5 of the Best Foundations for All Skin Types

5 of the best foundations for all skin requirements

Since there are so many options out there, finding the perfect foundation these days is pretty much as hard as finding the perfect dance partner. So, you might be wondering, how can one, with little to no prior knowledge, find the best foundation?

There are two ways to solve this problem: either going to a beauty store and test the products or taking our word for it and try our favorite products.

In this article, we have chosen only several foundations that are compatible with most skin types and needs, but if you want to read more in-depth beauty product reviews, check the articles written by the talented and dedicated people at Beauty Essential. Not only will you find the best foundation for your skin type there, but you’ll also have access to countless makeup tips and tricks and fashion reviews.

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Clinique Even Better Makeup

This foundation from Clinique is perfect for sensitive skin but suitable for all skin types.

When creating its formula, the manufacturer took a scientific approach, developing a foundation that can improve the condition of your skin even when you’re not into makeup.

It boasts a creamy, thickly-textured, oil-free formula that will both brighten and even out your skin tone. This is possible thanks to its mineral-rich content. The first positive effects should be visible after about six weeks.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation

A bestselling product with rave reviews from both makeup experts and enthusiasts, Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat foundation offers excellent coverage, delicate skin luminosity, and a lightweight texture. Furthermore, the formula contains Ruscus extract, a great anti-fatigue stimulant that enhances the skin’s luminosity by stimulating the blood circulation and smoothing out dull patches.

On top of that, Vitamin E will fight off free radicals, while the SPF 22 offers higher than average sun protection.

It is sold in 22 different shades for a flawless, radiant finish. This foundation is highly recommended for combination, normal, and dry skin types, so people with oily skin should avoid it because of the radiant finish. If you have oily skin, it is crucial to remove all excess oil, preferably using natural products with no traces of alcohol or harmful chemicals.

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Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation

If you are not a fan of typical foundation products, this gel formula from Chantecaille was clearly created for you. This product is made of 60 percent charged water which moisturizes the skin without using any oils. The formula provides an airbrushed, medium to full coverage.

Furthermore, the product contains many reflective pigments and natural ingredients like chamomile, aloe, and arnica. People with sensitive skin will find these natural ingredients especially useful as they are great at alleviating any irritations.

While some people will (understandably) feel like $78 is a little too much for a foundation product, the price is entirely reflective of the quality that this formula offers.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

This foundation formula from Chanel is best suited to people who want a full, but nearly invisible coverage.

This formula is both subtle and highly hydrating, creating a fresh and radiant complexion while offering proper protection against solar radiation, pollution, and dust. Therefore, if you want a jack of all trades-type of foundation, do check out this formula from Chanel.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

This foundation from Estee Lauder has gained a cult following. Offering a wide color range, great coverage, and long-lasting results, this particular formula is perfect for people who want a multi-purpose foundation at an affordable price.

On top of all that, it maintains a fresh and natural look for 24 hours regardless of weather conditions or the intensity of the activities you are engaging in. It also contains zero oil and fragrances – meaning it won’t make acne worse.


With so many formulas out there, even seasoned makeup enthusiasts sometimes have a hard time finding the ideal foundation product.

However, it becomes much easier if you know what goes well with your skin type and where to look. Most of the products that we have highlighted in this article are compatible with all skin types. So, if you are still on the look for the perfect foundation product, make sure to give one of these items a shot.

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