8 Effective Alternatives To Breast Lift Surgery; Full Guide to Firmer Breasts

Best brest lifting ways without surgery

The droopy saggy breasts or how the plastic surgeries said “Ptotic Breasts” problem; that is characterized by;

the presence of a loose structure of firmness and skin elasticity within the breast tissue and nipples is a very common problem among aged women or women who have just given birth recently.

We know how much it is annoying to have saggy breasts, how much you feel discomfort with your breast look in your swimming suit and many other psychological problems associated with breast sagginess.

Thus we will make sure you get a full grasp on how to manage this issue and get a great outcome

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 7 Main reasons that cause breast sagginess

Because “Prevention is better than cure”, here are some reasons for the cause of breast sagginess.

In fact, pregnancy and birth giving are not the only reasons for saggy breasts, but also many factors have an impact such as:

Weight loss

Indeed the repetitive weight gain and loss has the ability to cause saggy breasts;

this is due to the loss of fats found within your breasts when you gain weight, therefore, an empty space is created after the fat loss!

Then, the saggy look of breasts starts to be your permanent look.

Therefore, it is recommended not to increase your fatty dietary and to replaces it with good food products that can provide nourishment for your skin and stimulate the skin collagen instead.


It is the worst habit ever! In addition to its massive effect on your respiratory system.

It may cause an additional adverse effect on your overall skin health status as it breaks down collagen!

As a result, it leaves your breast skin saggy and droopy.


It is a natural human process, that our skin will experience it as we age!

Referring to Dan Mills, vice president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, who explains the fact of saggy breasts in a very simple statement as follows;

“Like all the tissue in your body, our breasts are made up of collagen and elastin which breaks down as we age”

Gravitational pull

Based on studies, it has found that women with large breast size are more susceptible to suffer from saggy breasts than those who have smaller one.

Therefore, some physicians recommend wearing a bra in order to provide full support against the gravity effect.

Wrong bra sizes

Another reason for saggy breasts is wearing wrong bra sizes that usually associated with deformation in the shape and size of the breasts.

Wrong bra sizes are unable to lift the breasts; as a result, breast sagginess occurs.

Hereditary factors

Indeed, saggy breasts could be because of your entire genetic makeup; your genes and other factors predetermine elasticity of your skin and of your ligaments.

Sun exposure

Forgetting to wear your sunscreen on a sunny day usually comes with many consequences.

Because the excessive sun exposure can stimulate the breakdown of collagen that can give the skin its elasticity feature, therefore, it causes saggy breasts.

There are many other factors that should be prevented in order to avoid breast sagginess.

However, some women already have saggy breasts and do not know what to exactly do in order to get rid of saggy breasts and enjoy the youthful look of her breasts…

Therefore, people will recommend going the fastest route “As they describe” which is breast lift surgery.

However, some people do not prefer to go for breast lift surgery due to its drawbacks!

Such as its expensive cost, in addition, it may be not durable if the patient is pregnant, planned to be pregnant, the patient is old, or if the patient experience weight gain and loss within a short period.

Consequently, here is come the second full guide, which is …

8 New At Home Techniques to lift Saggy Breasts

Do regular massaging

Generally, your breast consists of the bulk of tissues and cells where blood flows within in order to transport nutrients and oxygen needed for keeping your breast healthy, firm, and youthful.

Therefore, it has been found that one of the natural breast lift is massaging; through using specific types of massage creams or oils, and through proper performing.

How does it work?

The Chi massage is the most popular breast lift massage and a very easy massage method, it only requires to warm your breasts with your hands in order to stimulate the blood circulation within your breast tissues.

Then, you will just have to hold your breasts gently, start applying the cream or oil, and then starts your massage mission in a circular motion for only 15 minutes.

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What are the other benefits I can get from massaging my breasts?

The massage option will help you to get rid of toxins, and stimulate the blood flow within your breast’s tissues.

Therefore, it will help keep your breasts firm, lift, youthful, and what is more important is to keep it healthy as massaging consider as a method for lumps detection too.

Body contouring procedure

Thermage is a non-surgical, body contouring procedure that involves the usage of capacitive radiofrequency waves that has the ability to pass the subcutaneous tissue layer as a result.

It stimulates the skin to tighten the collagen layers in the skin and remodel the collagen already found to further tighten the skin and renew skin contours.

How thermage works on breast lifting problem?

Thermage procedure mainly based on a ThermaCool system that consists of two systems the first one is heating the collagen found in the skin layers and the second one is cooling that works at the same time in order to provide protection for the skin’s surface.

Therefore, thermage considered as a safe procedure that is able to lift and firm sagging skin on the breasts.

