#1 Guaranteed Cure For Female Hair Thinning Problem

Female thinning hair can be caused by several different factors such as harsh styling products, certain medicines, stress, genetics, and illnesses.

Depending on how severe the hair loss is and what is causing it a woman may have several different solutions to deal with the loss of her hair.

Hair loss in women is usually different than the type of balding that men suffer from.

Unlike men, women usually don’t get bald patches that are completely devoid of hair but experience diffuse thinning that is spread out around the whole entire head or in certain areas.

Some women may experience only mild hair loss that may not even be very noticeable while other females may find they have more severe hair loss that requires more drastic measures.

Female Thinning Hair Solutions for Mild to Moderate Hair Loss

female hair thinning stages

One of the most common ways to deal with female thinning hair is to use hair care products that are designed to add volume to the hair strands.

These types of hair care products puff up the strands of the hair to make it appear that there is more hair on the head than there actually is.

Some of these hair care products include shampoos and conditioners that are labeled as volumizing, styling sprays that claim to add volume as well as lotions and gels that do the same.

These products can do well for women who were born with thinner strands or have experienced only slight hair loss from things such as old age, stress, or certain medicines.

Some women who suffer from hair loss may look into stimulating hair growth with medications.

Most of these medications are usually used by men but women can usually have the same effects from using the products as men do.

Minoxidil or Rogaine as it is commonly known as, has become a popular scalp treatment that helps to promote hair growth as well as stop hair loss.

The product is massaged into the scalp two times a day to help promote the growth, but if the product is stopped, the woman will find that she will most likely lose the hair that has grown from the usage.

Rogaine even now has products that are geared specifically towards women.

There has also been several new female hair thinning products that have come out in the past few years as companies have learned that not just men suffer from hair loss.

There are a few different creams, pill, and lotions that are now on the market that are geared specifically at women.

Before a woman uses any type of these hair care products she should be sure to check to see if they are approved by the FDA as well as check with her doctor for approval.

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Female Thinning Hair Solutions for Moderate to Severe Hair Loss

For more severe hair loss, women may take more drastic measures such as surgery for hair restoration.

It is not that uncommon for females to have hair transplant surgeries done just like men.

Hair follicles are harvested by a doctor and then transplanted into specific areas on the scalp to encourage those follicles to grow.

Hair transplants are most successful when a woman has a certain area or areas on her scalp where she is suffering from hair loss rather than all over thinning hair.

Another female thinning hair solution is hair pieces and extensions. Depending on just how severe the hair loss is a woman may be able to add hair pieces into her natural hair like extensions and weaves to give the appearance of thicker hair.

If this is not possible or if a woman suffers from complete baldness a wig may be the best solution.

Nowadays, a wig or hair piece can be made to look completely natural and another person could not even tell a woman was wearing one.

Wearing a wig can often give women who suffer from baldness more self-esteem and also allow them to have some fun with their hair.

Not every woman who has thinning hair is going to be interested in the same type of solution.

In fact, some woman may not even look for a solution and simply live with the hair she has and not worry about the hair loss or balding.

Female hair thinning is something that can be dealt with and thankfully there are several different options to fit each woman’s needs and wants.

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