8 Hacks for a Glowing Summer Skin After Winter Season

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So, you’ve survived the dark evenings, digging out your big coats, hats and gloves and we can finally see the spring light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

However, the winter months have taken their toll. Is your skin seasonally lacklustre?

Here are some tips and tricks that you can employ to help your skin recover after the winter months.


Probably the most simple tip for great skin – yet probably the most overlooked – is staying hydrated.

Particularly effective during colder months, this tip should be employed throughout the year, with the benefits of hydration reaching far beyond improving your skin.

Sticking with the subject at hand however, bodies that don’t consume plenty of water are more likely to have skin breakouts.

By drinking water, the body is able to help flush out unwanted impurities instead of have them turn to your pores as a way of escape.


To accompany your newfound water drinking habits, we recommend eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Skin enhancing nutrients like vitamins, A and C, Omega 3, copper and zinc will all be beneficial to you and your skin throughout the year.

Some great skin foods that you should be consuming would include pink grapefruit, as it contains lycopene – a carotenoid responsible for its hue – which helps keep your skin smooth.

Lycopene is also found in tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, guava and red peppers.

You may also want to reach for tofu and edamame beans, both being rich in isoflavones, which round up and get rid of free-radicals caused by sun exposure.

Isoflavones may also help to preserve collagen; the protein responsible for keeping skin taut, which begins to naturally decline in our twenties.

If your skin tends to get dry, antioxidant-rich foods, such as mango and berries, can help by getting rid of free radicals, as well as hydrating your skin thanks to their high water content.

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Exfoliating the skin can be great for getting rid of any imperfections and dead skin cells.

However, scrubbing the skin with a rough flannel or beaded face-wash can actually have negative, dehydrating effects if done too often.

Stripping the skin of essential oils, over-exfoliation can lead to breakouts in the dryer, colder months of the year, so sticking to a softer exfoliating wash once a week will suffice, followed by a hydrating moisturiser to lock in all the good stuff.

And if you want to treat yourself, having a professional facial cleansing treatment before a special event can help to make you skin glow and feel super clean.

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Although taking a 30-minute, boiling-hot shower daily during the winter months feels great at the time, it will take a toll on your skin.

Long exposure to hot water can strip the moisture from your skin, along with your hair, as well as having numerous other downsides.

We’d recommend keeping to 5-minute warm or cool showers.

Homemade Hydrating Mask

Making your own hydrating mask can be a cheaper and simple way to great looking skin.

Using natural moisturising ingredients such as avocado, banana, olive, jojoba or almond oil, or aloe, and whipping them up into a paste to place on your skin for up to 30 minutes, can give you the much-revered hydrated summer glow.

Night Oil

If you have overly dry skin, you might want to invest in a quality night oil. Because your skin’s blood flow is much higher during the night, it’s more susceptible to product and more likely to renew itself.

Using once or twice a week will have great effects on your skin, literally doing the work for you while you sleep.

There are many out there to choose from, so it’s best to do some research regarding what will suit your skin type best. Unsurprisingly, we wouldn’t recommend night oil if your skin is overly oily as this could worsen the quality of your skin.

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Cleansing Tools

As well as a variety of cream- and paste-type products out there for your skin, there are also various types of cleansing tools.

The most popular and widely available cleaning tool would be the cleansing brush; a soft electronic spinning brush with various interchangeable heads that really get in to your pores, said to be around 6 times more effective than manual cleansing.

Also available are handheld steamers/saunas that perform many different functions including promoting collagen regeneration, removing impurities, killing bacteria, and suppresses acne all at once.

If you fancy something a little more technical and, arguably, more thorough, these tools may be for you.


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