6 Things You Might Not Know About Healthy Living

Dr Price finding on healthy living

The common factor found in the eating habits of the people groups studied showed a rich source of minerals, carbohydrates, water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins. Dr. Price noted Vitamin D is not found in plant material but in animal products, therefore, the need for both animal and plant sources are needed to build a healthy body. In every people group studied, all had some form of animal product available to them.

Dr. Price noted the problems modern lifestyle presents causing obstacles to adopting the wisdom presented by his studies.

6 Modern Obstacles to Healthy Living

consThe first obstacle is the will to choose what is necessary and proper for the basis of healthy living. Modern living gives us a wide variety of choices that appeal to what we like making it easy to defer to taste rather than what the body truly needs.

consThe second obstacle found in our modern system is the ease at which a sedentary lifestyle is accomplished. Lack of use causes the body to use energy but not tap into the building and repair tools found in minerals and other food chemicals.

consThe third obstacle is in the way modern food is cultivated and gleaned. Dr. Price related the techniques in dairy farming as an example in how the modern system provided inferior quality to consumers through improper land usage and grass quality fed to the cows. His lab results over years of research showed the rise and fall of vitamin content in butter is due to the growing season of the grasses the cows fed upon.

consThe way in which modern food is preserved for distribution purposes also causes depletion in vitamin content. Preservatives used in canning eliminate Vitamin A where as the primitive method of drying food preserves the valuable vitamin.

consRefinement of white flour depletes the grain of much of its phosphorus and calcium value and depletes it of vitamin E, which is imperative for reproduction and for pituitary gland and organ growth functions. Vitamin B is also eliminated in the wheat embryo during refinement and hinders the body from building properly.

consSugar may satisfy hunger and the need for energy but the results are depletion of the system instead of supplying the body with building and repairing activators found in minerals and vitamins. Dr. Price said sugar, “Thwarts nature’s orderly process in life.”

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A Wide Range Of Modern Research Supports Dr. Prices’ Findings Over Seventy Years Later

Weston-PriceDr. Joseph Mercola has written countless articles and books regarding the proper way to live a healthy lifestyle. His colleague Dr. Stephen Byrnes defends the research of Dr. Price in his article, The Neglected Nutritional Research of Dr. Weston Price, DDS.

Jen Allbritton, a certified nutritionist describes the modern process wheat goes through from seed to storage in great detail. Her findings support the problems Dr. Price found in the refining process of flour in her article, Wheaty Indiscretions: What Happens To Wheat, From Seed To Storage.

Gary Wilson a soil amendment business owner in Canada describes the importance of proper soil composition and its relation to the nutrients found in food in his article, Agriculture and Nutritionwith Dr. William Albrecht’s research, a leading soil expert, for his basis.

Dr. Price’s research from the 1930’s depicts the physical manifestations of disease and decay due to nutritional deficiency. Modern research is ongoing in the effort to educate those searching for answers to health dilemmas and much has been found to support the original findings of Dr. Price.

With due diligence in individual responsibility changes for the better can be accomplished.

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