How Beef Gelatin Tightens Skin?

 Do you know that you already have a secret skin’s antiaging weapon in your kitchen now?

What?…Yes, I’m not joking…it is the beef gelatin powder found within your kitchen cupboard that can give you ultimate beneficial uses for your overall health that is why it is considered as “Restorer of youthfulness” as well.

You may also notice that gelatin is integrated as the main constituent for many skin products and dietary supplements that are available within the current platforms;

This is mainly due to its effectiveness and its potential to pose positive effects and results on the overall health status.

In this context, we will mainly give you a full guide about the beef gelatin and its role in providing you overall excellent health status; provide you with all the beef gelatin skin’s benefits.

Provide you information about its mechanism of action, as well as the best-recommended beef gelatin powder that provides many people 100% positive results.

You will just have to keep scrolling down and keep reading…!

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What is beef gelatin?

Generally, gelatin is made up of proline and glycine that are mainly two types of amino acids.

Gelatin is originated from specific parts of animals such as bones or the fibrous tissues; this may sound not pleasant.

However, you should know that gelatin has two important features which are it is tasteless and smell less.

Therefore, you may include gelatin in your daily dietary routine without knowing that at all.

The amino acids found within the gelatin composition are the secret behind its effectiveness in providing many people who use gelatin; the proper skin, hair, nail growth, as well as perfect digestive and immune functions.

How gelatin provide all of the skin amazing properties?

Gelatin works and provides many skin properties due to its composition; based on studies, it has been found that gelatin is a rich source of collagen.

Naturally, gelatin buildup more than 40% of the total proteins within the body; this bulk of proteins are important to the overall health status as it provides the skin many features that range from elasticity, firmness, strength, and skin cells regeneration.

Here are the most popular gelatin effects on the skin…

1- Provide you an excellent anti-aging properties


Actually, gelatin considered the world’s first superfood that has the ability to provide you effective anti-aging properties; it has the ability to reduce wrinkles and face lines that usually appear by aging.

Based on studies, it has been found that

“The usage of collagen supplement on a daily basis for 60 days led to a noticeable reduction in skin dryness, wrinkles, and nasolabial fold depth.

In addition, a significant increase in collagen density and skin firmness was observed after 12 weeks.

The data from this study suggest that collagen can counteract signs of natural aging.”

Another study, conducted by researchers from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology who

“Examined the possible anti-aging effects of gelatin in mice. Mice who did not eat gelatin lost 53 percent of the collagen in their skin when exposed to UV light.

Mice that age gelatin had an increase in collagen levels by 17 percent when exposed to UV light.

The researchers concluded that the inclusion of gelatin is highly beneficial for the skin and may be able to counteract the damaging effects of UV rays on the skin.”

2- Provide you a final solution for stretch marks or cellulite

How it Works on Cellulite

Indeed, the dimpled appearance of the skin increases as we age; this is simply because our collagen breakdown as we age.

Although there are many treatment procedures not all of them works!

The best and the final solution of cellulite is the integration of gelatin to your dietary as it has the ability to compensate the collagen loss and promotes younger looking skin if taken on a daily basis.

The same solution works the best in case of stretch marks that usually appear after giving a birth or after losing excessive weight within fast period!

All this can affect your skin’s appearance and make you less confident about your overall look.

However; the simple solution could be only the addition of gelatin products to your life.

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3- Provide you the best skin tightening agent

avoid wrinkles with Beef Gelatin at home

In fact, you can easily tighten your skin without the aid of either surgery, exercises, or cosmetic procedures that are not worth trying!

However, you can use gelatin that will immediately provide you an excellent result within an only short period.

The secret behind its ability to provide skin tightening is

  1. Its ability to provide your joints and bones the strength that will directly affect your skin and lift-up your saggy skin and provide it full firmness and tightening.
  2. It has the ability to stimulate the formation of collagen that will certainly provide your skin full elasticity as a result, youthful appearance.

4- Prevent the formation of acne and pimples

Gelatin has the ability to overcome acne breakouts

Another benefit for gelatin, which is its ability to prevent acne breakouts due to its ability to stimulate and fasten the skin’s turnover and regeneration.

As a result, it prevents the clog of pores that are considered as the main reason for acne breakouts.

5- Has the ability to heal the skin’s wounds

Based on studies, it has been found that gelatin has an important role in wound’s healing due to the unique composition of gelatin which is the presence of both glycine and arginine amino acids.

The secret behind this feature lies behind the composition of the skin’s connective tissues which is composed of the same type of amino acids found in gelatin too.

6- It can balance your hormones and surprisingly cause…

Whether you experience low estrogen levels on your old age or you are experiencing high estrogen levels.

Such as having estrogen dominance due to estrogen overproduction in comparison to progesterone hormone production; your collagen in both cases is breaking down!

This will adversely affect your skin and cause premature aging or develop wrinkles or face lines!

Can gelatin help in this case…how?

Gelatin has the ability to balance your hormones through its anti-estrogenic effect.

