Breast Actives (Seriously. Is It Worth It?)

Increase breast size with cream

All women would love to have big and fuller breast which enhance their femininity.

There is no need to develop an inferiority complex when there are many methods available to increase breast size.

Bigger breasts are attractive and women will try everything to achieve that goal.

The methods include the use of push-up bras, breast enlargement drugs, breast surgery and exercises.

Some might be costlier than others but for a curvy bust line its worth a try.

Recent advances in technology have shown you don’t need to go through surgery to get bigger and perkier breast.

Women want to look youthful and boost their confidence. Breast enhancement creams that have come up offering great results and at a cheaper cost.

So why are women choosing creams instead of pill and surgery?

They are effective and offer long-lasting solutions.

They are easy to use and take at least 2 month to 6 months to show visible signs of breast increase.

Women experience little or no side effects.

The down side is you have to use them for a couple of months to maintain results.

Comparison Review of Best Seller Breast Enhancement Products

Breast Actives



Mechanism of action Apply on the breast and massage thoroughly into the skin Place 3 drops of the cream and massage the breast with your fingers for 5 minutes
Side-effects prosNo reports of side effects prosNo reports of side effects
Ingredients Blessed thistle, Dandelion Root, Mother’s Wort, Mexican Wild Yam and Kava Kava Pueraria Mirifica and Vitamin E
Safe to use prosYes, product made in a GMP certified facility prosYes, product made in a FDA approved facility
User feedback prosMost women love the change and state they experienced them within the first week and will continue to use the product prosMany women appreciate the natural ingredients and notice changes within 2 to 3 weeks. They’ll continue to use the product as it help them maintain a youthful look
Expected Results prosNoticeable changes and increase in cup size within 6 months prosBreast size increases by 2 sizes within 5 to 6 months of use
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Breast Actives Enhancement Cream


It one of the top-rated cream available on the market. It provides fuller and firmer breasts, improving their confidence and promoting their well-being.

Breast development is a big concern to women and girls.

Each woman breasts are unique and develop differently.

The breast structure is complex and involves factors like muscle mass, weight, genes, nutrition, age and lifestyle.

Breasts are made of fat, muscle tissue, glandular tissue, ducts, lymph nodes, lymph vessels, lobes, areola and lobules.

Nerves provide sensation while connective tissue and ligaments offer shape and support to the breasts.

breasts anatomy and how to increase

Fat makes up most of the breast and the estrogen hormone is responsible for fat deposition.

Progesterone and prolactin hormones develop alveoli and lobules and are in charge of regulating the size and function of the breast.

There are plenty of options for ladies with small breasts ranging from diet programs, natural capsules, chemical pills, creams, oils, hormone-based therapies, breast implants, electric acupuncture, breast fillers and fat injections.

Breast Actives contain cream, pills and exercise program which will offer you firmer and lifted breasts in a safe and natural way.

The three step program ensures breast growth in a health manner.

It retouches the breast contour making you more youthful and appealing.

The pills consist of natural ingredients that stimulate breast growth, relief symptoms of PMS, balance hormone levels, promote the development of new cells in breast tissue and offer other health benefits.


The cream’s natural ingredients enter the skin and deposit active substances to the specific areas.

As you massage stimulation of blood flow occurs and the breast becomes fuller and toner.

Breast Actives deliver a quality product and maintain a solid reputation.

Their website tagline reads “What’s the one secret that even your friend will never tell you?

The Breast Active exercise program is one of a kind and necessary for strengthening the muscles around the breast, tone and lifts the breasts to make them more appealing.

This natural program uses 100% qualify herbal ingredients that promote overall health as they encourage breast development.


How does the Breast active program work?


Both pills and cream contain phytoestrogen causing healthy stimulation of breast development.

Phytoestrogen mimic estrogen, but do not cause similar side effects as estrogen.

Phytoestrogen is known as “dietary estrogen” and originates from plants making it secure to consumers.

The cream’s unique blend of ingredients works quickly to soften and tighten the skin on your chest.

The pill delivers hormone and vitamins straight to the breast tissue to promote natural development.

As the product increases your bust size it repairs and rejuvenates the skin around your breasts.

Changes are noticeable within the first few weeks but the results are long-lasting.

The final result, of the combination of cream, pill, and exercise, is a voluptuous and desirable look.

