Beauty Secrets of Castor Oil on Eyelashes & Eyebrows: Step By Step Guide


Castor oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the seed of the castor tree.

The fatty acids of castor oil are believed to be highly nourishing to the skin as they trigger hair growth.

It helps get thicker eyelashes and brows.

It also prevents them from breaking and triggers the increase at places where they are not present.

People widely believed that if you have dark, luscious thick lashes, then you are considered to be gorgeous.

Not everybody is lucky to have them. If you missed out having beautiful lashes, there are many natural therapies to achieve them.

One of these natural remedies is the use of the castor oil.

Let us review castor oil and see if it is a good solution for the growth of your eyebrows.

Is castor oil safe for Eyelashes and Eyebrows?


Impact of Castor oil

Castor oil has marvelous nutrients. It makes it suitable for treatment of problems commonly caused due to lack of nutrition.

It is a well known anti-inflammatory product with effective mechanisms.

The oil naturally moisturizes and rehydrates the area and makes it easy for the eyelashes and eyebrows to grow faster.

Castor oil penetrates deep into the skin and works from outside to make the eyelashes and eyebrows to grow.

Why you should use Castor oil for the growth of your Eyelashes and eyebrows

Eyelashes are one of the most underrated but yet essential features on your face. It frames your eye.

Majority of girls use mascara on them to look more defined and darker.

Every girl loves that fluttery and big dopey eyed look.

Not every girl is lucky enough to be born with naturally beautiful long lashes.


There is a wide range of products to help you get that dark, long and thick lashes. But why should you specifically use castor oil?

  • Castor oil has been found to be magnificent when it comes to getting thicker and long eyelashes. It prevents breakage and stimulates faster and healthier eyelash growth. It also saves you money.
  • Castor oil has natural nutrients that promote natural growth. It is rich in fatty acids, proteins, and antioxidants that create a naturally full lash line and at the same time strengthen your lashes.
  • Castor oil moisturizes and deeply hydrates, brittle and tired lashes to give them the nourishment they need to grow to their full length and height. It makes it easy for the new lash growth to come through.
  • It helps turn dry lashes into smooth and healthy ones.

Please use the organic one as it is the one of the purest stuff.

Castor oil is definitely worth your time because it is affordable and natural. It is also thick and helps skin and hair.

How does it work for the growing and thickening eyelashes and eyebrows?

eyelash growth

Castor oil works in two main ways. It prevents the falling off and the loss of eyebrows as well as aid in its growth.

Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid.

The acid is naturally antifungal and anti-bacterial agent.

Because of this acid, it helps keep any bacteria or fungus from eyelash and eyebrows growth.

The oil is also very thick and helps to prevent hair loss by coating the air and protecting it from falling out.


Castor oil also contains vitamin E and some proteins that are also good for the growth of the lashes.

It helps improve circulation of blood around the eyes which assist in the growth process.

It, however, takes some time, and one needs to be a bit more patient.

It is also what helps to prevent the loss of the eyebrows since they are strong.

This oil comes in two main variants; the Jamaica black castor oil and the regular cold-compressed castor oil.

It is dark-colored and made from roasted castor beans. Also known as JBCO, it is very rich in fatty acids as well as phytochemicals that are good for dealing with skin issues.

The only difference between the two of them is the processing and the color.

When choosing castor oil for your skin, you should better go for the cold-compressed one as it tends to be purer.

What is the best time to apply Castor oil?


The best time is at night preferably a couple of hours before going to sleep.

You can still use it during the day, but there is a significant advantage in applying it at night.

There is more time for it to saturate and start the process which facilitates growing of lashes at night.

Take precautions to avoid castor oil from getting into contact with the eyes.

If it gets into contact, wash your eyes with water as it may cause severe irritations.

The best place to apply the oil is at the baseline of your eyelashes and eyebrows.

Do not overuse it. Use the best tool to implement it, preferably eyeliner brush.

How to apply the castor oil

castor oil best for hair

  1. Clean your face with a damp cloth or water and remove any make-up
  2. Take an eyeliner brush and dip in a castor oil bottle. Use the cold-compressed castor oil.
  3. Apply the oil slowly at the base of the hairline of the eyelashes. You can as well as apply the eyebrows along the area you want them to grow.
  4. Since you apply at night, you can remove it in the morning using make-up remover before applying makeup.

Expected side effects of castor oil

Just like most things when used on the skin, castor oil also has some side effects.

When topically applied, it can cause some itchiness and redness caused by the inflammation of the skin.

To some people, it can also cause an uncomfortable rash.

For people who are allergic to castor oil, it can also lead to hives around the area where the castor oil was used though it is not very common.

You can thoroughly cleanse the area using mild soap and some water.

