Thinking of Having Face Juvéderm®Treatment? Your Guide To This Injectable Dermal Filler

First, let us be grateful for the current modern facial skincare technology that helps to minimize the effects of aging which appears on our skin as we age.

 Nowadays, Facial rejuvenation treatments can deal with all the imperfections, you may think that it is will long-last forever and you will not be able to deal with.

“Facial rejuvenation” refers to a group of cosmetic applications that used to return your youthful look back once again…

As simple as possible facial rejuvenation will help you to get rid of aging signs such as wrinkles and face lines, treat acne scars and rosacea, improvement of the skin’s texture, removal of facial discoloration, decrease the pore size and tighten the skin.

Many dermatologists sum up all the benefits of  facial rejuvenation in a simple phrase “Four R’s” as follows:

Juvederm benefits

  • R-elaxing

Relaxing overactive muscles with the use of a certain substance, that usually works on wrinkles and fine lines.

Which are formed due to the continuous contraction of facial muscles, therefore, wrinkles appear in the eye area, around the mouth, the forehead, and between the eyebrows.

  • R-esurfacing

The resurfacing could be done through the “Laser resurfacing application” which is a cosmetic procedure that uses the laser beam and its effectiveness in a certain way we just mentioned before in order to treat different skin conditions such as scars, stretchmark, facial lines and wrinkles, tighten eyelid and repair skin discoloration.

The most well-known laser resurfacing application is the “Co2 Laser skin fractional resurfacing“.

  • R-emoval

The removal mainly means “creating smooth and even color of the skin” through the removal of spots resulted due to the sun damage.

Moreover, this application could be used with the aid of laser for removing small blood vessels and veins.

  • R-efilling

As we age, the appearance of facial lines & wrinkles increase by time especially around the nose and mouth “Nasolabial”.

It usually appears will laughing in form of smile lines! We know how much you got depressed while seeing the aging signs but don’t worry you can deal with those imperfections through the dermal fillers that mainly works and focus on shaping your face and giving you the most youthful look.

The filling of the wrinkles and fine lines usually done through using “Hyaluronic acid fillers” such as: Sculptra, Perlane, Restylane and the most common dermal filler Juvederm.

What is juvéderm®?


Juvéderm® is injectable dermal filler that is “Hyaluronic acid-based” which is considered as a naturally occurring substance in the skin.

Juvéderm is used to provide a modification for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and face lines found mostly around nose and mouth “Nasolabial” which is termed by laugh lines.

Moreover, juvéderm is a smooth gel filler that provides hydration, smoothness, youthful look and fullness appearance as it compensates the loss of fats and the skin thinning caused by the aging process.

Based on reports, it was found that most of the people preferred juvéderm® dermal filler that is hyaluronic acid based, than any kind of dermal filler that is collagen based;

The reason behind why most of people prefer hyaluronic acid based dermal filler is that because it can provide you an ultimate solution for your aging process.

Based on a certain study it was stated that “The hyaluronic acid has a significant benefit in decreasing the depth of wrinkles (up to 40%), and skin hydration (up to 96%) and skin firmness and elasticity were significantly enhanced (up to 55%) at the end of eight weeks. On the other hand, studies have found that hyaluronic acid products can sometimes start to work within just two to four weeks of use.

Dryness from the excessive exposure to sunlight can stimulate the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, which are invisible in high humidity than low humidity so, hyaluronic acid can deal with this problem easily by decreasing the total water loss from the epidermis of the skin.

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What are the types of Juvéderm®?

Types of Juvederm Dermal fillers

Juvéderm® is the family name of different products; it is considered as an umbrella within which many products and types come from. Generally, there are four well-known products as follows:

  1. Juvéderm® Ultra

It is considered as the original edition and the perfect formula in dealing with wrinkles, face lines and lip enhancement treatments.

  1. Juvéderm® Volbella

It is used to smooth the lip lines, on other words; it works on the vertical lip lines correction.

  1. Juvéderm® Voluma

Provided for cheek area whereas it increases the volume of cheeks.

  1. Juvéderm® Vollure

The most trendy and newest product from juvéderm® family that mainly works on the severe wrinkles cases.

Juvéderm® products are non-surgical; all the products work with the same principle, which is injecting the wrinkles and face lines found on the face with hyaluronic acid thus, replacing the loss of hyaluronic acid.

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Where juvéderm® works like a magic?

Juvéderm® can perfectly work in the following areas:

Juvederm fillers area to be applied

  • Smile Lines

Juvéderm® can fill the laugh lines perfectly; once injected it runs from the side of your nose to the corners of the mouth

  • Cheeks

Juvéderm® can return you are the fullness appearance of your face once again that has been lost due to either aging or weight loss.

  • Lip and the vertical lip lines

Juvéderm® can restore the look lip fullness and can easily soften the lines found above your lips.

  • Marionette Lines

 Juvéderm® can easily remove the wrinkles found below the lips this lines are termed “Marionette lines”

  • Chin

Juvéderm® can deal with the sagginess of the chin by giving it the wanted firmness shape.

  • Frown Lines

Juvéderm® can deal with and eliminate the excessive muscle contraction that forms the frown lines

  • Crow’s Feet and Forehead lines

Juvéderm® can reduce the facial lines found at the eye’s corner.

Moreover, it can remove the forehead lines that is formed due to the continuous muscle contraction of the forehead bones.

How Juvéderm® helps restore your appearance?