This effective treatment comes without scars or physical reactions which are prevalent in surgeries.


Breast Actives ingredients

The pills contain;


Fennel seed; contains high levels of phyto-nutrients beneficial for stimulating breast growth. The herb can lower blood pressure and lessen symptoms of asthma.

Dong Quai Root; this ingredient improves blood circulation, balances hormones and is effective in breast enlargement.

Dandelion Root; it has the ability to formulate new breast cells and tissue.

Blessed Thistle root; minimizes menstrual related pains and enhances milk supply for breastfeeding women.

L-Tyrosine; promotes tissue growth which leads to breast size increase. The ingredient has the ability to increase exercise performance and decrease stress.

Kelp; it helps the thyroid and pituitary glands to function efficiently. Its range of minerals, fiber and vitamins improve the digestive system, reduces hair loss and boost nail growth.

Watercress Leaf: contains high quantities of female hormone which are useful for enchasing breast growth. This herb helps to fights breast cancer.

Funegreek Seed Extract; contains phytoestrogens which are effective in boosting breast size.

The cream is made of;


Damiana Extract; assists in the management of hormonal imbalances, and increases sexual desire and development of mammary gland.

Wild Yam Extract; improves the health of your breasts by managing high levels of estrogen.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract; contains phytoestrogens which are closely similar to estrogen, a natural growth hormone.

Fenugreek Extract; it increases breast size by imitating estrogen and increasing prolactin.

Saw Palmetto Extract and excipients; one of the top herbs known for its effectiveness in breast enhancement. It contains phyto-nutrients that increase breast tissue.

Other ingredient; Chamomile Extract, Almond Oil, Red Clover Extract, Lecithin, Muira Puama Extract, Vitamins E and A and Avena Sativa Extract


Benefits of Breast Actives


The ingredients work together to enhance your chest size, regulate your hormones and provide larger and firmer breasts.

The cream offers a topical treatment and massaging allows quick delivery of ingredients into the tissue.

This creates a sense of wholeness and vibrancy.

The pills represent a systematic treatment and they relieve pain, love cholesterol levels, improve memory function, enhance libido, relief constipation, increase energy levels, improve the look of your hair, nails and skin and finally promote the health of the reproductive system.

The exercise program consists of special workouts that lead to toning of muscles, firming your breasts and enhancing your self-esteem.

You feel naturally confidence to attend social gatherings and flaunt your chest.


How and when to use Breast Actives Cream


The best time to take the pill with a glass of water before or after the first meal of the day.

To ensure that you don’t forget take the pill the minute you wake up in the morning.

After a hot shower or before you go to bed massage a small of cream onto your chest.

Make sure you’re relaxed, place some cream with your fingertips and thoroughly massage it into the skin.

To maximize on the exercise program inculcate it into you normal health and fitness routine.

To get the best out of this product consider doing

prosa simple detox to reduce dependence on sugar, nicotine, alcohol or caffeine.Removing toxins will maximize the benefits of the program.

prosEat plenty of lean proteins, dark vegetables and low-fat dairy to enhance your reproductive hormonal system.

prosGetting plenty of sleep and being active can regulate chemical in your body and reduce stress.

Breast Actives claim to have no side effect because all their ingredients are natural. The manufacturer offers a return back guarantee. If you can afford it and are planning to use the product for a long time take advantage of the discounts. 6-months’ supply for the price of $239.95 or 4-months’ supply for $ 179.95.


  • 100% pure and natural ingredients
  • The price is cost effective in comparison to surgical procedures
  • Healthy and reliable as they do not add foreign chemicals to your body
  • Enhances breast enlargement
  • Rejuvenates you skin and gives you a youthful look
  • Contains a three step program of cream, pills and exercise
  • The product is gentle and safe
  • Many users highly recommend the product
  • Easy and convenient to use even if you’re busy or travelling
  • 90-money back guarantee on unopened products


  • This is not an overnight magic product you need to be patient and wait for it to work
  • Any opened or used product is not refundable


Bella Enhancement Cream


Most women are not necessarily confident about their bodies.

They want fuller breast and curvier bodies.

Well not everything is possible but they can attain fuller and firmer breasts by using Bella.

The manufacturer claims it’s a natural cream works fast.