You can apply diluted apple cider to sooth the place.

However, ensure you have tested for allergic reaction (through swipping a little bit over your hand) before you start using castor oil.

Recommended top brands for eyelashes and eyebrows accelerators

Eye secrets lash growth accelerator

eye secrets lash-accelerator

This eyelash and eyebrows accelerator boosts of being able to see a 72% of improvement concerning the how long and how full the eyelashes are.

Although it goes by the name lash growth accelerator, you can use this serum on your eyebrows too.

Everyone knows that the eyebrows are what defines the face.

Without a good pair of brows, it is almost useless trying so hard to put on makeup.

Some go for applying eyebrow pencils and eyeliners but what do you think about getting a permanent solution.

The Eye secrets can increase the volume of both of them with the eyelashes appearing fuller and more prolonged.

It is clinically tested not to have any health hazards to the body and even after applying, you will notice that it is not as irritating as most of these products.

It also works by conditioning the lashes and adding some strength to control the breaking of the brittle hair.

In case the damage has been caused by allergies, pulling or use of too much cosmetics or the glue used to stick fake lashes, this serum is able to revive them after a certain period of time usually about 21 days.

Works best when applied at night when going to bed. Its applicator is very easy to use since it works just like the mascara brush.

Order From Official Website Here


  • It has been tested by the ophthalmologist, and it is proven to be suitable for use. This test also reveals that it is not irritating to the skin too.
  • It makes the lashes longer and fuller which is a better solution instead of depending on the use of the fake lashes
  • It can be used too for them, and it can make them a little bit thicker and more natural to shape
  • The pack comes with a very convenient applicator that is applied just like that of the mascara


RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

This eyelash conditioner boosts of helping one to have, but you have to wait for about three to ten weeks before you can see the notable difference.

It is a long time for most people.

It has a very easy applicator which works just like a mascara brush.

You just need to apply a little at the base of the eyelashes every time before going to bed.

T will help you boost of having beautiful natural lashes.

It also works as a conditioner to help condition the lashes and strengthen them against breaking.

Some people who have used it also say that the lashes also appear to be shiner and more flexible.

It is clinically tested, and dermatologists and ophthalmologists have reviewed it and proven to be okay.

It is formed using BioPeptin complex that is the high impact; botanical saturates as well as peptides that help to maintain the moisture around the eyes.

Get it on Amazon here


  • It comes with a 90 days guarantee where if you use it and it does not work for you then you can get your money back.
  • It can be used both for the eyelashes and for the eyebrows.
  • It is clinically proven
  • This product sale helps to support a good cause. Part of it is used to benefit in the research of breast cancer.


  • The casing has been changed to a smaller one as compared to the older one, and the cap is not easy to use. It is tiny although it works.
  • It is quite expensive
  • It has many counterfeits, and you need to be careful lest you get something fake (the one on Amazon is genuine).


LUXE Beauty LASHES Eyelash growth serum


This growth serum is used to achieve some fuller and longer eyelashes.

It has a peptide complex in its formula which is what can accomplish this.

In case you also have some damaged eye-brows as a result of either over plucking when twisting or when threading it, this serum is able to revive them in no time.

It is meant to target the three stages of hair growth which is why within 60 days of continuous use you are able to see a significant amount of growth.

It helps stimulate the growth of new hairs where there was none which is the reason why they appear fuller.

This lash boost and eyebrow enhancing serum feature a mixture of botanicals and vitamins as well as the peptide complex.

The botanical extracts include the Aloe Vera, White tea, grape seed as well as the mulberry.

It also conditions the lashes and brows.

It is good since it strengthens them and helps to prevent them from being brittle and breaking.

In case you have some color-treated eyebrows, it is also safe to use this serum.

Since it has no residues, you can comfortably use it under the makeup.

Get in on Amazon here


  • It is quite lightweight, and you can barely feel it in your eyes. This way you can use it with your makeup during the day.
  • It contains many vitamins and natural extracts that are very good for the growth and the treatment of your eyebrows.
  • You can easily see some results in just two months and even longer lashes in 6 weeks
  • The peptide complex formula that is contained in the serum can condition them to prevent them from breaking and falling off.
  • The container has a small mirror to help in the application


  • Its tip is sponge-like which makes it a bit hard to follow the line of the eyebrow and the lashes when applying. It appears to be wider than some brows.



Castor oil is natural oil which is made from the seeds of the ricinum communis plant.

It has some uses on the skin. It contains some vitamin E, proteins and is rich in ricinoleic acid.

It helps in the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

It is inexpensive, and you can apply it for fuller eyebrows and lashes.

However, if you want faster results, there is a wide range of accelerators to choose from.


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