How to Get Rid of Butt Hair, Hassle-Free with Revitol Hair Removal Cream

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If you have been through the annoying process of waxing or shaving your skin to get rid of hairiness, then Revitol may be the product to solve your problem.

Many of us dream for the perfect skin – completely smooth and hairless, all over your body.

Revitol hair removal cream performs all these functions for you, without you resorting to painful and difficult hair removal methods, and the best part is that it works for both men and women.

It is safe for use on any body part, and only requires one application, since the body absorbs it rapidly.

This applies even to awkward situations such as getting rid of butt hair.

If you want proof that the product works, we assure you that Revitol undergoes thorough tests to increase its effectiveness and give you an alternative to expensive electrolysis or laser treatments, and the product itself proves to remove the use of regular shaving, tweezing or waxing methods for butt hair.

Why should you consider Revitol Hair removal cream?

remove hair from butt with revitol

Many hair removal creams are present in the market today, all promising you excellent results.

Revitol Hair Removal Cream, however, stands out from many of the other creams due to the following factors:

  • prosIt works as a viable alternative to electrolysis and laser treatment options
  • prosYou can use it anywhere on your body where you want to remove hair, and it works without causing irritation or ‘redness’ in the area.
  • prosThe product is a natural-based product, and it also helps in keeping the skin hydrated
  • prosThe cream has a light scent
  • prosThe continuous use of the product reduces the chances of hair regrowth, since it inhibits hair growth in the area
  • prosIt works very well for both men and women, and you can apply it on sensitive areas of the skin such as the face.


How does the product work?


The hair removal cream removes unnecessary body hair using a protective natural barrier, in addition to an anti-oxidant and pro-vitamin complex that contains natural plant extracts and aloe vera.

The cream seeps into the follicle and dissolves the hair at its root.

This is the opposite of many creams, which tend to remove the hair by cutting it off at the skin level.

The cream seeps into the follicle, removes the hair gently from the follicle bulb, and that leaves the skin soft.

The process means that the butt hair grows back at a slower rate, and grows lighter with continuing use of the product.

In fact, when you use the product between one and four months consistently, you should notice a difference with the hair growth period.

Most customers also report that the hair stops growing after this period.

In fact, many individuals prefer to use hair removal creams instead of shaving due to this reason.

Shaving only trims the hair, and the hair follicle remains with the root.

Hair removal creams remove the follicle as well, resulting in less occurrences of removing hair because it is easier and you do not need to use it as often as shaving.

You just need to apply the cream to the area you want hair removal to occur, and then wipe it off after five to seven minutes – note that you should not extend the time beyond twenty minutes.

You can wipe the area off with a cloth or towel, so the treated hair should come off and leave the area hair-free.

The cream application process works to condition, moisturize and guard the skin against harsh environmental aspects, as well as giving you the assurance that you never need to tweeze, shave or wax again.

Price: 39 USD


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Ingredient list

The hair removal cream has some of nature’s best ingredients that assure you of removal of unwanted hair.

All its ingredients are natural extracts, making them safe for a variety of skin types.

  • Calcium hydroxide

this is the active ingredient in the cream.

It is responsible for the removal of hair.

It does so by keeping the pH structure of the skin stable, and this encourages the breakdown of the keratin structure within the hair strand and follicle so that it becomes weak enough for easier removal.

This ingredient also makes the product gentler than many other hair removal creams, most that use sodium hydroxide as the active ingredient.

  • Extract of green tea

an antioxidant that takes care and soothes the newly abraded skin.

  • Aloe vera 

Since the Revitol cream will strip away some natural oils of the skin, aloe vera is there to moisturize the skin and hydrate it, to ensure the skin remains soft and supple at the end of the process.

  • Mineral oil

the product contains mineral oil, an extract from petroleum.

This helps to calm the skin after hair removal and acts as an extra layer that protects the skin from environmental hazards.

  • Essential Vitamins E, C and A

these act to add nourishment to the skin, and increase its radiance.

  • Glycerin

this ingredient locks moisture into the skin, and functions like mineral oil to add an extra layer of protection.

