10 Surprising Causes of Dark Spots With Best Home Remedy

Call it dark spots, age spots, liver Spots, skin patches or even hyperpigmented discolorations; they are mainly defined as “Areas of the skin that are differently pigmented due to the overproduction of skin’s pigment that called melanin which is responsible for the skin’s color”

Dark spots! One of the most common problem for middle-aged people suffer from and it is increasingly common as we age due to aging process.

Sometimes it seems like they appear of nowhere however, they sometimes result from the occurrence of certain damage on the affected area; they can appear in different areas such as your face, chest, arms and back with a common shape of shades of red, grey or brown with different sizes.

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What are the causes of dark spots?

There are types of dark spots; check the following types, its causes and define your own if you have dark spots NOW

  1. Freckles


Call it freckles or Ephelides; based on studies they are considered as a type of hyperpigmentation as it results from the overproduction of melanin, they appear in form of clusters of concentrated melanin cells.

The presence of freckles is mainly due to ultraviolet radiation stimulation where they are common to occur in fair-skinned individuals.

  1. Melasma or Mask of Pregnancy


They are patches of skin discoloration that mainly affect your face in a systematic way “Meaning that the patches are present equally on both sides”, Melasma mainly affects your forehead, chin and cheeks, on the other hand, it may appear on other body parts.

Melasma can appear in a different range of colors, ranging from brown to grey-brown patches.

The presence of Melasma is mainly due to the excessive exposure to the sun or it develops in many women during pregnancy due to a hormonal disturbance that is why it called mask of pregnancy.


  1. Lentigines or Liver Spots


They are small-pigmented spots found in form of regular pattern of pale brown to dark brown spots on your face in addition, they are found commonly on arms, shoulders, upper back, and top of the feet.

Unfortunately, Liver spots are due to the exposure to harmful radiation of sun too and because of the aging process.

You can easily know the difference between freckles and lentigines.

Obliviously, all the mentioned types of dark spots are due to the excessive exposure to the harmful radiation of the sun however, there are many types of dark spots developed due to many reasons! Keep reading…

The reason behind the dark spots may be due to Hormonal disturbance, autoimmune diseases, skin cancer, birthmarks and some types of infections; here is some details:

  1. Autoimmune diseases

lupus erythematosus

Well, the immune system considered as defense system of your body that mainly attack any kind of foreign bodies that may enter your body.

Autoimmune disease is simply a type of disease that the immune system attacks your body cells instead of attacking the foreign bodies itself.

There is a relationship between the autoimmune diseases and the skin discoloration;

a disease such as lupus erythematosus, one of its symptoms the presence of red rashes that changes later on into skin darkening or lightening.

  1. Infections


Some infectious diseases that attack the skin cause dark spots such as some fungal infections, such as Tinea Versicolor.

That appear as patches that may be white, pink, red, or brown and can be lighter or darker than the skin around them.

  1. Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation:


Atopic dermatitis or Eczema

Eczema is a common allergy that can cause skin discoloration, appears in form of red to dark patches, it also often develop inside the elbows, behind the knees and may appear on face.

Acne and injury

Acne can leave dark spots and scars on your face but do not worry it will take some time then fade gradually. Therefore, you have to treat your acne as soon as possible.

  1. Facial hair removal

Removing your facial hair by tweezing, waxing, or using hair removal creams can cause skin inflammation that later on may cause dark spots.

  1. Liver Damage

Dark spots may also found on your skin due to liver damage; because the body is less effective in removing toxins.

How to treat dark spots?

The treatment of dark spots usually consists of lotions, serums, or creams that meet your skin type; the treatment mainly works to make your skin with one tone only or fade the affected areas by time.

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However, which ingredients should you look for in the anti-dark spots products?

prosRetinol/retinoic acid

If you have dark spots due to the excessive exposure the sun’s radiation, it is recommended to use creams with retinoic acid. On the other hand, retinol reduces the availability of collagen breakage action.

prosKojic acid

You have to search for products that contains kojic acid as of its ingredients because it will help in the breakage of melanin that is a mainly responsible for the formation of dark spots. On the other hand, you will also find that Ellagic acid “found naturally in cherries, strawberries and pomegranates” can help in the inhibition of enzymes needed for melanin production.

prosAzelaic acid

Make sure to use products that contains Azelaic acid if you experienced a post inflammatory hyperpigmentation after acne as this type of acid can deal with this type of dark spots immediately.


It is considered as natural derivative of hydroquinone found naturally in blueberry and cranberry; it is also found in many combinations with other skin whitening products. However, you should make sure it is used in low concentration and you use it on the affected area only.

American Academy of Dermatology Expert Advice:

“Those affected by hyperpigmentation who would like to use a topical treatment to lighten their skin should consult a board-certified dermatologist who can help separate fact from fiction in terms of product claims,” said Dr. Halder. “It’s important to remember that even topical treatments backed by science do not work overnight because it takes time and consistent use to produce a noticeable improvement.

A daily program to treat dark spots

  • Use a cleanser with an exfoliating effect, we highly recommend Miracle Toner the best Exfoliator for your face.
  • Use your sunscreen whenever you go out.
  • Intensive skincare depending on the type of dark spots; use moisturizer and anti-dark spot cream, we do recommend to go for the 30-day miracle kit that can easily prevent dryness, reduce wrinkles and treat your dark spots.
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