72% Better Eyelash Growth With Eye Secrets Lash Accelerator in 21 Days


If wasting too much products to have better, longer and thicker eyelashes, better to stop.

One of the main cons behind short eyelashes are less attractive eyes, and the magic of attractiveness always comes from the eyes.

If you are not complaining of short eye lashes this means you are either genetically blessed with such eyelashes or your body is rich in all the essential vitamins.

However, eyelash growth solution is made simple with Eye Secrets Lash Accelerator.

Lash Accelerator is for:

  • bulletIf you are dealing with that kind of eyelashes that are virtually invisible without mascara.
  • bulletIf  having gaps, becoming brittle and/or easily coming out as you are applying mascara.
  • bulletThinning of lashes due to aging.
  • bulletIf dealing with hormonal changes, like the typical experience of the loss of lashes during menopause, it is normal due to the dwindling levels of estrogen.

Truth be told, this is unlike lash extensions or falsies, were something gives better looks overnight.

As it is not. The experience of having darker, thicker lashes usually starts to be seen after 21 days of application.

So basically, there is no overnight miracle with this eyelash growth serum.

Warning: Eyelashes are a very precious thing, and it’s important to use the right accelerator in order to see results.

Unfortunately, there is a massive amount of cheap, low quality eyelash accelerators on the market.

Using these kind of products can backlash on your precious eyelash. Some have very scary side-effects on the eye, like changing the color of your iris and dermal inflammation.

Expected Results with Eye Secrets Lash Accelerator

Eyelash Growth Accelerator Benefits :

Whether your lashes look too short, sparse, brittle or lack shine and curl, Eye Secrets lash accelerator naturally lengthens the lashes by up to 2.5mm and encourages natural shine.

Expected eyelash growth by the following rates;

  • Shown to produce 72% improvement in eyelashes appearance within just 21 days
  • Shown to improve length, thickness, and visibility of eyelashes by 89% after 42 days

Blend of peptides and wheat proteins help you achieve your maximum length.

Completely safe, non-irritating. Dermatologically tested.

Increase the proliferation of lashes by strengthening and stimulating the cellular foundations from which the lashes grow.

Protect your lashes from the drying effects of mascara.

It shown also increase eyebrow growth

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Active Ingredients Contained in Eye Secrets Lash Accelerator

Eye-Secrets-lash-acceleratorEye Secrets Lash Accelerator is very rich in natural ingredients that make your lashes rich and able to grow. The main ingredients include the following:

1_redMyristoyl Pentapeptide-17: a keratin stimulating peptide shown to visibly increase eyelash length. (Keratin is a sulphur containing protein that is the main component of the hair, skin and nails).

2_greenSodium PCA – Natural component of skin, PCA (pyrrolidone carboxylic acid) is also a very good hydrating agent. Sodium PCA also functions as a skin-replenishing ingredient. It Increase the suppleness and sheen of your new fuller, thicker lashes.

3_blueGlycerine – Glycerine is a clear, viscous liquid, which dissolves completely in water. It attracts moisture and helps to thicken your lashes.

4_yellowSodium Carboxymethylcellulose – This is what leaves your eyelashes looking and feeling thicker. This ingredient is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and to date has not been known to have any side effects.

3_blueCalcium Pantothenate –Several studies showed a deficiency of pantothenic acid to cause hair loss and skin irritation. This remarkable ingredient is composed of two molecules of vitamin B5 a water soluble vitamin which is found in the cells and it works as a “hair conditioner.”

It’s believed to work as a humectant, increasing the water content and elasticity of hair. Similarly, many regard it as a moisturizer and skin softener, that works by attracting moisture to the upper epidermis.

2_greenOther ingredients found in Eye Secrets Lash Growth Accellerator include; Vitis Vinifera (grape), Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Fruit Cell Extract, Purified water (Aqua), and Panthenol.

Note that this lash accelerator formula does NOT contain any hormones, salicylates, laurel and laureth sulphates, methyl parabens, urea, uric acid, paba, or propylene glycol. It also does not contain any parabens, hormones or salicylates.

Once you have achieved the desired appearance of lashes, it is recommended you continue to use Lash Growth to maintain the appearance.

How to Use Lash Accelerator?

Apply it once every day preferably in the night. To stimulate lash growth, you’re going to need to apply the product once a day to your lash line (like eyeliner).

The most important part to get is the base of your lashes- don’t waste too much product on the tips of your lashes.

It even works on eyebrows! – If you have very thin eyebrows, you can apply lash accelerator on even eyebrows.

Side Effects- Not likely to cause any side effects.

How long does Eye Secrets Eye Lash Accelerator Last ?

If applied in line with the specified manner, one container of Lash Accelerator should last approximately 9 months and a consistent routine is a key to faster, better results and the routine in question is just once a day application.

Eye Secrets Lash Accelerator Compared To Other Eyelash Growth Serums on Market:

best lash accelerator on the market

How much it costs?


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