6 Proven Foods To Make Hair Grow Healtheir

Healthy Hair Food

You are what you eat and that goes for your hair too. If your diet is healthy and nourishing, your hair will grow faster and will be soft, shiny and strong.

If your diet consists mostly of unhealthy foods, your hair will reflect it by appearing dull, dry and brittle with a poor growth rate.

Hair grows from the follicles in your scalp that are nourished by blood vessels.

You have to eat foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals and protein to ensure enriched blood nourishes your scalp.

Making some simple changes in your diet will have a tremendous effect on the growth of your hair.


Protein For Hair

The basic structure of your hair is keratin (protein), oils and water.

Getting a sufficient amount of protein in your diet will enhance the growth of your hair.

The following are good sources of protein: dairy products, meats, fish, legumes, nuts, soy products and bean sprouts.

If you don’t want to eat too much meat, you can substitute it from time to time with a combination of rice with beans.

The combination of rice with beans will give you all of the amino acids for complete protein nutrition.

Following an Ayurveda Diet


Adapting to an Ayurveda Diet will produce healthy hair and promote hair growth.

The Ayurveda diet is an ancient Indian wellness way of living.

The Ayurveda diet consists of foods containing protein, zinc, sulfur, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B-complex and essential fatty acids.

Wheat Germ

Wheat Germ For Hair

Wheat Germ is excellent for hair growth, it is packed with vitamin E, the B-complex vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Wheat germ is even more beneficial for your hair in its natural state. Just sprinkle some on your food and you’ll really add some nourishment to your hair.

Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer Yeast For Hair

Brewer’s yeast is excellent for promoting hair growth; just sprinkle about a tablespoon over your food once a day and in a few weeks you should notice a difference.

Brewer’s yeast contain all of the B-vitamins, selenium, copper and zinc, all of which contribute to healthy hair growth.


lecithin for hair

Lecithin is high in choline and inositol, which are part of the B-complex vitamins.

Lecithin helps to promote hair growth in addition to making your hair shiny and strong.

Lecithin is a healthy fat that will enhance the sebaceous glands in your scalp to secrete healthy sebum to naturally condition your hair.


water for hair growth

Drinking water actually helps your hair to grow.

Approximately one fourth the weight of a strand of your hair is water. Drinking an adequate amount of water every day will ensure soft, healthy, thick hair that grows fast.

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