All the ingredients above stop the chances of frequent ass hair growth, and there are no harmful chemicals in it, such as parabens. Other ingredients include:

  • Stearyl alcohol and Cetyl alcohol – there is a general belief that alcohol on the skin causes harmful side effects, but this is not necessarily true. Not all alcohols are dangerous to the health of your skin, as ethyl alcohols are harmful but fatty alcohols are useful to the kin. Stearyl and cetyl alcohol are types of fatty alcohols, because they are extracts from natural sources such as coconuts and other plants. They work by moisturizing and waxing the skin.
  • Steareth-20 – is a waxy compound coming from natural sources. It works to keep the ingredient composition in the cream stable and intact.
  • PEG-75 – is a collection of lubricants that assist to keep the skin supple and soft.
  • Thioglycolate – is among the active ingredients (apart from Calcium hydroxide), which helps in removing hair.

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Possible side effects

Just as with any other product, Revitol Hair removal cream may react in certain individuals, and you should exercise care when using the product. When using the product:

  • Test the area of the body by applying a thin layer of the cream. Spread it evenly using the spatula in the package, and this will ensure the effectiveness of the cream, while also making sure that there are no chances of unexpected side effects.
  • Once you ensure the product works, wash the area thoroughly using hot water. This will open the pores and hasten the hair removal process.
  • Apply the cream evenly and smoothly by using the spatula. Note that you should avoid blotting or rubbing the cream into the area
  • After application, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Leave the cream on the skin for a maximum of twelve minutes, although the specific timing depends on the instructions.
  • Keep in mind that you might experience some itchiness in the area, but you need to avoid the urge to rub or scratch it. Let the cream perform its work.
  • After the time limit is over, remove the cream using a cool wet cloth or cotton pad, and remember to rub in the direction that the hair grows always.

When you use Revitol hair removal cream correctly, it will remove your hair safely and quickly – in fact, this can happen within seconds.

It removes all your unwanted hair, including the root bulb.

It does not contain animal products, methyl parabens or harsh chemicals.

It has medical approval as well as extensive tests by dermatologists and clinical testing, and remains a product that is 100% painless, safe and effective.

Keep in mind that there may be some side effects, such as a burning or irritating sensation.

However, this does not always happen, and you can avoid this risk by applying a little on your legs and see if it you are allergic to it.

Why should you choose Revitol product for butt hair removal?

Aside from the advantages of the Revitol hair removal cream, Revitol have the advantage of experience in the industry.

Revitol product is natural, and is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin as they may have problems with other hair removal creams.

If you are thinking of removing butt hair semi-permanently, it is good to try the cream. In addition, the cream is affordable, so you do not need to worry about breaking the bank while you use the product.


Customer testimonials

As various reviews from users of the product show, they rate the product highly in terms of effectiveness.

One user noted that she tried cheaper creams from local drug store, but these only gave a burning sensation on the skin. When she decided to use Revitol hair removal cream, she has never looked back. In fact, she rates it among the best hair removal creams on the market, while the natural ingredients give it a pleasing scent that is not too strong.

Another user notes that he was skeptical about the cream at first, as he has suffered some negative experiences with hair removal creams in the past, with scarring becoming a common issue among many of them. However, after deciding to try Revitol hair removal cream, he is happy with the results. He has even purchases eight tubs of the cream since it works very well for him and remains gentle.

One woman says that ever since she began to use the cream, it has ended her search for the best cream to deal with the hair removal issue. It is easy to use, and even easier to see positive results with time, and she does not need to shave her legs anymore because the cream takes care of the process.


Hair removal cream price

If you are worried about the price of the product, you do not need to worry any more. The price is affordable for many, regardless of your budget limits or age.

This factor is among many that set Revitol apart from its competition, as you can get many similar products but they tend to be expensive or are cheap and do not work effectively or have negative side effects.

For even better options, make sure you purchase from Revitol official website and set yourself for the best hair removal experience that remains comfortable and painless. You can only purchase the product online, as it is not available in retail stores.

Revitol hair removal price

Return policy

Similar to other hair removal cream manufacturers, Revitol gives you the best value for your money. They take pride in the high quality of their products in general. For this reason, they operate an active return policy for our products, including Revitol hair removal cream.

For any unopened and unused item, you may return it for any reason within 90 days from purchase. In the case of purchasing the item through an offer, for instance a ‘Buy one, get two free’, you must return all the items in question in order to qualify for a full refund.

In case you fail to return all the items or a partial extent of merchandise, you will forfeit the free product, and this means you will get a refund on the discount price per item using the total purchase as the point of reference.

They do not accept items that are open or used, and opened items are non-refundable. The handling fees and shipping costs are non-refundable as well.



If you are thinking of purchasing the product, then you need not worry. Revitol hair removal cream promises to remove butt hair painlessly, and according to user testimonials, it works effectively even on sensitive skin types.

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