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Breasts are significantly correlated to a woman’s self-confidence and happiness. Many women are unsatisfied with the size, shape and condition of their breasts, which can be affected by ageing, pregnancy, malnutrition, improper breast care after breastfeeding, wearing improper bras, etc.

We provided an all-natural, non-invasive breast enhancement options thare proven to bring results. Developed to help women regain fuller, firmer and perkier breasts.

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    • Reusable & washable: Weight per pair nipple covers: 2.2 OZ. Lightweight and disposable to carry in a bag with you even a trip. After each use, rinse with warm water below 30 ℃, and mild soap then air dry.
    • Before using, wipe the breasts with warm towel; Dry in the shade, not expose to the Sun. Exposure may reduce the stickiness of silicone; Sweat and high temperature may affect the stickiness of silica gel. The nippleless covers may not provide enough adhesion and support for larger breasts (DD-cup or larger).
    • Skin-friendly, safe, soft, and comfortable to wear, suitable for sensitive skin.

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