Breast Implants Risks Vs 5 Alternatives For Breast Enlargement

Do you feel unconfident with your breast size?

Are you dealing with hormonal imbalance, Poor fat content, Lack of vitamins, Poor diet, Emotional problems like stress or depression, or hormonal deficiency during puberty that deprives you of having big boobs and sexy look?

Or simply you just weren’t born with the curves.

Some people undergo risks for the sake of having bigger boobs! Something we are not a fan of. 

If your answer is “Yes I need to get bigger boobs” to one of the previously mentioned questions, you will end up with the following options

pointBreast implants silicone or saline option

pointBreast enhancement pills

pointFat transfer breast Augmentation

However, you have to put in your consideration the side effects for each option.

Let me show you some of the drawbacks of breast implants option:

1- High risk of bacterial infection and surgical risks

2- Sometimes, breast implants do not give you the desired results in addition to the regular breast pain or nipple numbness

3- Leakage or migration of breast implant content to the internal parts of your body;

Causing harm if absorbed into the body in addition to the shape changes that are associated with this leakage.

4- Rupture of breast implant; this tends to occur when an exerted force to act on the breast during a mammogram or due to surgical error.

Sometimes the detection of rupture is noticed neither by patient nor by the physician, therefore, the FDA recommends performing MRI every two years.

5- Some patients have also reported some signs associated with breast implants such as fatigue, memory loss, poor concentration, and some immunological diseases like fibromyalgia, dermatomyositis, polymyositis, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, mixed connective-tissue disease, pulmonary fibrosis, eosinophilic fasciitis, and polymyalgia.

 Are there any other alternative options for increasing my breast size? 

Fortunately yes!

An incredible number of NATURAL options that are free of any kind of risks associated with breast size increase!

If you almost decide to go for natural options, therefore, this article is indeed what you need.

In this article, we will provide you “four simple steps to effective natural options for breast size increase strategy” sounds good?

Let us start… just scroll down more and more.

Exercising and breast size increase Adventures

  • Perform push up exercise instead of wearing push up bras

The perfect exercise for your overall body; that helps to increase the muscles in the upper chest and abdominal area.

Therefore, reduce the saggy areas and build up the muscle mass found beneath the skin as a result giving you firm and large breast shape and size.

How to perform this exercise?

The exercise is easily performed through adjusting your body posture and lies on your stomach with your knees bent then place both your palms on the floor

Then push up your body until your arms are straight, and then lower down yourself gradually through bending your elbow.

Repeat this exercise every day until you start to notice the difference.

You can also do the elevated push-up exercise that mainly performed through placing your palms on the floor and place your legs up through using an elevated edge of a sofa

Then push yourself up as much as you can maintain balance, and then return to your original position gradually.

Perform the easiest exercise…Wall Press Exercise

Another exercise that helps you increase the muscle mass giving you larger boobs is the wall press exercise that can be performed easily by adjusting your posture.

And stand in front of a wall then place both of your palms on the wall and then, use a wall to push alongside.

The exercise is similar to the previously mentioned exercise

However; this one is much easier for those who suffer from back pain.

Build up your arms and breast muscles through “Chest press exercise” 

You will just have to adjust your body posture through positioning your body down flat on your back and bend your knees

Then hold a lightweight dumbbell in each hand, and bend your elbows with an angle of ninety-degree angle, and then raise the dumbbells up until they touch each other.

Perform the prayer pose exercise

You will just need to possess your arms extended and hold your palms together for 20 seconds.

And then bend your elbows at ninety-degrees and then move your palms in toward each other in front of your chest in prayer pose for seconds then release.

Fast-Track; Try the Breast Actives: An Incredibly Easy-use product

Breast actives program

Based on research, it has been found that there are many drawbacks for the surgical methods used for increasing the breast size such as;

side effects, unnatural results, its cost, and many other in comparison to its alternatives, which is the breast enhancement creams.

Many positive reviews nowadays are given for breast enhancement creams.

However, you should search for the perfect product that not only provides you perfect results but also provide you the least side effects.

Therefore, you should look for the product ingredients first and check its applicability for you.

One of the top ten products in the breast enhancement creams list is “Breast Actives” that is highly demanded in USA and Europe;

due to its effectiveness and ability to provide you firmer, and large natural breast size of about one cup size within only two months and two cup sizes in five to six months. Get it Here


All these benefits come without any kind of side effects! Because “Breast Actives”

is produced in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved lab, which ensures the best manufacturing practices.

The secret behind its effectiveness and its minimal side effects is its hundred percent made of natural ingredients as follows;

When applying Breast Actives topical cream is immediately absorbed by the breast tissues and immediately works like estrogen hormone and stimulate the blood flow to your breast tissue as a result, you will enjoy having large, sexy, and firmer breasts.