As a result, it has the ability to lower the excess level of estrogen found within the body that causes many adverse effects.

Therefore, collagen breakdown will not occur and you will enjoy having glow skin that is full of youthfulness.

Moreover, it has been proven by studies that gelatin’s amino acids have the ability to lower the hormone of norepinephrine, but also increasehappy hormones” like GABA.

That’s how gelatin has the ability to provide you perfect glow skin indirectly…

7- It can provide you better sleep quality

Yes, glycine found in gelatin can help you to have a better sleep quality as it has the ability to reduce the stress and anxiety.

Therefore, this will help you to prevent the dark black circles found around your eyes due to sleeping interruptions as a result, you will enjoy having glow skin

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What kind of beef gelatin should I buy?

We highly recommend the best seller beef gelatin powder that simply acts as a natural thickener, stabilizer, and texturizer.

This type of beef gelatin powder could be used in jellies, gelatin desserts, jams, marshmallows, and many other products in order to provide certain volume without adding more calories.


You can gain many benefits from using this beef gelatin powder from NOW® Real Food as follows;

  1. Help in the digestion process
  2. Reduces the pain of joints
  3. Increases the bone and joint strength
  4. Provide an excellent defense against the immune diseases
  5. Provide your skin a better look as it has the ability to reduce the stretch marks and cellulite
  6. It has the ability to provide your hair strength and a healthy look as it adds more volume and provide a shiny look as well
  7. Provide your skin an excellent anti-aging agent as it will replenish all the face lines and wrinkles as well as provide more elasticity to the skin

All these benefits are provided in form of natural ingredients by beef gelatin powder from NOW® Real Food.

By JB Fletcher from Cabot Cove

“This stuff will make your skin like butter! Just a tablespoon a day in anything your drink will do the trick.

Mixes well, no taste making it easy to put in any beverage. If you have stiff joints, it works well for that too! I’m on my second bag and will buy again”

By Jeanine Turner

“I’ve been stirring this into my coffee for about 6 weeks.

My skin and hair are smoother and my nails are stronger. It seems to be helping my arthritis a little too.”

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8- Provide excellent digestion benefits

Gelatin can help you in the digestion process

“Healthy glow begins in the gut”! Gelatin proved its amazing effect on the gut health and digestion through its ability to provide an optimum gastric acid secretion.

As a result, it provides good digestion process, reduces inflammation, in addition to the presence of glycine have the ability to restore the stomach lining as well as balancing the digestive enzymes.

Moreover, it has the ability to absorb water and fluids, therefore, it prevents the water retention as a result, and it improves constipation.

Based on studies conducted by researchers from the University of Bonn, it has been found that

“Gelatin creates a mucus barrier in the intestines that resists bacterial infections and other conditions that cause intestinal problems

(today usually identified as Crohn’s disease, leaky gut, peptic ulcers, IBS, heartburn, and celiac disease).”

9- Provide excellent joint treatment

Gelatin can provide you treatment for joint pain

As we age, our joint’s mobility decreases as well as our joint problems increases in parallel; joint problems could be severe such as rheumatoid arthritis that may lead to joint dysfunction.

Gelatin and collagen are the main constituents of joint’s connective tissue.

It is recommended to integrate gelatin within your dietary as it will help reduce joint pain or it will prevent the joint problems that may appear by aging.

10- Provide you excellent hair repair agent

Indeed, gelatin has a perfect role in moisturizing the hair strands due to its unique composition which is amino acids (Building blocks of proteins) that will also provide your hair strength as well as perfect texture.

Thus, it is recommended to use gelatin hair mask and add more gelatin sources to your dietary.

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Is there any other beef gelatin products?

Another perfect beef gelatin product that can also provide you excellent results is the Unflavored Gelatin Powder.

That can also provide you all of the previously mentioned benefits as well as provide you fresh, youthful, and glow skin.

All these benefits are achieved by using the gelatin powder that is naturally produced with your daily dietary. Here are some of the user’s reviews on Amazon official website as follows;

By Belinda

“I love this stuff! My hair and skin looks so much better.

I wish I had taken a picture of my wrinkles on my chest from sunbathing, 5 weeks using this product and wrinkles are almost gone. No kidding! Love it@!”

By WendyBG

“I have eaten this product for over 5 years. Stronger nails and thicker, no splitting hair, unwrinkled skin, and even the pain in my knee ligament went away.

(All this takes months as the collagen is gradually incorporated.) I have recommended this product to many friends and have given it as a gift.”

By Emily Calson

“Gelatin has many health benefits such as improved gut health, hair and nail growth, skin elasticity, and sleep quality, just to name a few.

I was pleased to find this gelatin that’s actually in my price range, and is pasture-rased as well (not organic or 100% grass-fed, but the lower price is worth it to me).

I’ve been taking 2-4 tsp a day (in hot drinks, soups, or “jello” form) and noticed right away that my skin heals much quicker after an acne breakout. Also, it has helped me fall asleep faster and wake up more rested, which I was not expecting. Apparently, this is because of the glycene content in gelatin.”

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