9 Reasons to Get Your Plastic Surgery Done in KPJ Damansara Malaysia

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Plastic surgery is a surgical speciality often dedicated to the reconstruction of body and facial defects. Some of these defects are as a result of birth disorders, burns, trauma, and sometimes diseases. Plastic surgeons correct the dysfunctional parts of the body and reconstruct them.

Malaysia has one of the best plastic surgeons. In fact, it’s one the country’s best-kept secrets. There plastic surgeons in Malaysia have a website known as the Malaysian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Craniomaxillofacial Surgeons. The site is meant to make it easier for you to find them. However, we highly recommend KPJ Damansara for the reason we will look into.

Reasons We Recommend Plastic Surgery at KPJ Damansara Hospital

  1. Safety

KPJ damansara Surgical room

In most cases, the criteria for selecting a plastic surgeon has often been made complicated. This is because cosmetic surgery is non-urgent and doesn’t involve life or death circumstances. Since plastic surgery is an elective procedure, you find people opting for fly-by-night surgeons or backyard beauty centers.

Some people choose plastic surgeons simply from word-of-mouth recommendations, heavy discounts, promotions, aggressive marketing, or the shortest waiting list. However, when it comes to plastic surgery, safety should always come first. It should always be the most important priority.

Whether you opt to consider the venue, cost, and doctor, you should never underestimate the importance of a safe surgery. KPJ Damansara offers that. As a patient, make it your main concern to ask the surgeon about the emergency measures in the event of complications before getting under the knife. Damansara surgeons offer you procedures in hospital settings to ensure safety.

  1. Senior Doctors

KPJ Damansara Doctors

If you are going under the knife for the first time, the hospital has senior doctors who give you detailed treatment options for the type of surgery you want to have. They offer a secure ambiance to ensure that the communication is comfortable for the patient.

The senior doctors are aware that by partaking a plastic surgery, you are putting your life in their hands, so they make sure that you will not regret later. Choosing a surgeon and hospital, you can trust if you want the surgery to have good results, and avoid further complications.

  1. Experience

KPJ damansara specialist

By the time you make a conscious decision to have plastic surgery done, it is evident you know exactly how you want to look like. Some patients take photos of celebrities to the cosmetic surgeons just to give them a rough idea of what they are expecting.

Whether it’s the eyes, the nose, or any feature you want to be reconstructed, the doctors here ensure that they follow up your expectations with a great experience. The doctors assess your condition and advise you on the procedure accordingly. They make sure that they provide alternatives in case the procedure you want doesn’t suit your facial or body feature.

  1. The Doctors Offer Details on the Risk of The Procedure

Doctor Consultation at KPJ Damansara

Whatever procedure you choose, the surgeons make sure that you are well informed of some of the complications that could occur during the surgery. For instance, infection at the surgical site, or excessive bleeding. They make it their obligation to discuss the detailed risks of the specific surgery you want to undertake. It is your responsibility to know these risks before going under the knife.

  1. Good Food

KPJ damansara hospital food

During the day of the procedure, the hospital offers good food. They make sure that whatever food you take will not result in any complications during the surgery. During any surgical procedure, surgeons strongly advise against taking some foods. KPJ make sure you get the food that will work in your favor.

  1. Affordable Prices

affordable plastic surgery in KPJ Damansara Malaysa

Since most cosmetic surgical procedures are not covered by health insurance plans or NHS, most people look for cheaper options. KPJ Damansara offers affordable and reasonable costs for your cosmetic surgery, inclusive of follow-up care. They also provide the reassurance that all package prices included have no hidden extras or competitive finance options.

  1. Pre and Post-operative Advice

Post operative care and advice in Malaysia by KPJ Damansara

The plastic surgeons give you tips on some of the things you need to adhere to before and after the surgery. For example, if you are a smoker, the surgeon advises you to stop smoking all-together or not to smoke at least three to four weeks before and after the surgery.

Smoking compromises the body’s ability to recover and heal after surgery which could ultimately increase the risk of infection and complications. They also recommend how you should go about prescription medications, alcohol consumption, diet, and exercise.

If you want to ensure the welfare and success of your operation, it is important that you listen and follow the guidelines. The surgeons might advise you to be active enough to prevent the occurrence of chest infection, blood clots, or constipation.