Apply it twice a day and you saggy boobs attain a fuller and more appealing physique.  It’s not as expensive as surgery; you only need to apply and wait for the results.

The product is safe, effective and contains natural ingredients.

Use it comfortably at home and watch the looks people will give you. It will restore your self-esteem and elegance. The manufacturers claim your breast will be 2 sizes larger within 5 or 6 months.

How does Bella work?

The cream works well if you apply it twice a day.

The product’s nutrients absorb deep into the skin and start to expand the cells and lift your breasts.

The breast cells become tighter and grow in size up to I cup within weeks.

It will elongate milk ducts and make your breast appear perkier.

The cream leaves no smell or stain behind.

The bottle is easy to dispense and convenient to use at home.

Earliest improvement will be visible within a week’s time.

For maximum results use the product for more than 6 months.

It has with a 45-day money back guarantee.

 Bella Ingredients

The ingredients have undergone several extensive tests to ensure they are safe for use.

Women who use this product have seen its benefits are recommended it to their friends.

Pueraria Mirifica which increase women breast size.

It expands and lengthens the milk ducts while increasing the fat in the breast.

This process makes the breast fuller and firmer.

It has anti-aging properties, prevents wrinkles and protects the skin.

The ingredient helps maintains and youthful look and relieves menopause symptoms.

Pueraria Mirifica contains phytoestrogens namely Deoxymiroestrol, Isaflavones, Miroestrol and Coumestrol which assist in promoting breast growth naturally.

They support the growth of fibroblasts which in turn increase the size of breast tissues.

The phytoestrogens maintain collagen levels in the skin that help smoothen and shape the breasts.

Vitamin E helps prevent aging and is helping in strengthening and maintaining healthy cells within the breasts.

It prevents free radicals from forming.


Benefits of Bella

Your breasts are lifted pain-free and they appear fuller and remarkable.

Phytoestrogen in Pueraria Mirifica are responsible for the breast enlargement.

The results are visible within weeks and there is no soreness.

The cream gives you a youthful loon considering it contain pure and natural ingredients.

The cream is easily absorbed into the skin and has a comfortable feel.

No more looking in the mirror and feeling inadequate.

Bella will help you regain your confidence and self-esteem.

The cost is affordable in comparison to surgical implants and other procedures.

In order to see a growth of 2 to 3 cup size use the cream for more than 6 months.

The manufacturer sometimes offers discounts so look out for that and you can purchase more than 2 bottles.

It cost lower that surgical treatment and has a 45-day cash back guarantee.

There are no reports of side effects.

In rare occasion one might develop a skin irritation is they have sensitive skin.

How to use Bella

You’ve read about the ingredients and the benefits so who do you use Bella?

The cream comes in a spray bottle.

Squirt three or four drops into your palm and massage your breast gently.

The quality natural ingredients are quickly absorbed into the skin and leave no oily residue on your clothes.

No one will know you’re using it because it has no odors and will definitely not mask your perfume.

You’ll notice changes in 7 days and a change in cup size within several weeks.

For maximum effectiveness remember to use in the morning and evening.

Your breast will feel firmer, look larger and you’ll feel more confident.

Don’t use the cream when breastfeeding, pregnant or taking birth control pills.


  • Bella is made with pure ingredients so you have complete assurance of its safety
  • It’s easy to apply
  • No odors or stains left behind by the cream
  • 45-day refund guarantee
  • You recover you self-confidence and natural beauty
  • The formula’s absorption into the skin is efficient and does not cause any irritation
  • No odors or stains are left behind
  • The presence of Pueraria Mirifica ensure effectiveness and noticeable results are seen within weeks
  • No side effects
  • The packaging is discreet
  • The ingredients are pure and natural
  • The product has been on the market for many years and the manufacturer continue to scientifically research the cream to ensure it gives better outcomes
  • Bella customer service is highly responsive so there are no chances of being cheated.


  • Women with tumors or cyst should not use the cream
  • If the breast has grown to its fullest size no more enhancement will see



The Breast Actives three-step program offers you immense benefits apart from breast enlargements.

The mixture of ingredients offers an overall approach both inside and outside the body.

However, Bella cream is cheaper and you can also see real breast enlargement.

Bella is simple to use. It’s efficient, effective and affordable.

It has few ingredients which cover a myriad of areas in your body. Both products are remarkable, make your choice.


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