How to Whiten Eyes: Fast Guide to Make Eyes Whites Clear and Bright

Your eyes are the window to your soul because Inner beauty is seen through your eyes.

Therefore, taking care of what people first notice should be crucial so as to leave a wonderful impression on others.  

This God-given pair should always charm those who see you even before you utter a single word.

According to studies carried out, yellow eyes could make you look older than your actual age.

The color of your eyes tell how healthy you may be because yellow eyes could mean health problems such as high toxins in the body or even allergic reactions.

Proper eye care improves eye whitening so that you don’t appear fatigued or ill.

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Here is how to whiten your eyes and give them a brighter look.

pointUsing more effective eye drops

Dry yellow eyes require strong eye drops to make them sparkling white.

eye drops to whiten eye

When your eyes are dry, you are likely to suffer irritation that can make you not concentrate while working.

Using contact lenses for a long time is the main cause of dry eyes.  

Rohto Eye drops whiten your eyes while at the same time fight off any kinds of irritations that make you feel itchy.

Do not scratch your eyes when itchy since this increases reddening.

You don’t have to worry about your make up from running when using this eye drop. Each drop also gives you a cooling sensation as it works to enhance eye whitening.

Innoxa’s blue drop is also an effective eye whitening drop for yellow eyes.

Made with distilled plant waters from sweet clover and blueberry, this eye whitening eye drop adds more radiance to your eyes making blue eyes appear better as opposed to yellow eyes.

Using these eye drops also makes your make up look better on you whether you have an allergic reaction or not. Do not use these eye drops every day so as to avoid rebound redness.

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pointBrighten under eye area

Lack of enough sleep or stress could make you develop dark eye circles.

Dark-Circle-patch-whiten eye cream

This can happen both to women and men suffering from hormonal changes.

Do not ignore dark eye circles because if not properly treated, they could lead to serious health conditions.

Brightening under eye areas helps in eye whitening. Achieve this by using products such as Eye Secrets exclusive Collagen and Q-10 Technology helps your skin natural repair itself.

This fights against discoloration of the area below your eyes to give you a flawless skin surface so that your eyes become more visible. It also prevents your make up from running easily so you can spend the whole day without spending time on the mirror applying new layers of makeup.

Q10 patches eye whitening reflects light on your eyes for them to appear brighter.

What Are The Benefits of Eye Secrets Q10 Patches:

prosHelp retexturize the skin around your eye area, brighten dark circles and minimize fine lines.

prosSupport the skin lock in moisture and strengthen its protective barrier.

prosCalms any inflammation and firms the skin area.

prosAid to keep future wrinkles from cropping up.

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Goldfaden Md’s Brightening eye cream helps you eliminate dark circles surrounding your eyes while at the same time reducing the appearance of wrinkles beneath your eyes.

Ground mica contained in the cream helps hydrate them thus boosting your make up.

This easily absorbed cream moisturizes your skin below the eyes and gets rid of any creases that make you look worn out or aged.

pointUsing colored eyeliner

Colored waterproof eyeliner is how to whiten eyes giving them high definition.

colored eyeliner

Chantecaille’s waterproof eye liner has a soft texture that glides across a lash line without tugging. This eye liner blends along with your lash line leaving your eyes brighter and appear bigger. By creating a firm line, it helps you achieve different looks.

Smash box’s always sharp waterproof kohl liner neutralizes redness as it lines the inner rim of your lash line. You can also use it as a shadow. It cleans up tiny lines around your eyes and frame your eye brows appropriately.

Shimmery white shadow also could make your eyes look whiter. You don’t have to be a celebrity to put on white shadow.

In as much as they apply this shade for beauty, shimmery white shadow also makes your eyes sparkle white when you apply it across the corners of your eyes.

White color is known to brighten dark surfaces. In the same way, a white shadow will brighten your red or yellow eyes to enhance eye whitening.

pointLash out

Lifting your eyelashes makes them more open than they normally appear.

Eyelash curler eye whitens

Eyelash curler eye whitens by lengthening your eye lashes.

When the outer corner of your eye lashes are curled more, your eyes become well defined in terms of shape.

Let your beauty reflect through your eyes by whitening their surfaces through an eye curler.

You can use a mascara to lash out your eyes. An Ever’s smoky lash is a good choice that gives your lashes volume, length and curl. It enhances the volume effect by curling the shape of your lashes outside making your eyes whiten.

The brush used in this mascara goes deep down to the roots of your lashes to give the entire surfaces enough mascara so that your eye lashes do not appear unevenly done.

Do not apply dark mascara on your lower lashes.

Use soft colored mascaras on your low lashes such as brown and grey to make your eyes appear brighter as opposed to dark mascara which dulls them out.

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pointProper diet

Did you know that what you eat could affect the color of your eyes?

best food for whitening eye whites

Maintain the sparkle in your eyes the natural way by eating a balanced diet.

Lots of fruits and vegetables prevent discoloration of your eyes because they contain both vitamin A and C that prevent foreign debris from building up.

Carrots, oranges, mangoes and lemons help brighten your eyes.

Incorporate red foods and vegetables such as spinach to boost the health of your eyes.

Avoiding lots of caffeine and alcohol is good to prevent your eyes from becoming yellow.

