Best Treatments For Wrinkled Lips (Smoker’s Line)

Wrinkled Lips Anti-aging Treatments

Have you noticed wrinkles forming around your mouth?

If so, you are not alone! Lip lines are common, especially among women of certain age…But this doesn’t mean that you need to put up with them!

As the lip skin is so sensitive and thin as it is affected by a lot of factors such as the sun, smoking, sleeping or other cosmetics present on the lips as lipstick.

Many women have searched for the best products that help and reduce the wrinkles around the lips that make the women frustrating and uncomfortable.

Moreover, many women have used cosmetic procedures includes laser skin surfacing, collagen injection to decline the appearance of lip wrinkles but they are not really satisfied with the result as these can do harm than good.

So, the ideal to the remedies that you can find it in your home that are effective and all natural and available to reduce these lip wrinkles and help the lips to be pretty and smooth.

In this context,

We provide you with what is lip wrinkles and what are the reasons and the causes that lead them to appear also we promise that we will give you the best treatment and the easiest and cheapest remedies that reduce the lip wrinkles and make the skin face healthy, glow and fresh.

The wrinkles are not only for your eyes and the area surrounds it but also can be found around the lips, it is known as wrinkled lips…..

So what are wrinkled lips?

Lip wrinkles, which are sometimes called lip lines, lipstick lines, or smokers lines, are the little vertical lines that form on the lips of older adults.

Lip wrinkles form on both the lips themselves and on the skin of the upper lip. On the lips, they appear as a fine set of vertical lines, often stretching from one side of the mouth to the other

Identify Causes Of Wrinkled Lips With Best Home Treatment:

There are many reasons you can do without feeling makes those wrinkles to appear such as:

1. Aging!

After age 20, you produce about 1 percent less collagen every year. As collagen production decreases, the skin becomes thinner and less elastic leads to the wrinkles to show up.

Luckily, there is a huge trend of instant wrinkles removers, which focus on reduces the wrinkles by the help of natural and active ingredients.

The wrinkles removers ingredients have in common:

  • Collagen
  • Vitamin C
  • Niacinamide
  • Coenzyme Q10

Thanks to SOME BY MI Snail Serum, that hides wrinkles.


SOME BY MI Snail Truecica Serum is made of hypoallergenic ingredients which work for even those with the most sensitive skin…Here are some of the main ingredients of the serum;

Ingredients of SOME BY MI Snail Serum

Benefits of using SOME BY MI Snail Serum

  • prosFight aging signs
  • prosWorks on frown lines, eye, and lip wrinkles
  • prosYou can use it under your makeup
  • prosHide wrinkles instantly with a better look
  • prosHelp in boosting the collagen in the skin
  • prosReduce the appearance of brown spots (sun damage)


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2. Sun damage!

The other major cause of lip lines in sun exposure! The skin of your lips is very delicate and often owes unprotected, therefore, the excessive exposure can cause collagen breakdown!

As we mentioned before, Collagen is a must part of the skin to look younger, fresh and sexy look, so there is also another product which is

XYZ COLLAGEN CREAM; the best collagen production enhancer!



It is a cosmetic product, is made to heal all sorts of skin including skin tattooing; that is made of all natural ingredients designed to enhance your skin’s collagen production, xyz collagen cream boost that their users look 7.5 years younger with regular use.

Moreover, this cream includes the ability to help the skin balance between collagen breakdown and collagen production to ensure the efficient maintenance of the skin’s firmness.

The secret is behind its ingredients as it composed of;

  • Acetylated polymannose (APM)

It works to increase the production of high-quality collagen in the dermis by encouraging the fibroblasts.

  • Knipholone

It slows collagen breakdown by blocking leukotriene synthesis.


  • prosIt reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the face and the eyes.
  • prosReduce the size of stretch marks.
  • prosRestore the natural balance of collagen.
  • prosYou can see a visible result in just 84 days without any injections.
  • prosIt is organic and natural cream made with infusing substantially grown.
  • prosImprove the skin’s elasticity, firmness to ensure a toned look.
  • prosEnriched with nourishing plant extract, this powerful anti-aging formula visibly lifts.

Here are some of the clients’ reviews about XYZ COLLAGEN CREAM;

“My skin is getting better and I am getting more confident. It is just because of XYZ Smart Collagen a necessary product for anyone who wishes to enjoy youthful skin in the early forties” – Amber Steve (age: 44).

3. Smoking!

Lip wrinkles on the upper lip are often caused by smoking! Smoking produces fewer radicals in the body, which contribute to premature aging. It is also possible that the repetitive motion of a drag could contribute to lip wrinkles.

If you are tired of waking up with new wrinkles and fine lines appearing, then this product is recommended for you:

SOME BY MI – Miracle Cream

كريم لعلاج حب الشبابThis Miracle cream is the best-selling anti-aging product. After a few weeks of using it, you can see the complete transformation…This product is highly recommended by many dermatologists due to;

Its perfect ingredients that contain;

  • Matrixyl

Researchers found that Matrixyl can nearly double the amount of protein collagen needed to give the elasticity to the skin.

