Best Natural Skin Lightening Cream For Dark Skin

In as much as we are trying to embrace dark skin, the society still views light African skin as being more beautiful than african dull skin. You will often note that light African skinned ladies are considered more beautiful than dull African skinned ones. Being light African skin is often associated with good attributes as compared to dull African skin such as being kind, attractive, funny and even loving. Funny right? Such reasons are what make ladies look for the best lightening cream for black skin.

Let us be realistic, if you were given a chance to look lighter, wouldn’t you feel more confident in this new brighter looking skin? The market such as European cosmetics companies provide all kinds of lightening creams for black skin such as Zeta white lightening creams and hydroquinone creams.


According to studies, hydroquinone is a popular lightening cream used by most black Americans. Its effectiveness is said to lie behind blocking tyrosinase enzyme that is responsible for producing melanin in our skins. If your melanin is blocked, then your skin color does not keep on darkening. This is the chemistry that people use to show that hydroquinone is a good lightening cream.

Even if this lightening cream blocks melanin, it is controversial because not everyone can apply this cream on their face. Most people have found its effects worse because of its burning nature on the skin. Some people even say that using hydroquinone makes their skin darker instead of lightening it.

A research carried out in the US found that this lightening cream (With Hydroquinone) can act as a carcinogen that can cause cancer. With all these reports, would you still go for a lightening cream that could have such serious repercussions on your skin?  

It is therefore advisable that you choose a lightening cream that works naturally such as going for Zeta White.

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Do Natural lightening creams work?


If you are thinking that going for a lightening cream is a waste of money, try one today and see the results. Most of the lightening creams contain steroids, kojic acid and retinoic acid that have vitamin A and C in them. Vitamin A in creams helps get rid of black and brown spots while vitamin C makes weird looking areas that have been affected by strong sun rays look better. Kojic acid found in some lightening creams prevents the production of melanin by blocking melanocytes which are the cells that produce melanin.

Incorporation of natural ingredients in lightening creams for black skin works best for you since such creams have fewer to no side effects. Natural ingredients from plant extracts help your skin feel moisturized and destroy dead cells.  Most lightening creams definitely work but some can cause damage on your skin. Therefore consider the side effects of choosing different lightening creams before settling for the best.


What is Zeta White and why we chose it as the best for black skin?

Zeta Skin Lightening Cream

This lightening cream is highly recommended because it uses natural ingredients that do not harm your skin. Unlike hydroquinone, this alternative is effective and does not make your skin darker but instead gives you a naturally lighter look. By using anti-inflammatory ingredients, your skin is not prone to irritations such as itching or developing pimples and rushes.

Why choose Zeta white?

You may be wondering what makes Zeta white different from other lightening creams? In as much as we want to feel and look lighter, going for a standard lightening cream will not help you achieve much. There are a variety of reasons why should choose zeta white discussed as follows.

Use of natural ingredients

natural ingredient product for lightening skin

Their 3 point lightening system is responsible for making products such as a face wash made with natural ingredient lemon extracts, potassium citrate, strawberry extracts and purified water. Manufacturing this lightening cream with such natural ingredients makes it safe to apply to your sensitive skin. Since harmful chemicals are not included in the making, you can relax while applying this cream on your face and body without worrying about skin irritations.

Disappearing of blemishes

Remove Blemishes with Zeta white

Sometimes, your skin may experience unbalanced distribution of melanin as aging signs start kicking in. Applying Zeta white lightening creams makes blemishes that are caused by sun rays and age spots disappear after you apply them for a few months.

The price

Best price for skin lightening cream

Have you ever bought a product and felt a waste of your money? Purchasing Zeta white makes you feel the value of your money since it is considered one of the most effective lightening creams. Price for 3-point lightening System: 118 USD (Checkout Zeta White Official Website HERE)

ZetaWhite Alternative Cream to Ambi

24-hour performance


Zeta white creams do not retire with you in the evening. They give you 24-hour performance working both day and night. Here, you are provided with a lightening cream and a night moisturizer for you to use before you tuck. Zeta night cream helps rejuvenate your dark skin and prepares you for another day.

The manufactures


Made in the UK, Zeta white is a leading company in ethical beauty. The manufacturers aim at giving you the best lightening creams that are vegan-friendly and are free from alcohol content. Well researched formulations are used to come up with lightening creams to give you good results.


Zeta white products are readily available making it easy for you to access them from your local store.

Other merits of using Zeta white lightening creams

  • Using these products for long gives your skin a tighter look
  • These creams give your skin hydration for you to fight off dry skin
  • Production of collagen gives you a healthy skin.

