Full Interview With Hair Growth Specialist – He Recommended This Product

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Here is another Magazine interview, done with Dr. Thom. Also revealing recent info regarding the best hair regrowth treatment

SWANSON: Dr. Thom, thank you for bringing this fantastic new hair revitalizing formula to my attention. Just to be clear, your experience with this product is purely scientific, correct? I want our readers to understand that you are not part of the Norwegian company who developed it, so there’s no profit motive in your comments.

Dr. Thom: Absolutely, I come to this from a clinical perspective only. I was asked by Med-EQ, the development company for the Hair Revitalizing Formula, to design a research trial using their new formula for healthy hair. I have a research relationship with this company, but I have no economical interest in their products at all.

SWANSON: So you agreed to research this product. Was this proprietary research, or was it published for peer review?

Dr. Thom: I’m happy to say it was published for peer review in 2001. It appeared in the Journal of International Medical Research.

SWANSON: What did you find? Or, more to the point, what were you looking for in terms of success for this product?

Dr. Thom: First of all, we ensured that our design met the criteria for proper methodology. I designed the trial to be double-blind and placebo-controlled, and I scheduled it for six months, which is the least amount of time at which we can really read results. What we were looking for was whether or not the formula contributed to the health and growth potential of human hair. We recruited 60 people to take part. Thirty received the real supplement; 30 received a look-alike placebo. We measured a series of both objective and subjective parameters at regular intervals throughout the duration of the study. After six months, we collected and analyzed the data. The most striking result was the difference in the hair countings of the two groups. Hair counting gives us an indication of growth activity and overall health of the scalp and the hair. In our study we found a thirty-three percent improvement in the hair count of those receiving the supplement. The placebo group showed almost no improvement or increased activity whatsoever.

SWANSON: Wow, that’s a remarkable difference! Have you followed up this research?

Dr. Thom: The further studies we have done have focused on other aspects, such as mechanism of action or how the product is achieving its results. Those studies are ongoing, as it’s quite a complex issue and we’re dealing with quite a complex product.


SWANSON: You bring up a good point—the composition. What does this formula consist of? It’s a nutraceutical, so it’s primarily dietary ingredients, correct?

Dr. Thom: This nutraceutical is a complex formulation including vitamins, minerals, herbs and highly specialized dietary ingredients. The key, we believe, is the unique marine protein complex derived from cold-water fish common in Norwegian waters.

SWANSON: How does this supplement fit in with all the topical products on the market today? Can it be as effective as a topical product that goes right on the scalp, or can it be used in conjunction with such products?

Dr. Thom: The difference is that you’re affecting your entire system with this production; you’re helping your body maximize its innate potential. Topical products work more superficially. They may give you a sense that they’re working faster, whereas you might not notice the results of a nutraceutical for a couple of months. But in the end, boosting your body through nutrition, I believe, is going to be better for the hair— and the entire body—in the long run.

SWANSON: Thank you, Dr. Thom. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you.

Dr. Thom: Thank you, Lee. I’m excited that you are bringing this product to America. Now it won’t be just a Norwegian beauty secret any longer.

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