How Effective Are Breast Enlargement Pumps? *Video*

Breast enhancement with breast enlargement pump

If life gives you breasts like lemons, simple procedures can give you breasts like watermelons…

This is exactly the status of all women who suffer from having small breasts and do not know what to do.

However, the available cosmetic platforms are full of methods that are able to provide you bigger boobs.

Therefore, having small breasts is no longer a big deal.

Meanwhile; the choice of breast enlargement method is what take time and effort, especially when you do not have enough information about all the procedure.

Procedures available are breast enhancement pills, breast enlargement pumps, plastic surgery implants, breast enhancement creams, and many other procedures.

That force you to get lost, and start to choose procedures that are not worth to use time wasting, and provide you with zero results.

In this context, we will help you find all the information needed for “breast enlargement pump device

like the mechanism of action, expected results, the best candidate for the procedure, and the degree of its safety.

Moreover, we will provide you information about your shortcut towards big, firm, healthy, and youthful breasts.

Here is a full guide Video for the breast enlargement pump that will help you to decide whether it is worth to use or not…

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What is the breast enlargement pumps?

It is simply a device that could be used as an alternative for breast surgeries.

As it helps you achieve breast enlargement goal through a specific mechanism that works by stimulating the breast tissue growth, therefore, increase the breast size.

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What are the components of breast enlargement pumps device?

Breast enlargement pumps found in more than one type.

However, all of them are composed of cups that are used to be fitted over your breasts and another part that is connected to hoses or tubes.

Hoses are then connected to pumping or a suction mechanism that is used to create suction at the surface of your breasts.

The suction mechanism varies from one device to another depending on the operation method; some devices are automated others are manually operated.

Are there types of breast enlargement pumps?

Yes, there are many types of the breast pumps available in the current cosmetic platforms

However, not all of them are able to provide you the desired results you are looking for

There are two types available, one of them is electronic and the second one is manual one as follows;

  • Electronic breast pump:


An automated breast pump that is consists of domes, electric box, and bra that is needed to maintain support.

The timing needed to provide good results is said to be 10 hours per day for 10 weeks!

The cost of this device is expensive which ranges from $1200-$1500.

  • Manual breast pump

Breast pumps

A manual breast pump that is consists of domes and hand pump that is able to provide vacuum.

The timing needed to provide good results is said to be 15 minutes to 60 minutes per day for months in order to achieve desirable results.

The cost of this device is less expensive in comparison to electronic one which costs around $70 only.

Is the breast pump device painful?

Some breast pump types are harmful to your breast tissue and can pose adverse effect on them.

Therefore, it is important to choose a breast pump based on your doctor recommendation and not to choose based on the marketing campaigns.

How does breast enlargement pump really works?

breast pumps

The breast pump technique is almost the same as many reconstructive procedures;

as it works through tissue expansion process whereas, this process could be achieved by applying a gentle tension or suction to your breasts.

The consistent tension applied to your breasts will stimulate the formation of new breast tissues, and breast reshaping as well.

Therefore, the breast size increase.

However, you may ask how tension force breast size increase?

The answer is simply because the tension created from the pumping technique is able to provide the following;

As a result, and as any type of tissues in the body; the breasts tissue starts to grow and the breast size starts to increase as well.

  1. Increase the blood flow
  2. Stimulate the collagen production
  3. Expands the mammary gland tissue
  4. Stretching of the skin of the breasts tissue

What kind of pain will I experience during using the device?

During the initial stages of using the breast pumps, many women experienced, swelling and discomfort within their breasts and around their nipples.

However, these symptoms should be temporary.

How to use the breast enlargement pumps?

how to use breast pumps

The usage of breast pumps is considered to be easy as it only requires the following;

  • Moisturizer

The using of moisturizer on the breast before using cups in order to avoid any redness result from pressure applied and to maintain the attachment of cups to your breasts.

  • Wear the cups

Then, you will just need to wear the cups and adjust them in the right position

  • Timing

It is recommended to use the breast pumps twice times per day, with a total time 20 minutes per each session.

Moreover, it is also advised not to use the breast pumps for several short intervals instead of long interval ones.

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What are the expected results?

Based on women reports, it has been found that it is common for the breast to swell and expand only during the usage of breast pumps and this is due to the skin stretching.

However; it rapidly shrinks within few hours after the usage of a breast pump.

Nevertheless, the continuous usage of the breast pump may pose positive and desired results, however, the development process takes a considerable time to see actual results.

That is why most of breast pump’s users describe the device as the slowest method for breast enlargement goal!

What are the disadvantages of breast enlargement pump?


