5 Habits To Overcome Crepey Skin At Home

Crepey Skin looks

Call it elephant skin, grandma skin or crepey skin it does not matter, but what matters is your aging process and the surrounding environment that have an adverse psychological effect especially when you are in your early 40s and a grandma skin starts to set in.

Crepey skin is a normal result of your own body’s response due to the decrease of both Collagen and Elastin levels in your body; which are responsible for stretching your own skin.

In addition to the state of your own protein’s production that begins to drop due to many factors resulting in a thinner, loose, flaccid and sagging skin that lacks the firmness it used to have.

When To Expect Crepey Skin?

Crepey skin does not come about suddenly like acne that appears during PMS; instead, it takes several months or even years to set in.

Luckily, you can make use of this time and start from now to know more about its causes, prevention methods and how to get rid of it especially if already the signs of crepey skin have started to appear nowadays.

How Does Crepey Skin Look Like?

crepey skin on face and lips

When we say crepey skin, the first thing that comes to our mind is the elephant skin but be aware it is the final image!

Let us take it gradually, according to certain studies shows that “Crepey skin differs from other types of skin aging,” says Dr. Alexiades.

“It first appears as an increase in skin markings, which look like little dots around the hair follicle that start to merge into linear or diamond-shaped marks and connect the dots together.”

Over time, the subtle creases and pores in the skin slowly become exaggerated as the breakdown of collagen and elastin becomes more evident.

From there, skin folds accumulate and skin starts to thin out.

Whereas a stretch mark is the cause of a dermal tear in the skin and a loss of elastin, and a wrinkle forms from repeat motions in one area, crepey skin is more so the result of a lack of skin thickness.

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Which kind of skin is more susceptible to get crepey fast?

Everyone is susceptible to grandma skin but with different degrees based on the exposure to crepey skin causes and other factors, surprisingly one of those factors is your skin color!

On a comparison study between the whites and non-whites, it shows that whites have the lowest melanin level and the thinnest collagen level which is responsible for stretching the skin.

On the contrary, the non-whites generally have skin that is rich in both melanin and collagen.

As we age, we gradually lose collagen and the crepey skin gradually set in, so generally the aging process of skin becomes more noticeable in the whites more than the non-whites ones.

What are the most affected areas with crepey skin?

Generally, the crepey skin can show from head to toe but some areas are affected rapidly due to some factors that we will cover it with you step by step.

As shown in the below picture 1; crepey skin can set in ”face, neck, arms, knees and legs“; Let us discuss it in details:

Body Crepey Skin


  • The face:

wrinkles around the corner of the mouth

What is specifically is your eyes and cheeks! You will clearly realize that the skin around your eyes and your cheek’s skin becomes more and thinner, this is due to age, sun damage and collagen breakdown.

It is also mentioned that the dynamic wrinkles that appear on your face while laughing or those that appear on your forehead are formed because of the excessive practice of certain facial expressions that rapidly create a look of stress permanently 2.

All this contribute to the skin thinning, as a result, a crepey skin appears rapidly.

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  • Neck:

treatment for crepey skin in necklace area

For the same reasons we mentioned before, the crepey skin that found on the necklace area in the form of bands that are creases and folds around your neck giving you a look older than your real age.

  • Arms:

best treatment for arms of crepey skin

The grandma arms that appears as “we age, lose weight, photodamage, or it may appears due to certain hormonal changes especially as you start to enter the menopause age.”

  • Knees and Legs:

This is what you may suffer when you decide to wear your favorite sexy dress but shortly you get depressed with the look of the scaly, loose and thin skin found on your legs and knees that makes you look like you are in your 70s.

So, how can I decrease the rapid appearance of crepey skin?

First, you have to know its causes in order to know how to deal with it. As we all know that crepey skin is an issue occurs in the course of aging as your skin loses its flexibility and collagen that found in the dermal layer found beneath the skin.

Hence crepey skin set in different areas that are probably difficult to handle because we can’t hide it either under clothes or by using makeups. So let us know more about the causes:

Sun exposure:

It’s not surprisingly that the intensive exposure to sun (Ultra-violet Light) can cause various damages to your living tissue as skin cancer.

It’s also considered as one of the main causes of crepey skin as it damages collagen and elastin found beneath the skin, therefore, forming thin skin as a result crepey skin set in.

Sugary Diet:

Surprisingly, Studies shows that excessive levels of sugar can help in the formation of crepey skin as it break down your skin’s collagen through a chemical process called Glycation which over time can form the tissue paper skin.

Dry & Dehydrated Skin:

If you have a dry skin, you must use moisturizers regularly and drink plenty of water to avoid the crepey skin.

So why? Because your dry skin lacks a certain type of natural oil that moisturize your skin, in addition, the dehydrated one lacks water that’s important to your own body generally to have healthy and smooth skin texture. Both of them contribute in breaking down collagen and elastin therefore crepey skin set in.

Weight gain:

Of course excessive weight gain affects the whole body’s functions starting from the cholesterol high levels, pregnancy problems, high blood pressure, heart diseases and an adverse effect on your skin as well.

The excessive weight gain can affect the deep layers of your skin consequently affect most of the skin’s constituents such as collagen, proteins and elastin. As simple as the following equation:

Weight gain = Skin stretching = breakage of proteins = Crepey skin.


One out hundreds of the adverse effects that the chemicals found in tobacco is that it damage of elastin and collagen found in the skin, in addition to the nicotine that hinder the passage of nutrients and oxygen inside the blood vessels as a result crepey skin set in.

Because “Prevention is better than cure” here is what you have to follow to minimize the chances crepey skin:

  • prosStick to the shade and wear Sunscreen
  • prosKeep your skin well hydrated
  • prosApply Snail Serum, 2x a day, more details here.
  • prosMassage your face from time to time
  • proshaving collagen drink in their daily nutrition regimen. We recommend Youtonics Collagen drink

Finally, as said “Eat less from a box and more from earth”

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5 Habits To Overcome Crepey Skin At Home
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