When Do My Breasts Stop Growing & How To Increase Size?

Menopause stage for breast growth - Breast stop growing

Achieving larger breast size considered as target and highly demanded goal for most of the women.

Therefore, the cosmetic platforms are nowadays full of different procedures.

That range from invasive plastic surgeries, breast enlargement pumps, breast enhancement pills, breast enhancement creams, and many other procedures.

It may help you achieve your desired breast size and may a not help at all…

While searching for the best breast enhancement options, I found parallel common questions from women who are trying to track the breast growth stages like;

When do breasts stop growing?”

another common question, “What are the factors that affect my breast size?

that mainly track the breast enhancement natural factors, which starts, from the embryo phase to menopause stage.

Therefore, in this context,

We will provide you a full guide for the natural breast growth stages so that, you can realize when do breasts stop growing.

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First, and before knowing when breasts stop growing you should be aware of how the breasts are developed as follows

Breast growth stages…                                             

Based on studies, it has been found that the breast growth usually starts directly during the embryo formation with the development of mammary glands and ducts.

However; it does not take a specific shape.

Then comes the preadolescent phase where the nipples start to a little bit elevated.

The breasts remain flat with no specific shape until the milk ducts and fatty tissues start to rise forcing the chest wall to elevate.

Then, the pre-pubertal phase where a noticeable shape changes start to take place and the breasts start to take rounded shape.

Therefore, the puberty phase starts to take place where it is characterized with the full formation of nipples, areola, and breasts due to the role of two important hormones;

which are estrogen and progesterone that are responsible for female secondary characters in addition to other functions such as regulation of menstruation cycle, ovulation, and milk production

Breast growth stages

Will my breasts grow more or stop after the puberty phase?

The answer for this question is controlled by many factors so, we could not say that your breasts will grow more and more and we could not say that your breasts will not grow again anymore within your lifetime.

However, the recent studies show that “Menopause stage” is almost the only stage that we can say it is the stage where my breasts will remain as they are.

What are the factors that can limit my breast growth?


Indeed, Hereditary or as most of the people say genetics can affect any character within our bodies such as our height, eye color, skin color, and many other characters.

Based on studies, it has been found that genetics have an influence on hormonal levels.

Therefore; it affects the breast tissue development and the breast size as well.

Moreover, it has an effect on how dense your breasts as it determines how fat will be stored in the breasts as well as your skin elasticity.

A study in the journal BMC Medical Genetics analyzed data from more than 16,000 women and found a total of seven genetic factors were significantly associated with breast size.

Therefore, if you come from a family who has small breasts members so, most probably you will have small breasts too because genes will mostly play its role.


We all know how much smoking is destructive to our health! Smoking adverse effect list range from cancer, heart attacks, strokes, respiratory diseases, and breast growth limitation!

Unfortunately, smoking can affect your breast growth due to the presence of nicotine and many other harmful chemicals that are known to:

  • Cause “vitamin C” depletion within our body, therefore, the collagen level “gives your breast its firmness and elasticity” within your breast decrease as a result, it hinders the breast growth and leaves them droopy and saggy.
  • Hinder the normal blood circulation, therefore, nutrients and oxygen are transported normally to your breasts as a result, it forces the breast’s tissue to grow and function normally.

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Generally, exercising is an excellent way to having good health status.

When it comes to vigorous exercising it will not be a good idea if you are looking for breast growth.

Overdoing exercising will accelerate the rate of fat burning

Therefore, the fatty layer “gives the breast its shape” found beneath your breast muscles will rapidly burn giving your breasts the flat and firm shape.

Thus, you can exercise but not to overdo.

Alcohol consumption

Even if you can’t resist yourself from drinking alcohol after knowing how much regular alcohol consumption cause an adverse effect on your breast health.

You will probably stop or at least decrease your consumption level at once.

Briefly, alcohol has the ability to cause dehydration for the whole body’s tissues.