  • Temporary results!

Unfortunately, most of breast pump devices always provide fake breast size increase due to the suction action provided from the device that stimulates the blood flow within the breast tissues giving swollen shape for the breast.

However; after a few time the swollen shape resolves and the breast return to its original size.

That is why most of the women reported,

“Breast enlargement pump do not provide permanent results!”

Moreover, there is no clear clinical evidence that proves its ability to provide permanent, perfect, and desired results!

  • Risk of respond! 

Based on some women reports, it has been found that they did not feel any kind of changes; they did not even feel temporary changes!

Moreover, for those who experienced results, they said the temporary results produced from pumps, they said that even the temporary results take time to appear as well.

  • Breasts injuries could occur!

Away from the well-revised breast pumps that are manufactured according to certain measurements and standards.

Many breast pumps are unsafe to be used due to their ability to pose potential injuries to the breast tissues…They are able to

  1. Tear the connective tissues
  2. Cause injuries for the breast blood vessels
  3. Cause severe injuries to the milk ducts found within the breasts

Therefore, it is important not to rush off and buy the first pump you see online.

However; you should read many reviews and to go over the pros and cons of the best breast enlargement pump and then make your decision.

  • Wasting your time

We all know that wasting your time is much more difficult than wasting your money!

Unfortunately, the breast enlargement pump can waste your time because you will need to use the device twice times per day with total 45 minutes minimally.

However, the interval time doubled when you start to use a breast pump device that has only one cup!

Moreover, some procedure may require 10 hours per day which is considered clearly as time wasting!

Therefore, using a breast pump will not considered as an ideal option in case of women who have busy schedule.

Is there a fast method for breast enlargement goal? Without side effects? Moreover, produce permanent results?

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Quick Comparison Of Breast Pump and Breast Cream & Pills:

Breast enlargement pills vs pumps

Breast Actives Enhancement Cream

One of the top ten products in the breast enhancement creams list.

It is highly demanded in USA and Europe; due to its effectiveness and ability to provide you firmer, and large natural breast size of about one cup size within only two months and two-cup sizes in five to six months.


That is able to provide you perfect results within an only short period such as:

 Increasing up to two cup sizes over time

 Larger & Firmer breasts

 Your breasts become more lifted

An overall more youthful breast look

Wrinkle reduction

Firmness and smoothness of breast skin

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Surprisingly, all these benefits come without any kind of side effects…

Because “Breast Actives” is produced in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved lab, which ensures the best manufacturing practices.

While the secret behind its effectiveness & ability to induce ZERO side effects is its natural ingredients

Fenugreek herb” that is well known for its effectiveness in breast enlargement and appearance. The Fenugreek herb is rich with a plant-based substance acts like estrogen.

It stimulates the production of prolactin, a hormone very important in breastfeeding. These two hormones also happen to be the very hormone that plays a vital role in the development of the breasts.

Therefore, when applying Breast Actives it gets immediately absorbed by the breast tissues and immediately works like estrogen hormone and stimulate the blood flow to your breast tissue.

As a result, you will enjoy having large, sexy, and firmer breasts.

Moreover, it has been found that Breast Actives can work on saggy breast through stimulating collagen production giving you the most youthful breast look.

Who is the best candidate for the breast enlargement pump?

Actually, there are no specifications for women who will use the breast pump device.

The device is not allowed to be used by the pregnant women or by the women who have had breast cancer or had a history of breast cancer.

    Do you think the breast enlargement pump is worth buying?

Actually, by now, you are the one who is able to decide whether it is worth buying or not…you are the one who is able to decide whether:

  • You are ready to wear the device every day for 8 to 10 hours at least for 8 to 10 months or not…
  • You are able to do mechanical pressure if you decide to buy the manual breast pump device or not…
  • You will accept to move around in your work or home every day with cups that restrict your freedom or not…
  • You are able to take all the risks such as blood vessels breakage, breast tissue damage, and many adverse effects or not…

In my opinion, no one can bear all or even one of the previously mentioned risks that will also come with no benefits from using it!

Therefore, it is generally important to check the advantages and disadvantages of any procedure that have a direct relationship to your health status and you have to check all the reviews before buying anything and not to lean on product marketing only.

What I have to do now?

You do not have to worry about wasting money, and time by starting a natural enhancement program; that composed of using natural breast enhancement cream along that is able to provide you the most firm, lift, youthful, and bigger breast look without any kind of risks, which is exact and desired breast goal.

As we always said, we are here to provide you all information needed, that can help you find the perfect decision for your health…however; the choice is always YOURS.

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