  1. Post-treatment Care

VIP room KPJ Damansara

After they give you an entire list of what you should do and avoid, the make sure they follow up on your post-treatment. They offer post-surgical counseling and routine check-ups. The surgeons are aware that even though plastic surgery is elective, it should not be taken lightly and the body needs time and the right environment to heal properly.

  1. Estimate Recovery Time

The cosmetic surgeons give you expected time length of how long the healing and recovering will take for the specific surgeries they perform. This allows you to organize your recovery plan and put in place any professional or personal measures to make your recovery more amenable and easier.

Types of Plastic Surgeries That Are Performed in Malaysia

pointFat Reduction

fat reduction-procedure

The fat reduction includes liposuction. Plastic surgeons in Malaysia slim and reshape specific area, preferred by the patient, by removing the excess body fat deposited and the area. They then improve the body proportion and contours.

Fat reduction can be performed on the abdomen and waist, thighs, hips, and buttocks, back, inner knee, upper arms, chest area, calves and ankles, and cheeks, chin, and neck. To make the process perfect, the cosmetic surgeons tend to do the procedure alongside other surgical procedures like breast reduction, facelift, or a tummy tuck.

Despite the fact that liposuction helps reduce fat, it important to know that it is not a substitute for proper diet and exercise and it is not a treatment for obesity. Fat reduction is also not an effective treatment for cellulite, dimpled skin that appears on the hips, thighs, and buttocks, and also not a treatment for saggy skin.

Advantages of Fat Reduction

prosIt could be the treatment you need to reshape problematic areas on your body.

prosOne procedure treats larger and more areas.

prosIt is done with either local or general anesthesia.

prosCompared to noninvasive treatments, it is more convenient and predictable.

Qualified Candidates

liposuction-qualified-candidate at kpj damansara hospital

The only people who can undergo fat reduction are:

  • Healthy individuals with no medical conditions or life-threatening illness that can affect the healing process
  • Individuals with firm, elastic skin, perfect muscle tone and who are within 30% of their ideal weight
  • People who do not smoke
  • Adults with specific goals in mind for their body contouring and a positive outlook

After the surgery, the doctors use elastic bandages or compression garments to cover the areas. They are meant to help control swelling and also compress the skin to the new body contours. They may also place small temporary drains in existing incisions beneath your skin to help remove any excess fluid or blood.

The surgeons will give you specific instructions on how to go about the recovery process. They may require you to come back to the hospital for observatory purposes. It takes some months for the swelling to dissipate completely. While that happens, the new contours and enhances self-image continues to develop.

The Procedure Steps

fat reduction in Malaysia by KPJ hospital

Step 1: local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or intravenous sedation are administered for your comfort during the procedure. The surgeons recommend the best choice.

Step 2: the procedure is then performed through small incisions that are inconspicuous. They first infuse the diluted local anesthesia to reduce trauma and bleeding. They then insert a thin hollow tube through the incision to help loosen fat. They then suction the dislodged fat out of the body using a syringe attached to the hollow tube or a surgical vacuum.

Step 3: you see results of the improved body contours once the fluid retention and swelling subside

Some of the risks you may experience are:

  • Bruising
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Irregular contours
  • Infection
  • Persistent swelling
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Poor wound healing
  • Need for revision surgery


pointTummy Tuck


A tummy tuck is also identified as abdominoplasty. It is meant to remove excess skin and fat, and in some cases, restore separated or weakened muscles to create an abdominal profile that is firmer and smoother.

One of the main reason Malaysians do exercise is to attain a flat and well-toned abdomen. Sometimes exercise and weight control do not achieve the results you want. The most common causes of sagging and loose abdomen are heredity, age, prior surgery, pregnancy, and significant fluctuations in weight.

It is crucial for people to apprehend that tummy tuck is not an appropriate exercise or weight loss program. In most cases the results of the tummy tuck are permanent. However, in case of significant weight fluctuations, the results can be diminished.

If you are bearing in mind future pregnancies or planning a substantial weight loss, then a tummy tuck is not advised. You should also understand that a tummy tuck will not correct stretch marks even though they may be improved.

Qualified Candidates

are you qualifed for tummy tuck in malaysia

People who qualify for a tummy tuck are:

  • Physically healthy and have stable weight
  • Have realistic expectations
  • They do not smoke
  • Individuals who are bothered by their abdomen appearance

After the procedure, the surgeons place dressings or bandages to your incisions. To minimize swelling and support the abdomen to allow it to heal faster, they may wrap you in elastic bandages or compression garments.