It damages and shrinks breast tissues.

Moreover, it has been noticed a relationship between the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the risk of breast cancer; based on the breast cancer organization official website, it has been stated the following:

“Alcohol can increase levels of estrogen and other hormones associated with hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer. Alcohol also may increase breast cancer risk by damaging DNA in cells.”

Caffeine beverages

Indeed, Caffeine has an adverse effect on your breast tissues! Instead of stimulating the breast tissues to grow.

it does the opposite due to its effect on hormones that cause breast shrinkage directly.

The previous conclusion was based on a study published by the British Journal of Cancer;

they surveyed more than 300 women about how many times they drank caffeine beverages along the day, results range from people who drank two while others three or more.

The conclusion almost confirmed that the more you drink caffeine beverages throughout the day, the more you are susceptible to a decrease in their breast size more than those who drink less caffeine quantity.


Yes, sleeping could be one of the factors that can affect your overall breast development.

keeping your sleeping cycle in a good state will help you to maintain good production of hormones

That are only produced during sleeping such as growth hormone (GH) which is required for development and repairing of breast tissues, therefore, help in breast development.

Unbalanced diet

It is obvious to everyone that maintaining a balanced diet throughout our life is able to provide you normal tissue development, therefore, perfect health status.

The importance of healthy balanced diet comes as priority number one during puberty phase as it considered as building a unit for whole body’s tissues.

Therefore, it is important to provide your body with the following sources such as

  • Milk

In fact, dairy products contain a valuable amount of hormones such as progesterone and estrogen that are able to provide breast enhancement.

  • Seafood

An incredible amount of hormones are found in seafood stuff that can help in the process of breast tissues growth therefore, it is important to provide your diet with oysters, prawn, and seaweeds.

  • Soy

The superfood source that contains a considerable amount of phytoestrogens that has an important role in stimulating the breast growth in addition to, the presence of isoflavones that considered as an excellent antioxidant that helps decrease the breast cancer risk incidence.


It is true when it comes to age, we cannot change anything…and as we mentioned before, as we age the peak of tissue’s growth decreases until reaching stationary phase. In case of breast growth, the same occurs as follow;

  • During puberty, the production of hormones as well as cell regeneration rate reaches its maximum as a result, the girls start to develop breasts and other female secondary characters.
  • Throughout the period between your early twenties and early forties, many changes associated with the breast growth due to many factors that we already mentioned part of it.
  • Once you hit your forty or once you hit your menopause phase, aging signs start to appear so, you start to notice the development of wrinkles, face lines over your face and you will probably notice the elasticity loss of your skin tissues due to the reduction of collagen and definitely the breast shrinkage feature.

“That is why most studies revealed that the menopause phase is exactly the phase where the breast growth rate almost stops.”

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When is Your breast growth Might be a temporary growth?

Unfortunately, it is true that you can have a noticeable breast growth throughout your life, however, this type of growth usually resolve after a few time. here is a list of assumptions and reasons which reveals a temporary breast growth as follows;

Birth control pills

Indeed, the birth control pills have many side effects that clearly appear after its usage with less time, however, the side effect could be a positive one when you in need for to increase your breast size…again, it only increases not growth!

The secret behind this increase is that the birth control pills are mainly composed of two synthetic hormones, which are progestin and estrogen. Therefore, when you start to use pills, a remarkable increase in your hormonal levels occur as a result, a remarkable breast increase occurs.

Therefore, once you stop using the birth control pills, you will notice that your breast size return back to its original size and you will certainly sure that it is only a temporary size change.

Weight gain

It is normal to notice an increase in the breast size whenever you gain weight;

This is due to the increase in the fatty tissues found beneath the breast skin.

However, don’t think that the growth is a permanent one because once you lose weight, your breasts will return to its original size and it may be associated with stretch marks.

  • Many other factors could also cause temporary breast increase however, you should be aware that it is not a real breast growth.

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