Best Guide To Read Before Buying A Hydroquinone Bleaching Cream


Majority of women deal with dark skin that makes them uncomfortable. There are endless options to choose from, and all claim the same glowy look result.

Most of the skin whitening creams on the market contain hydroquinone. The reason this ingredient is in almost all skin whitening creams is that it works.

However, the long-term usage of the cream is vital to understand how it would affect your skin!

Thus, it’s vital to conduct research before opting in for any cream.

I’ve decided to give exciting insights on Hydroquinone and see if it’s beneficial to all skin types or not.

And if all hydroquinone creams are similar in mechanism of action and deliver same results or not.

Do enjoy the read and I did give my conclusion at the end.

What Is Hydroquinone Cream?

Hydroquinone is designed to enhance dark patches on the skin. It has different shapes and forms.

Examples: hyperpigmentation, melasma, liver spots, age spots, and freckles.

These conditions usually are caused by birth control pills, skin injury, pregnancy, or hormone medicine.

This substance targets a particular process in the skin that leads to discoloration and blocks it.

You can find Hydroquinone under different names such as Quinol, 1,4-Dihydroxybenzene and few others.

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Who Uses Hydroquinone Cream?

This cream is ubiquitous in pre-photography sessions among actors and models. It gives a glowy feel in the picture and makes it more authentic than a photoshop edit.

Hydroquinone cream is very usefully for the following skin conditions:

  • Girls are dealing with annoying scars in neck, face or visible areas. It also helps with freckles and blemishes.
  • Women over 50s start to get age spots; this cream can be helpful in balancing the tons and lightening the spots with skin color.

I have got few messages regarding if it can help to lighten up tattoos.  I have to highlight that Hydroquinone will only reduce the amount of melanin in the administered area. Thus, you’ll get a lighter and fairer skin tone & maybe a lighter tattoo. It will not remove tattoo as many bloggers claim. There is no scientific evidence behind there claims or even a practical one.

How to Use Hydroquinone Cream

It’s vital to stick to instructions on the label which are provided by the manufacturer.

If you have never used hydroquinone before, it’s essential to test a little portion on your skin. If you witness any redness, or allergic reactions wash it away swiftly and avoid using hydroquinone at all.

If nothing major happens, then you can apply the rest of the amount in your desired area.

This cream is typical to be taken once a day. Some manufacturers advise to take it twice daily, but again it highly depends on the concentration of the substance in the cream.

What Are the Benefits of Using Hydroquinone Cream?

The benefits you’ll get from Hydroquinone is not just about fairer skin; this is what you will get:

  • You’ll experience a boost in your self-esteem after seeing significant results in a matter of days.
  • You will stop looking at the mirror twice and thrice everywhere you go. Because you will be confident of your balanced tone.
  • If you were dealing with acne scars, probably you will notice that it used to hinder you from socializing. After experiencing clear, glowy face, you’ll never say no for a hangout and will make new friends.

This cream empowers women with more confidence and clear skin. However, nothing is great nor perfect. There are some downsides to using this cream.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Using Hydroquinone?

The downsides of Hydroquinone cream can be not pleasant.

Many users reported that it makes their skin overly sensitive to the sun and a very high chance to get a sunburn.

Although this can be expected from a product that stops production of melanin in the skin. One of the main advantages of Melanin is to block harmful rays and protect the skin.

Another issue you might encounter with Hydroquinone is allergic reactions. Hydroquinone (HQ) is frequently combined with retinoic acid (RA) to enhance lightening efficacy, which may also affect skin irritancy.

The good news is,  you can apply sunscreen post hydroquinone treatment. This will make sure that any harmful sun rays or sunburn will be prevented.

How to Find the Best Cream

The moment you google hydroquinone cream, you’ll get about 2,530,000 results (OMG!)

Thus, the best way, of course, is not digging all those results we just check the top 10 page results and see what suits us.

But, here is the thing!

It’s highly advisable to check the product on reputable platforms like Amazon,eBay etc. and read what people have to say for it.

There are so many promotions on the internet which leads to confusion and not knowing which is the right product for your skin condition.

Just make sure to check on verified user reviews and not just user reviews. The verified ones are pretty easy to spot and they already purchased the product and tried it for a few weeks.

Once you decide on the product you like, I highly recommend to google the “product name” complaints.

This is really good to know if someone somewhere complaining about the product or not. It can be really helpful to give you confirmation that you are taking the right decision to buy hydroquinone cream that will be perfect for you.

Alternatives to Hydroquinone Cream

top skin whitening ingredients

Many women out there are allergic to hydroquinone and miss out on the benefits I’ve mentioned earlier.

No worries! I got you covered.

Here are some fantastic alternatives to hydroquinone that will give you similar benefits as well;

You can choose from Malic acid, Azelaic acid, and Kojic Acid creams. All three share the same outcome as hydroquinone and you can enjoy amazing results as well.

I think by now you can easily make an informed decision before buying any hydroquinone cream on the market.

If you have used any hydroquinone product, do share it with us in the comments below and tell us your experience 🙂

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