The surgeons then proceed to give you clear instructions on how to go about your recovery. Until the internal healing is complete, you have swelling or be unable to stand fully upright. However, with two weeks, you should be able to stand.

The tummy tuck results in a flatter and firmer abdominal contour. The surgeons make sure that the tuck is proportional to your weight and body type.

The Procedure Steps

tummy tuck steps in malaysia

Step 1: intravenous sedation and general anesthesia are administered for comfort during the procedure.

Step 2: a horizontal-oriented incision is made in the area between the belly button and the pubic hairline. The shape and interval of the incision are determined by the amount of excess skin. The surgeon lifts the abdominal skin and repairs the underlying weakened abdominal muscles. If you have surplus skin in the upper abdomen, the doctors will make another incision around the navel to trim the excess skin and then suture the remaining skin together. They create a new opening for the belly button and then pop it through and suture it in position

Step 3: the then close the skin incisions using skin adhesives, sutures, clips or tapes

Step 4: results are seen after recovery

Some of the risks you may experience include:

  • consBleeding
  • consFluid accumulation
  • consInfection
  • consSkin loss’ poor wound healing
  • consUnfavorable scarring
  • consRecurrent looseness of skin
  • consAsymmetry
  • consPersistent pain
  • consSuboptimal aesthetic result
  • consRevision surgery

pointVaginal Rejuvenation

Vagintal rejuvenation benefits

It is also referred to as designer vagina surgery, vulvovaginal plastic surgery, female genital cosmetic surgery, female genital rejuvenation surgery, or female genital plastic surgery. It is comprised of procedures like labiaplasty, labia majoraplasty, clitoral hood reduction, vaginoplasty, and monsplasty.

  1. Labiaplasty

This procedure reduces the length of labia minora. It is the most used procedure and it helps relieve symptoms Malaysian women experience from the tugging and twisting of the labia especially when having intercourse, riding a bike. Women also have it when they experience a lot of irritation, itching, and self-consciousness.

The surgery is done under general or local anesthesia. The surgeon can remove the extra tissue and sow it up directly. He can also reduce the extra folds of the clitoral hood. The surgeon then closes using absorbable sutures.

  1. Clitoral Hood Reduction

This procedure is done to reduce the extra folds of the clitoral hood or prepuce. It is mostly done alongside labiaplasty. By removing the extra folds, the balance in the appearance of the genitalia is improved.

Surgeons use either oral sedation, local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The surgeon then marks the excess tissue as per the female’s anatomy. The closure is also done using absorbable sutures. The risks could be infection, hematoma, over-resection, or under-resection.

  1. Labia Majoraplasty

This procedure reduces the size of the outer, hair-bearing labia majora. Women with too large or majora that hang down may experience discomfort when cycling, or during intercourse. The procedure is prepared under local anesthesia and oral sedation.

During the procedure, the surgeon removes two slight crescents of the skin from each labia’s inner portion. The skin removed is determined by the amount of excess tissue in the area. The closure is done using absorbable sutures.

  1. Monsplasty

The procedure reduces bulging of the mons. Women who have fat in the mons or a bulge of excess skin feel embarrassed to wear tight pants or bathing suits. The anesthesia used is highly dependent on the amount of tissue to be removed.

Sometimes the amount of skin removed is liposuction sufficient or extensive. The risks are scarring, hematoma, bleeding, and infection.

  1. Vaginoplasty

This procedure tightens the vagina. Most women complain of vaginal laxity after childbirth. Vaginal laxity results to separating of muscles and stretching tissues.  For some women, experience sexual dysfunction due to lack of tone, while others have their tampons fall out.

Most people opt for general anesthesia, but local anesthesia can also be used. The surgeon determines the amount of tightening required, then marks a pie-shaped wedge to delineate the extra skin supposed to be removed. The tissues beneath the skin are then tightened with strong sutures.

For all vaginal rejuvenation surgical option, patients have about one to two weeks of downtime. Most women feel deep aches for the first week. The woman is not allowed to have any intercourse for eight weeks or use a tampon.

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pointGynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia-Treatments-in malaysia

Gynecomastia is a surgical correction meant to reduce the breast size in mean with over-developed or enlarged breasts. The procedure is supposed to flatten and enhance the chest contours. The Gynecomastia condition in Malaysian men is often as a result of hormonal changes, obesity, heredity, or the use of certain drugs.

It characterized by excess glandular tissue development, excess localized fat, and sometimes excess breast skin.

