3 Natural Hacks To Increase Your Collagen Skin Levels By 35%

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Our skin, nails, and hair consist of quite a number of proteins called collagen. In the last decade, collagen supplements have been viral among women who seek to look younger with a skin glow. It has been offered in different forms; lotions, supplements, gums and even liquid form.

Most of the collagen products promise a wrinkle-free skin, better tone, and overall healthy skin. But is that claim really true and how much collagen does your skin really need to shine?

What is Collagen?

This substance is the backbone for a healthy subtle skin. While we age our collagen breaks down and declines in production, this can be observed after the 30s. The good news is, there are several ways to encourage collagen re-production in the skin and get it back on track. (1)

However, collagen’s impact is not just exclusive to the skin, here are four things you should know about Collagen;

1- Your body is held together mainly by collagen. The integrity of your bones, muscle tissue, tendons, and skin is maintained though collagen.

2- Collagen responsible for building your muscle mass. It consists of a high percentage of glycine, an amino acid responsible for the production of creatine. This leads to muscle creation and enhancement. Plus it increases the performance during a typical daily activity.

3- The connective tissue in the gut contains a heavy amount of collagen. It is responsible to enhance, support and protect your digestive tract.

4- After 40s many people deal with joint pain and stiffness. This is partly due to the decline of collagen production. Increasing collagen intake is likely to decrease the symptoms of joint pain and arthritis.

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How to increase collagen production, naturally?

The good news there are always natural ways to reverse collagen decline in the body and increase its production. You need to be aware that, there are 4 key ingredients that will directly boost collagen; Glycine, Proline, Vitamin C, and Copper.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the building block for hyaluronic acid. This substance is responsible for boosting collagen production in connective tissue.

By focusing on enhancing your hyaluronic acid it will enhance your collagen levels. Foods that are rich in vitamin C are; Kale, Red Peppers, Oranges, Guava, Strawberries, and Broccoli.

Glycine and Proline

There are 4 main amino acids that make up collagen; Glycine, Proline, Arginine, and Hydroxyproline. The align in a certain sequence in a chain like a form in order to create what is called Collagen.

Proline makes up 15% of collagen, while Glycine makes up 35%. Both have something in common, they are soluble in alcohol and heavily responsible for the skin texture. (2)

Rich food sources of Proline; Avocados, beans broccoli rabe, cabbage, chives, eggs and lactalbumin, and meat.
Riche food sources of Glycine; Chicken skin, dried egg whites, lean lamb, cuttlefish, and bacon.


Healthy bones, skin and connective tissues highly rely on the amounts of copper in the body.

According to the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Copper is one of the most vital insoluble fibrous protein and is mainly responsible for forming fibrils, strands that maintain the structure of tissues.

To make it short, the reason your skin spring back and elastic is due to Copper presence.

This also means the tight skin tone and firm looks are very noticeable based on the amounts of copper found. Thanks to this substance, many women avoid unwanted skin injections for wrinkles and focus on natural sources of copper to firm it up. (3)

The top food sources of copper are beef liver, sunflower seeds, lentils, and almonds.

It’s all about your diet that determines the amount of collagen you can produce and in result enjoy a refreshed firm healthy skin

How to add collagen to your diet?

1. Powdered Gelatin

Gelatin is the cooked form of collagen, it’s the easiest way to consume collagen without having to get involved with raw tendons for lunch.

It’s quick and fastest way to boost those amino acids in your body.

The good thing about Gelatin is that you can mix it literally with anything liquid. You can add it to stew, soups, and broths. However, many love to add it with fruit snacks and have it as a dessert.

2. Bone Broth

Many celebrities are opting for adding Bone Broth to their daily diet. And that’s due to the incredible amount of benefits they witnessed on their skin.

It is made from animal connective tissues and bones, usually chicken, cows, and fish. It contains a vast amount of amino acids, collagen, and proteins.

You can make your own bone broth in a slow cooker, or if you’re short on time, simply buy a high-quality bone broth made from pastured, organic chicken bones or organic grass-fed beef bones, such as Bonafide Provisions Restorative Bone Broth. It is mainly used to stews and soups, whole grains like rice and quinoa, and even to moisten leftovers.

3. Collagen Supplements

The market is flooded with a vast amount of collagen supplements. It’s vital to consider what kind of collagen you need. So manufacturers focus on bodybuilders, some focus on wrinkle treatment. Thus, buying the right product with verified safe ingredients is important to fully benefit from the supplement.

Collagen drinks have been endorsed by plenty of dermatologists and even celebs blog about such products.

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Make sure you get a bran that is non-GMO, free from binders, fillers and sweeteners.

Results vary from person to another, you might find great before and after photos, however, this doesn’t necessarily will impact you the same way. The good news is that you will see your own personal change and you’ll love it. In order to see observable changes, you need to stay on the supplement for at least 4 weeks.



There is an old great saying that I keep advising myself and others, you are what you eat. The type and quality of food impact our bodies and organ dramatically. You wouldn’t see an instant change, whether good or bad. However, you will find that gradual change to our skin and body takes place with time.

Thus, there is no such magical pill or drink that will cure your skin problems. That stuff just aids in the process. It’s about what kind of food did you eat today and every day.

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