fingertips to gently wash your skin, resisting the urge to scrub.

Scrubbing will arouse irritation, which could lead to infection.

Rinse with lukewarm water once done and pat your face dry with a towel.


Using a quarter-sized amount of the Zeta White lightening moisturizer, start your application from the middle of your face, working your way out to the outer and upper parts of it. Using your ring finger, rub the moisturizer evenly across your entire face, ensuring that you leave none around your hairline. Swirl it in into the fine lines and wrinkles so that the moisturizer can plump them up.


Cleanse your skin once more in the evening with the Zeta White face wash. Pat dry and apply the Zeta White lightening night cream as per above procedure.

Use daily for amazing results.




The Zeta White 3-point system has all you need in one package for safe and visible skin lightening results.

Utilizing organic and natural ingredients, you can rest assured that you will get your glow back in a safe and natural way, free from nasty side effects.

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