What Is a Nano Mister: Hydrate and Refresh! For Skin and Makeup

Eye redness and irritation is less likely to occur with the use of a Nano Mister.

Using a nano mister helps to fully cure the adhesive and stop producing vapor before opening your eyes. By doing this you;

– Eliminate additional exposure to adhesive fumes.

– Leads to better retention.

– Reduces sensitive and allergic reactions.


It seems to help keep the face clearer more often, too.

A spray of mist has been enough to stop minor irritation which means oily hands are kept away from touching and itching the face and thus less chances of causing breakouts.

Once you try a nano mister, you’ll want to keep one in your purse and use it on-the-go!

It looks like you’re spraying smoke at first glance because the water particles are so fine.

When you spray the mister to your face, it doesn’t drip, it adheres perfectly even to your skin; providing deep hydration.

Today I’m sharing with you everything you need to know about the nano mister:
1- Beauty benefits of the nano mister.
2- How to use a nano mister.
3- The most user friendly nano mister to purchase.
4- Which water to use in your nano mister.
5- Nano Mister FAQ.


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The beauty benefits of the nano mister are too good to ignore.

Your skin will look buttery smooth, youthful and hydrated.

Benefits of Nano Mister

  • Deeply hydrates your skin.
  • Gives a plump soft look to skin.
  • Makeup looks smoother – skin appears more youthful.
  • Prevents dry dull skin.
  • Primes makeup.
  • Sets makeup.
  • Relaxation.
  • Soften lines and wrinkles.
  • Soothes irritated skin.
  • Prevents Chapped Lips.
  • Hydrates Eyelashes.
  • Look refreshed all day without makeup.

How to Use Nano Mister

  1. Make sure it’s charged and ready to go.
  2. Fill up with Purified Water.
  3. Push the button and spray.
  4. Aim the nano mister all over your face.
  5. Keep the Mister Moving around your face.
  6. Spray as long as you like.


The Most reliable user friendly mister to purchase.

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What I like about it is that you it’s the easiest to refill with water.

You don’t have to use an eye-dropper or any tubes like many others.

You simply twist open the cap and pour bottled water into the nano mister.

Which water to use with your nano mister?

I recommend using purified bottled water. You may not want to use mineral water or hard water because the minerals could build up and possibly clog the nozzle sprayer.

You could try cleaning your nano mister once a week with with vinegar to descale the nano mister and prevent minerals from building up.

Am I the only one loving it?

I’m not alone. Look at what users are saying.

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Nano Mister FAQ

  • What’s a nano mister? It’ s the finest mist of water particles that provides deep skin hydration. The mist appears in a”smoke like” form.
  • Is the nano mister airplane friendly? Yes!
  • Does the nano mister make noise? You’ll only hear a quiet misting sound
  • How often can I use the nano mister? As often as you want.
  • Can I spray nano mister over my makeup? Yes you can.
  • Can I spray nano mister in my eyes? Yes as long as it’s pure water.
  • Skin Care Tools

    Nano Facial Mister, Rechargeable Facial Steamer with 30ml Visual Water Tank (Transparent Red)


    ✔️ 0.3um Fine Mist – Ultrasonic vibration technique decomposes the moisture to 0.3um. Much finer mist can be absorbed instantly, moisturizes your skin deeply, won’t ruin your makeup, and helps the eyelash extension adhesive cure faster.

    ✔️ Portable design – Designed as a mini size in your handbag or pocket. Enjoy facial sauna no matter where you are, at office, on flights, outdoor, at dressing room and so on.

    ✔️ Moisturize and Refresh your Skin – Use on normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin types, help skin recover to a tender younger and healthier condition. In order to achieve better experience, you can add right amount of toner or pure milk to the mineral water.

    ✔️ 30ml-large water tank – A box of water can be used more than 10 times with large amount of mist, 60 seconds each time , exactly enough for a day.

    ✔️ USB Recharge – The face nano mister is recharge able. Charge once, can spray about 50 times. No battery needed, USB cable is provided.

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