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    • Brighten skin tone and soften the skin.
    • Improves skin glow.
    • Smoothing and moisturizing skin.
    • Suitable for sensitive skin.
    • 70% Rose Water plus Vitamin B12.
    • No artificial colour.
    • Moisturizing and hydrating dry skin.
    • Soothes and calming skin irritation.
    • Creates skin barrier to protect skin from environmental factors.
    • Improves skin texture and moisture absorption.
    • Balances pH.
    • Reduce fine lines and brightens the skin tone.
    • Smoothing and calming irritated skin.
    • Moisturizing and cooling skin.
    • Suitable for sensitive skin.
    • Can be used as day and night cream.
    • 9,700 ppm Korean Cypress Water.
    • Tea Tree and Centella Asiatica Extracts.
    • Contain Vitamin E.
    • Hydrate skin and enhance the effects of Vitamin C.
    • Boosting skin radiance and glow.
    • Include Niacinamide and Adenisone.
    • Can be used as a moisturizing cream.
    • Reduce pore visibility and improve skin tone.
    • Exfoliating skin surface.
    • Reduce acne and skin irritations.
    • Soothing and calming the skin.
    • Moisturizing dry skin.
    • Contains AHA, BHA and PHA acids.

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