Laser treatment procedure

The effective non-surgical procedure that is totally recommended by physicians due to its ability to improve the overall breast’s shape through a combination of laser-lipo and lasers to lift and tighten the breasts.

The laser procedure can easily make use of high-power energy that is able to stimulate the collagen production within your breasts, it has the ability to remove fats as a result, the breast firm, and lift features are achieved easily.

Laser Breast lifting Vs Surgical breast lifting

Laser Breast Lifting procedure considered as another common safe procedure that generally causes no bleeding, bruising or swelling of surgical breast lifting does.

Moreover, it has another advantage, which is the zero downtime, and the ability to perform the surgery without the aid of anesthetic.

Laser breast lifting is always recommended for women who have slightly saggy breasts.

However, it is not recommended for women who suffer from severe droopy breast problem, or those who already have larger breasts this is due to the ability of laser treatment to target only the outer layers of the skin and its inability to target deeper tissue layers.

Vampire Breast Lift

Could you remember the headlines of a lot of newspaper with news about popular Kim Kardashian and her facial treatment experience in 2014 that called “vampire facelift”?

A little bit after the introduction of vampire facelift to the cosmetic platform another technique was introduced that is called “Vampire breast lift

that is said to be safe and effective for women who desire to get rid of droopy breasts and want to achieve more firm and lifted breasts.

How the vampire breast lift performed? 

The procedure does not require surgery however, it mainly requires the extraction of blood sample from the patient’s arm, then the blood sample is centrifuged to isolate the platelets “Contains the growth factors” from all of blood other constituents.

And then the platelets are then combined with a type of dermal filler such as hyaluronic acid.

Your trained physician then injects the combination of platelets with a dermal filler to the patient breasts.

How does the combination work? Moreover, what are the expected results?    

The combination works by enhancing your breasts tissues in order to achieve the desired results such as;

  • Fix the inverted nipples and lift the breasts
  • Provide breasts more fuller and rounder look
  • Provide breasts firmer and youthful shape
  • Eliminate the stretch marks and enhance the overall breasts cleavage

How much does it cost? In addition, how long does the procedure take to be performed?

Regarding the cost, it mainly depends on the geographic location, however; it may cost around $2,800. While for the procedure timing, it will not exceed 20 minutes.

Caci Bust Treatment 

The procedure is another safe, effective method that has been known for treating the sports injuries using electrical impulses in order to support injured muscles. Moreover, for now, caci bust treatment has proven its efficiency in the field of breast lift through its ability to perform the following:

  • Increase the hydration level of the skin so that the breast looks much tighter
  • Strengthening the muscles found near the bust area, as a result, the breast look firmer and less wrinkly

The whole procedure requires more than one session, however, the session timing does not exceed 20 minutes.

Shaping systems

A range of shaping systems is nowadays available within many cosmetic platforms that are able to provide you amazing results such as breast enhancement features within only few time. The enhancement could be in form of breast size increase, breast lift, and breast firming.

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How does the shaping system work in case of breast lifting?

Most of the shaping systems that work on breast lift goal are mainly works by stimulating the collagen production. The choice of the shaping system is based on your desired results, therefore; it is preferred to a specialist before using certain shaping system.


 Indeed exercising can change everything in your life….starting from the way you breathe, balanced blood pressure, preserve your physical appearance as it will help to lose a lot of weight and will help you to achieve breast lifting without the need of doing breast lift surgery.

How do the regular exercises help in breast lift goal?

Simply, it is because the ability of certain exercises to stimulate the formation of chest muscles and reduce a good amount of fats at the same time, as a result, breast lifting and firming features are achieved.

What is the type of exercises that can help in breast lift goal?

Based on people’s experience, it has been found that push-ups, chest press, chest pulls, arms raised, and dumbbell’s fly is the best exercises for breast lifting and firming goal.

To what extent the regular exercising help in breast lift goal?

This is an important question to ask! Because exercising is considered as, an effect in case of slight saggy breasts and for breasts who have a good skin elasticity state.  However, exercising will not be a beneficial way in case of women who suffer from severe saggy breasts.

Perfect natural remedy

  • Fenugreek paste

One of the effective substances that have proven its effectiveness in lifting the breasts due to its potential components which are vitamins and antioxidants that are said to have an effect on toxic substances removal from the breasts.

Therefore, it used to help in tightening, lifting, and maintaining a good breast health status.

How to prepare and use the fenugreek paste?

You can prepare the paste by adding water to fenugreek powder so that, a thick powder is formed.

Then, you can apply the paste to the breast and do a gentle circular massage for 10 minutes, and then you can rinse it with water.

At the bottom line, we always recommend the best choices for you that can help you achieve your own beauty goal with posing any kind of negative effect on the overall health status however, the choice is always yours…!

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