This is because both caffeine and alcohol dehydrates your body making your eyes appeal yellow.

Though sweet, coffee and caffeinated soda leave you with less water in the body.

If you have to take coffee, balance it with lots of water so that your eyes maintain their original white color.  Alcohol should not be a debatable topic. Just avoid it because it does more harm than good on your entire body.

pointAvoid irritants

Irritants such as dust, pollen and smoke are not good for your eyes.

smoking effect on white eyes

Irritants such as dust, pollen and smoke are not good for your eyes.

Habits such as constant taking of cigarettes not only affects your breathing system but also your eyes.

Keep off smoking friends so as to prevent reddening of your eyes. Fight off such bad habits and see the changes in your health.


Use of sunglasses in hot sun prevents the strong UV rays from affecting normal eye whitening.

best sunglasses to avoid negative effect on eye whites

The thickening and yellowing of your eyes due to sunlight is referred to as pterygium.

Strong winds can also affect the color of your eyes.

If you develop yellow watery eyes when you sit on a pavilion for long, sunglasses will prevent this.

pointDon’t sleep with makeup

Even if makeup enhances your physical appearance sleeping with shadows around your eyes is very unhealthy.

eye color will be yellow if sleep with makeup on

Eye shadow and mascara should be properly washed off your face at night before sleeping.

Clean your face with a gentle cleanser and use a soft towel to pat your face.

pointDrink plenty of fluids

Taking lots of fluids helps fight dehydration in your eyes.

eye color benefits from drinking water

This is how to whiten eyes in a very natural way.

Even when science recommends that we take 8 glasses of water every day, not many of us keep up.

Water keeps the doctor away since your whole body including your eyes become hydrated to give you brighter clear white eyes.

Fluids such as rose water contains antioxidants that soothe the skin surrounding your eyes.

This fluid has a healing property with antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients to prevent pollutants from penetrating your eyes.

Inflammation and redness will become a thing of the past when you use rose water.

It acts as an eyewash to help you fight off fatigue after you have spent the whole day staring at your computer screen. The dark circles around your eye are also eliminated by taking rose water.

pointUsing Soymilk

Doctors recommend that you soak some cotton pads in cold soy milk and put them above your eyes for some time.

white eyes with soymilk

Soy milk contains anti-inflammatory proteins that are useful to work on your blood vessels to minimize puffiness. The cold temperature in soy milk shrinks the blood vessels so as to reduce blood shot eyes.

pointEye exercises

Just as your body requires exercise to stay healthy, your eyes too also need some form of work out.

best way to imporve eye whites

Regular eye exercises helps whiten your eyes naturally while making them feel fresh.

Finding out there are different kinds of eye exercises that could whiten your eyes may come as a surprise to you, but try this today and achieve bright eyes. Follow the steps below:

  • Shutting

Start off by shutting your eyes for some time and squeeze them tightly but without using your hands. After a while, open them widely and repeat the procedure until they become watery.

  • Palming

Decrease tension in your eye muscles by palming your eyes as you lie on a levelled floor or sitting down comfortably as if too relaxed. Using your palms, cover your eyes gently while crossing your figures. Do not put your concentration on the exercise but rather, think of something else that excites you. From this step, you will see an intensely dark space that symbolizes a state of complete relaxation.

  • Swinging

This involves moving your entire body so as to reduce any kind of body fatigue and make your eyes more mobile as you swing around. First, stand firmly on one position in a straight way with your feet 12 inches far from one another. Move your whole body to your left while suppressing all the weight on your left foot lifting your right side. At this position, your shoulders and neck should remain straight.

Move to your right side the same way so that your eyes cover 180 degrees without focusing on a particular thing. Repeat this exercise again every day and be consistent in it before you sleep so that your eyes do not strain since by sleeping they remain closed.

  • Blinking

Frequent blinking is good exercise that will help eye whitening. The muscles around your eyes are able to relax when you blink a lot of times. Resting of these muscles makes the yellow parts gradually fade away. As you blink often, more tears are produced so as to lubricate and cleanse your eye balls giving you brighter eyes. Amazing discovery right?

  • Focus

Use an external object such as a pencil or a pen to give you more eye focus by moving it both horizontally and vertically in front of your eyes. Concentrate on the tip of the pen or pencil without being distracted by other factors. Do not roll your eyes during this exercise. Proceed while focusing for around fifteen minutes before taking a break.

pointEye massages

This is different from eye exercises in that here, you use your hands to enhance eye whitening.

massaging eyes for better whites

By gently rubbing your eyes with coconut oil or olive oil on your fingers, you boost blood circulation to your eyes.

Concentrate on all different corners of your eyes starting with inner parts, the center, the outer parts and lastly below your eyes.

Eye massages also helps keep off lines and wrinkles just below your eyes giving you a healthy skin.

Be gentle while doing this and ensure that your hands are clean before your eye massage so that you don’t contaminate them.

Remember, the purpose is to whiten them so any impure hands will makes them worse.

Final thoughts

The same way you take care of the rest of your body parts, eye care will give you a nice finished look.

The above tips are how to whiten eyes so as to feel more confident while taking a selfie.

Eye care begins with you.

Eat healthy, do eye exercises, wear protective sunglasses, and put on some mascara that makes you achieve white stunning eyes.


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