Qualified Candidates

The men who qualify for the procedure are:

  • Those whose conditions can’t be corrected with alternative medical treatment
  • Healthy with no medical conditions or life-threatening illness that can impair healing
  • Non-drug users and non-smokers
  • With relatively normal weight and who are healthy physically
  • With realistic expectations
  • Bothered by the breast size

The Procedure steps

steps_of man boob removal

Step 1: intravenous sedation and general anesthesia are administered for comfort during the procedure.

Step 2: liposuction technique where the doctor inserts a thin hollow tube through small incisions, then removes the fat by vacuum suction.

Step 3: the exterior technique to remove the excess skin or glandular breast tissue. The nipple is repositioned to a more male contour.

Step 4: results are seen after healing

The doctors apply bandages or dressings to the incisions. They may also use a support garment or an elastic bandage to support the new chest contour and minimize swelling. The doctors give you clear instructions and medication for the recovery.

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pointFace Lift Surgery

facelift fixes problems in malaysia

Also known as a rhytidectomy. It is a procedure that is meant to improve visible signs of aging in the face and sometimes the neck. Some of the signs include:

  • Sagging skin caused by relation of the skin
  • Deepened fold lines between the corner of the mouth and nose
  • Fallen or disappeared fat
  • Jowls
  • Double chin or turkey neck which is as a result of loose skin and excess fat

Factors like loss of facial fat, thinning of the skin, sun damage, gravity, smoking, stress, and heredity are some of the reasons that cause loss of youthful contours in the face. Facelift, however, does not change the appearance, and it also can’t stop the aging process.

Qualified Candidates

People who qualify for the procedure are:

  • Those who are healthy with no medical conditions
  • Those who do not smoke
  • Those with realistic expectations and a positive outlook

After the surgery bandages may be placed around your face to minimize bruising and swelling. The surgeons may also put small tubes to draw off any excess fluid or blood. The doctor then tells you how you should take care of the surgical site and drains, the oral medications to take, ointments to apply and they call you back for follow-ups.

The Procedure Steps

Step 1: intravenous sedation and general anaesthesia are administered

Step 2: incisions are made depending on the facelift choices. The choices are limited incision facelift, traditional facelift or a neck lift. The doctor determines what is best for you

Step 3: the incisions are closed with sutures or skin glues. When the face is healed, the incision lines are concealed within the hairline

Step 4: after swelling and bruising subside, improvement of the facelift are seen.

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before and after eyelid surgery malaysia

This is eyelid surgery. It is a procedure that is meant to improve the eyelids. It is either performed on the upper lid, lower lids or both. Malaysians who experience functional problems with the eyelids or just want to improve the appearance of the eyes can go through this procedure.

Belpharoplasty treats bags under the eyes, puffiness in the eyelids, folds on the natural contour, dropping eyelids and fine wrinkles and excess skin of the lower eyelid.

During the surgery, cold compressors and lubricating ointment may be applied. The healing includes bruising, swelling and irritation. The doctors will give you medication to control the discomfort and dryness of the eyes. You might need to use tinted glasses to protect you from the sun.

The Procedure Steps

Step 1: intravenous sedation or general anesthesia is overseen

Step 2: incision lines are designed on either the upper or lower lid to allow for elimination or repositioning of fat deposits, removal of excess skin and tightening of muscles.

Step 3: the incisions are closed with either sutures or glue. The sutures are then removed within a week. The surgeon may suggest the use of chemical peel or laser treatment to reduce the discoloration of the lower eyelids.

Step 4: results are seen after healing.

KPJ hospitals are in Malaysia as well as South East Asia. They have proven to provide the best medical care for patient’s treatment and well-being. Reviewers have noted that the hospital offers a place of healing and comfort while you are in recovery.

The hospital has a reliable background and the required facilities that help facilitate your plastic surgery needs. Their management has lived up to their course, and the hospital has made sure that the doctors and nurses uphold the core values stipulated by the management. Learn more about their achievements from their website.

The KPJ Plastic Surgery Doctors

The doctors in the hospital have all lived up to the expectations of the plastic surgery world. The leading specialists are Datuk Dr. Isa Omar and DR Oommen George.

 Dr Oommen George plastic surgery profile

About Dr. Saleh

Dr. Saleh is an active author in the beauty & health industry. He is well known for his unprecedented research and advocacy efforts to support safe cosmetic products and healthy way of living.

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