Your skin naturally develops hyaluronic acid that is a sugar-based compound which provides your face the youthful look and supplies your face with the needed volume and smoothness.

Unfortunately, the hyaluronic acid level that found naturally within your body decreases due to the aging process, therefore, your skin loose its volume and structure forming wrinkles and face lines around your mouth and eyes and less voluminous lips and cheeks.

juvederm_BEfore and aFter

Juvéderm® works perfectly and correct all the previous mentioned problems through its non-animal hyaluronic acid-based constituents that smoothly compensate the loss of hyaluronic acid occurred over time; giving you youthful look. Juvéderm® is developed using the hylacross technology “manufacture process of juvéderm®” forming smooth-gel that rub throughout your skin; creating perfect results.

You have first to inform your dermatologist about the area you need to diminish the look of wrinkles from…then your dermatologist will mark the targeted areas with a pen.

Your dermatologist will inject a fine needle containing juvéderm® (Certain type from the mentioned types of juvéderm® based on the affected area), he/she will gently massage the injected area in order to prevent any chance of swelling.

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Preparing for juvéderm® treatment

-Before you proceed the treatment you must avoid using any kind of medications that can stimulate the bleeding process; medications like aspirin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen Vitamin E, Fish oil, “G” herbs (ginkgo, garlic, and ginseng), or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories (NSAIDs).

-You must stop using the previously mentioned medications for at least 10 days in order to avoid the risk of bleeding at the injected area.

-You have to inform your dermatologist if you are taking immunosuppressive therapy because you may have a higher risk of infection.

-You must perform the pregnancy test if you are not certain, whether you are pregnant or not because it is not recommended to use Juvederm during pregnancy, or even if you are a breast-feeder.

-You must avoid doing any kind of laser treatments and chemical peeling after performing the Juvederm treatment.

What are the post-treatment precautions?

After juvéderm® treatment, it is important to follow the following instructions for the post 48 hours after treatment :

  • You have to avoid using makeups or any kind of products containing alcohol on your face.
  • It is important not to touch or even massage the treated area.
  • You to avoid drinking any kind of alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid the exposure to cold or heat especially the exposure to sun’s harmful radiation for at least 10-14 days and if it is certainly to go for work, it is preferred to wear a sunscreen that suits your skin type.

Does the correction last forever?

Unfortunately, No… juvéderm® provides a temporary correction and you have to maintain and visit your dermatologist after a certain period.

Generally, the juvéderm® approved from the FDA to last for 6-12 months “average” based on the juvéderm type as follow:

  • Juvederm Ultra last up to 9 months.
  • Juvederm Voluma last up to 2 years with fill correction.
  • Juvederm Volbella last up to 12 months after treatment.
  • Juvederm Vollure last up to 18 months.

How long does treatment usually take?

The whole timing range from 15-50 minutes depending on the size of the targeted area.

Are juvéderm® injections painful?

You may feel experienced some pain during and after the injection so, your dermatologist may use local anesthesia in order to reduce the pain. Overall, do not worry about it.

When will I see the results?

Juvéderm® treatment results are immediately noticeable after finishing the procedure; immediate improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, face lines and an amazing full appearance for your lips.

Is there downtime following juvéderm® treatment?

Unlike other treatment procedures, juvéderm® has no downtime. Patients who undergo this procedure are supposed to return to their normal life routine immediately.

Is juvéderm® safe? What are the side effects of juvéderm®?

Yes, juvéderm® is safe.

Juvéderm® considered as the first Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler in form of four different formulations as it has proven its efficacy and safety for all skin colors.

Regarding the side effects it was reported that they are few in addition, they are expected to be mild and usually go away within 7 days. The following

  • Redness, Swelling, Firmness, lumps, itching, discoloration, pain and risk of infection. However, juvéderm® showed no increased risk of hyperpigmentation or hypertrophic scarring.

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How BOTOX® Cosmetic differs from JUVÉDERM® injectable gel?

Botox VS Juvederm

It was stated “Juvéderm® injectable gel is a “next-generation” hyaluronic acid dermal filler that provides volume and is used to treat wrinkles and folds resulting from a loss of volume beneath the surface of the skin such as perioral lines and nasolabial folds (lines around your mouth and nose). Juvéderm® restores your skin’s volume for a smooth, natural look and feel.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is not a filler. BOTOX® Cosmetic relaxes muscle activity and is used to treat moderate to severe lines caused by the dominant frown muscles between the eyebrows (the glabellar area). This allows the two vertical lines between the brows, often referred to as the “11,” to temporarily diminish for a smoother appearance.”

What is the difference between JUVÉDERM® and Restylane®?

Juvéderm® has a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid than Restylane®, so the results of a juvéderm® treatment should last longer than those of a Restylane® treatment.

Some doctors and patients also believe that the results of juvéderm® treatment are smoother and more natural looking than those achieved with Restylane®.”

What is the total cost of juvéderm®?

Juvéderm is characteristically priced by the syringe, and costs range from $550 to $1,200 per syringe.

The cost of a Juvederm treatment can vary depending on your physician’s experience and the number of syringes used. Moreover, since dermal fillers are an optional treatment, health insurance does not cover the cost.

It is important to choose an experienced dermatologist to avoid any kind of complications such as blindness or stroke due to the unprofessional handling, like injecting Juvederm into a blood vessel accidentally.

Is it worth trying?

Based on the people previous experience it was shown that 90% of the feedbacks are positive and they all recommend it due to its simplicity and effectiveness compared to many other dermal filler

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