Moreover, it has been found that Breast Actives cream can work on saggy breast through stimulating collagen production giving you the most youthful breast look.

Breast Actives breast enhancement cream is safe and induces no side effects, however; you should

  • You should ask your doctor whether to use Breast Actives if you already suffer from certain skin condition
  • You should not use Breast Actives if you are planning to be pregnant, you are already pregnant, or you are breastfeeder
  • Take a general look at its ingredients and make sure that your body has no allergic reaction to any of its ingredients

“It just takes a lot of patience and persistence. Once you see the results, you will realize it was all worth it.”

If you are serious about a good alternative Breast Actives might be the best on the market. Get it here

The Secrets behind Breast massage

Before thinking about how massage helps increase breast size, you should know what your breast is made up of?

Breasts are made up of fatty tissues that are intensively reactive to stimulation. In other words, you can stimulate the fatty tissues through massaging! Massaging your breasts comes with many benefits such as

  • Increasing the blood flow to breasts, therefore, giving you a healthy breast look
  • It has been found that massaging will help reduce the risk of having breast cancer
  • Stimulate the mammary glands as a result breast firmness and enhancement occur
  • Stimulate oxytocin production, therefore, helps you decrease the premenstrual syndrome
  • Provide you a firmer and larger breasts shape and size through stimulating the growth tissues

Breast massaging is an easy method to provide you full appearance! It could be done right after showering by using breast massage cream or massage oil.

You can start your massage process from the breast center and move your hands in a circular motion from inside to outside in association with some pressure with your hand palms on the breast center.

Repeat the process about 20 times per one session.

Best food for best breast size!

Food to increase breast size

We always talk about best alternative methods for surgical procedures is to use creams that are composed of natural ingredients such as purifica mirifica that is rich with phytoestrogen …right?

How about eating foods that are mainly composed of phytoestrogen? Seems interesting right?

We will provide you with some types of food that is rich with either phytoestrogen or estrogen as follows;

Walnuts , Almond,  Apple , Rasp-Berry, Red Wine, Beets , Carrots , Rice, Watermelon Dried Prunes, Green Tea,  Soya-Bean Sprouts, Barley , Cucumber,  Garlic,  Sunflower Seeds, Strawberry,  Winter-Squash, White Wine, Clover, Green Beans and Collards.

As we mentioned before, there are different causes for having small breast size therefore, you should also look for food that can help to keep your breast much more healthy in addition to increase its size as follows;

  • Mexican wild yam root that helps promote natural breast development
  • Saw Palmetto berry that helps in retreating the atrophy of mammary glands
  • Dandelion root that is effective in the development of breast tissues and cells
  • Hop Flower and Dong Quai Root are considered as perfect agent for maintaining hormonal balance
  • Fenugreek seed that helps in promoting natural breast enlargement through hormonal stimulation
  • Fennel herb can also promote breast enlargement due to the presence of estrogen hormone naturally within fennel

It is important to consult your physician before consuming any of these herbs especially if you are using certain medications, suffering from a certain health condition, or have an allergy from a certain type of herbs or food.

Increase your fat content within your body…by other words you should increase your healthy fats intake as this will help increase your breast size only and it won’t put on weight elsewhere.

There are many examples of healthy fats as follows; Avocado, nuts, eggs, and peanut butter.

  • Vitamins are a perfect choice too…

It is also recommended to increase your vitamin sources intake in order to provide you full firmness of the breast and prevent the look of a saggy breast.

For example, Vitamin C and A can easily do so through stimulating the production of collagen, therefore, keep your skin fully nourished, health, and youthful.

Vitamin B6 has also an important role in maintaining the arteries pumping open and formation of new blood cells, therefore, keeping your body oxygenated as a result stimulate breast growth and development.

As we mentioned before, it is important to consume a considerable amount of healthy fats along with vitamin E that will help regulates the cholesterol levels, therefore, maintaining balance. Moreover, it helps stimulate healthier, more elastic skin preparing for breast enlargement.

Finally, as we mentioned, there are many ways help you get large boobs however, you should look for a method that is safe and stay away from breast implants that put you in risk of having a certain disease, give you undesired results, and affect your psychological status.

You may ask now, how my psychological status affected by breast implants? Surprisingly…

“According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast implants are now the number one cosmetic procedure in the United States.  How ironic is it then that a procedure that is undertaken to supposedly enhance a woman’s self-esteem has resulted in a finding that women who get breast implants are at least three times more likely to commit suicide”

Don’t forget the financial burden too! and increased health insurance costs that usually doubled with numerous surgeries and medical problems associated with breast implants.

Will you undergo all these risks or you will go natural? The choice is always yours.



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