  • Shea butter

It is full of antioxidants and phytosterols, it helps to reduce the wrinkles as it also works as UV protection.

  • Ritapro 165

It moisturizes the skin cells and gives it the elasticity, also reduces the appearance of the wrinkles.

Benefits of Miracle cream

  • prosReduce the sign of aging.
  • prosIncrease moisture and fullness.
  • prosNo more crow’s feet or laugh lines.
  • prosReduce blemishes and smooth skin tone.
  • prosDramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • prosStimulate the production of healthy new skin cells.


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4. Facial muscle contraction!

Lip wrinkles could also be contributed to pursing of the lips associated with drinking through a straw or repetitive facial expressions. Moreover, smiling, frowning, squinting and other habitual facial expressions cause these wrinkles to become more prominent with age.

Here are tips and daily habits to reduce lip wrinkles!

Some simple to serious modifications in your lifestyle can also help you in the prevention of wrinkled lips.

  • Isometric exercises

How can I do it?

  1. Open your mouth with a gap of 2 inches between the upper and lower teeth
  2. Look into the mirror and try to bring the upper lips down without moving the teeth and touching the teeth
  3. Return the upper lips back to the beginning state.
  4. Repeat the process 5-6 times
  • Facial yoga exercises

They are supposed to be successful in reducing wrinkles, including fine lip lines.

How can I do it?

  1. Press the corners of the mouth with your index finger.
  2. Now bring the upper lip down over the upper teeth.
  3. Stretch the upper lip area until it appears smooth.
  4. Hold and count five and then leave.
  5. Repeat three times and increase the stretching slowly up the count of ten.
  • Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping yourself properly hydrated and drinking lots of water will help get a radiant skin and beautiful lips!

We highly recommend,

Youtonics Skin Collagen Drink!


Get lasting solution to improve the skin hydration by using this product! This is due to;

Its ability to maintain healthy levels of collagen, Moreover it makes the skin softer and younger and more elastic.

The secret behind its effectiveness is its ingredients;

The great combination of vitamins and protein concentrate, accurate engineered to improve the skin looks… It is clinically designed, advanced scientific formula as it aims to boost the feel and appearance of your skin protecting vitamin A, E and also skin repairing vitamin C.

Benefits of You Tonic Skin Collagen Drink

  • prosImprove the skin health
  • prosHydrates the skin to fight dry skin
  • prosRepairs the skin cells such as eyes and gums

Here are some of the reviews about You Tonic Skin Collagen;

I’m 52 and I have been struggling with wrinkles and fine lines for 10 years now. After trying many types of creams and pills, I’ve finally stumbled upon this product that has literally changed my life. Never knew collagen drinks could actually work so well.

Youtonics Collagen Renewal has proven to be the perfect solution for my skin. After just 20 days, my skin was glowing and most of my fine lines started to vanish. After a month, I started to notice that many of my wrinkles were gone­- Natasha D

  • No drinking water from the bottle

It’s quite interesting to discover that lip wrinkles can also take place due to lack of proper lip posture!

According to the experts,

It is observed that people drinking water from bottles are likely to get wrinkles on lips. It is just because when you drink water from the bottle your lips become a constraint in a small area and gets the maximum chance of having wrinkles, therefore, it is better to drink water from a lass.

  • Involve more home remedies to your daily routine

These wonderful home remedies help not only tighten the skin but it also remove and eliminate the dead skin cells and improves the appearance of the lips that makes it glow and appear sexier!

  • Aloe Vera

How can you use it? 

Take up one spoon of a tablespoon of Aloe Vera and apply it gently on the lip crease to get rid of the fine lines around the lip and lip wrinkles.

How often?

Try to apply this remedy twice per day to banish the wrinkles on your lips.

  • Olive oil

Olive oil keeps the lips moisturized and reduces the wrinkles as olive oil known as anti- wrinkle remedy that has a great effect on the lip crease

How can you use it?

Apply gently a little bit of olive oil to the position that has wrinkles and do gentle massage.

  • Vitamin E oil

Hair with Vitamins

Vitamin E oil makes the lips smoother and moisturized as it is known as an antioxidant which can get rid of the crease of the lips

How can you use it?

Gently apply the oil which is extracted from the vitamin E oil capsule on your lips and leave it for 15 minutes then wash it.

How often?

Try this remedy daily for better results.

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil for eye wrinkles and saggy skin

It effectively removes the lip creases and prevents it from being back.

How to use it?

Take a few drops of coconut oil and gently massage your lips and leave it for 15 minutes, wash it with pure water.

  • Sugar scrub (Exfoliating)

It helps to exile the wrinkles for a good time by removing dead skin found around the skin

How can you use it?

Mix sugar with lemon juice and scrub your lips with it at least 3 times per week for better results.

  • Oatmeal

It will help moisturize your lips and remove the lips problems.

How to use this remedy?

Take oatmeal and apply on your lips daily and massage gently. After that cleaning it off.

We have almost reached the end,

We hope that we provided you with the best products that are doctors’ best choice and also treatments and the easiest home remedies. Finally, always take extra special care of your delicate skin. Follow all of these simple steps, and you’ll smooth out those little lines before you know it!


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