4 Ways To Increase Hair Growth with Natural Hair Treatment

how to increase hair growth and thickness naturally

Many women want to have beautiful and healthy looks without the use of artificial products that may cause negative long term effects.

Healthy long hair can be achieved by using natural oils and vitamins.

Diet also plays an important role as food contains essential nutrients required for sustaining hair growth.

Therefore, maintaining a daily balanced diet as well as proper hair care is key to having a full head of healthy hair.

pointHydration and Vitamins for Hair Growth

Hair with Vitamins

Eat foods that are rich in vitamins A, B and E or include them as part of the diet in the form of vitamin supplements.

These will provide the hair with nutrients that ensure healthy growth. Har Vokse is highly recommended hair supplement

Drink plenty of water as it helps to flush toxins out of the body and aids in ensuring nutrients get to the hair follicles. Water promotes proper cell growth including the regeneration of the lower hair follicles.

pointExercise and Healthy Scalp Massage


Exercise aids in helping the body function at optimal levels thereby ensuring the skin and scalp remain healthy which is important for hair growth.

Keep the scalp oiled with natural hair enriching products like coconut or jojoba oil.

This will keep hair moisturized and prevent dandruff which inhibits healthy hair growth.

Massage the oil into the scalp with the fingertips to stimulate and increase blood flow to the scalp to enhance the spread of essential nutrients to the hair.

pointProper Hair Care

increase hair growth conditioners

Wash and condition the hair regularly with natural hair products to avoid build up of dirt on the scalp which leads to unhealthy hair.

Make sure to completely rinse out any shampoo residue. However, avoid washing hair excessively as it could cause the hair to become brittle.

Always condition your hair after shampooing to restore luster and soften your hair.

Use a leave-in conditioner occasionally to nourish your hair even more. Mashed ripe avocados make excellent natural hair conditioner.

pointProper Brushing and Hairstyles

hair growth brushes

Invest in good hair brushes.

Do not over brush hair or brush it when it is wet as this will cause breakage.

Brush only as necessary to help achieve the desired hairstyle.

The types of hairstyles also affect hair growth.

Do not style hair in ways that pull hair too much especially at the hairline. This could cause a receeding hairline from hair breakage.

To maintain a healthy head of hair and promote new hair growth, it is important to have the right diet, hair grooming tools, and hair products.

Healthy hair is achieved by treating hair gently to avoid breakage and picking out styles that do not strain the hair.

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