Zeta WHite - Whitneing Skin in one week

Visit Zeta White Offical Website HERE

What is the concept behind zeta white as a lightening cream for dark skin?

Exposing your skin to sunlight for a long time makes your skin darken by increasing melanin production. Other than that, aging could also make your skin darker since you are exposed to many external factors that affect the color of your skin. Stop this by using Zeta white and look younger.

This lightening cream for dark skin works under a 3 point lightening system to keep your skin lighter and feeling moisturized. It provides you with 3 solutions to lighten your skin namely:

  • Lightening moisturizer
  • Lightening night cream
  • Face lightening wash


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Face lightening wash

before-after_skin whitening cream zeta white african

Did you know that the first step to achieve a beautiful skin is thorough cleaning?  Most of us do not wash our faces as often as we should. As you go through tones of activities during the day, your skin accumulates dust and sweat and washing your face regularly keep pimples away.

If you are looking for a lightening cream for your dark skin, start by using a face lightening wash from Zeta white. This lightening cream minimizes the melanin that is produced by your skin due to papaya extracts enzyme and lemon ingredients included in making it. Ingredients such as stearic acid, potassium oleate, and vegetable glycerin, will not harm your skin while making it lighter. Whether your skin is the dry or sensitive type, you can apply face lightening wash so that you can prepare your skin for the next cream.

In using this cream, first wash your face thoroughly and apply it before your face completely dries. Use a circular motion to massage your face gently while rubbing it twice during the day. You can use it in the morning and evening before resting as a base for a brighter lighter skin.

Lightening moisturizer

Best skin lightening for african skin moisturizer

If you are exposed to sunburns due to long hours on the beach, this moisturizer protects your skin from darkening further due to strong sun rays. With a lightening moisturizer, you do not have to go for an extra sunscreen since this lightening cream acts as a natural sunscreen thus killing two birds with one stone.

If you have to apply makeup on your face, you can start by applying the lightening moisturizer on your dark skin then proceed with your make up. Doing this will help you restore your skin pigmentation as well as prevent you from more melanin from being produced. You can also apply it on your face after a face lightening wash to achieve better results.

Combined with the best natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shear butter and apricot oil, your lightening moisturizer does not work against you like other lightening creams such as hydroquinone.  What a great relief!

Lightening night cream

best night cream for lightening skin black skin

Apply this cream after a long day of work minutes before you sleep. It works great at night by rejuvenating your skin and helps it achieve a good cell turnover. Ensure that your face is clean before gently rubbing this cream on your face and neck. Applying it on dry skin is better than when your skin is wet so that it can penetrate deeply into the layers of your skin.

Use of ingredients such as evening primrose oil, green tea extracts and passion fruit extracts helps it get rid of dead cells so that new cells can be created to make your skin appear lighter and stop further darkening. This lightening cream leaves your skin feeling revitalized and brighter giving you self-confidence.

Lightening night cream from Zeta white contains Allantoin which has been clinically approved to keep your skin moisturized. This chemical ingredient has lots of benefits on your skin as shown below:

Benefits of Allantoin on a lightening night cream


  • prosIt boosts levels of water content on your skin making your skin feel smooth.
  • prosIt helps to kill dead cells paving way for new cells to be developed by your skin
  • prosAllantoin improves the ability of your skin to heal fast. If you apply this lightening cream for long, you will start observing that cut wounds on your skin heal faster than before.
  • prosThis chemical also fights any kind of irritation that you may be experiencing on your skin.
  • prosCell proliferation is achieved by using a lightening cream with Allantoin.



Some people expect instant results when using lightening creams and lack of patience makes them judge the effectiveness of lightening creams too fast. Zeta white lightening creams start working between two to four weeks of daily use. However, many reported back they saw significant results after just ONE WEEK.

Apply Zeta white lightening creams for dark skin for 2 to 3 months and experience a life-changing transformation with a lighter, brighter rejuvenated skin.

Customer support

Understanding the importance of good customer service Zeta white is keen on listening to your inquiries and fulfilling your every need through providing you with contacts to talk to their agents. You can reach them through their official website here.



Avoid using lightening creams while pregnant or nursing. Prolonged (MORE THAN 6 Month) use can also make your skin age prematurely.  Keep your cream in a cool dry place with a tight lid to avoid moisture from finding its way in.

Final thoughts

If you are among the ladies that wish they were born lighter, Zeta white is a solution you need to lighten your skin naturally. This is a good choice since there are no side effects even after using it for a long time. Do not choose lightening creams that contain hydroquinone without fully understanding the effects of applying it on your skin. You do not want a discolored skin right?

Be keen on each ingredient and find the best lightening cream that blends well with your black skin. Lighten up smartly and enjoy your new look.

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