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how to lighten scars on face

Scars make each individual differ in their own unique way. They differ in sizes and types depending on what you may have gone through.

Though nobody is perfect, you don’t need these souvenirs on your body that are constant reminders of a painful experience which left a mark that never seems to go away even as you age.

Growing up is not easy as you have to deal with hormonal changes that come at different stages such as puberty leaving you with acne scars.

If you spend hours on your mirror trying to get rid of every dark spot or acne scar on your face, Zeta White is here to give you a permanent remedy.

Scar lighteners from this company will make you feel confident wearing a short skirt for your date not having to always hide your burn scar on your leg with trousers that don’t bring out your natural curvy look.

Benefits of Zeta White on Scar Lightening

zeta white to lighten scars

Whether you have just had a tattoo that has left you scarred, or have given cesarean birth, Zeta White will heal your wound and get rid of the scar naturally.

Gaining fame in the market within a short time, this company produces one of the best bleaching creams for scars so that you can get rid of the scarves you use to conceal scars on your chest and back.

The following are ways in which you benefit from Zeta White:

3 point skin whitening system

Making use of three chemical free components, Zeta White is able to work on all kinds of skin to improve the appearance of your scar. Such components include:

skin_pointFace lightening wash


Use this scar lightener in the morning to clean out acne scars on your face.

The natural ingredients such as papaya and apricot oil included in the component, makes it gentle on your skin so that you don’t feel itchy after you wash your face.

Avoid mixing it with strong soaps rather, use plain water and the face lightening wash then leave your face to air dry.

Preventing too much sebum from forming on your face, the lightening wash helps reduce more production of melanin underneath your scars so that they can appear brighter and make them less pronounced.

With time, your scars decrease in size and red spots on them disappear as you wash your face gently with the product both in the morning and at night before sleep.

How do the ingredients lighten your scars?


Commonly known as the fruit of the angels, papaya found in this product, contains powerful minerals and vitamins that get rid of radicals under you scarred skin to help your scars heal faster and remain nourished.

Apricot oil

Containing vitamin A and E, this oil is used to manufacture the face lightening wash since it is responsible for forming collagen that minimizes the appearance of your scar and smoothen it out so that the dark pigments on your scar appear brighter.

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skin_pointLightening moisturizer

Zeta White lightening moisturizer

Does removing hair from a laser treatment leave you scarred?

Reduce the appearance of such marks by using this scar lightening moisturizer from Zeta White.

Exposing such scars to sunrays as you bask in the beach will only make them darker.

The moisturizer helps you to get rid of dark scars as you apply it on your scars every day.

In case your skin is the sensitive type, you can buy an obagi sunscreen to use along with the scar lightening moisturizer so that the scars are not affected so much by strong UV rays.

How do the ingredients lighten your scars?

Coconut oil

Be sure that this lightening moisturizer works due to the healthy nutrients of coconut oil.

This ingredient acts as an antifungal to destroy bacteria that are responsible for your acne scars.

It soothes your scars and gets rid of dead cells around the scarred surface of your epidermis.

Containing fatty acids, the skin on your scar does not keep on peeling or blistering with lightening moisturizer.

Shear butter

Working hand in hand with other natural ingredients, shea butter contains useful fatty acids that help to reduce the visibility of your scar as it makes your scar smooth enough ready for the healing process.

skin_pointLightening night cream


Sleep worry free knowing that daily use of lightening night cream is working towards healing and lightening your scars so that one day you wake up with a spotless skin.

Use on a clean skin to rejuvenate and moisturize scars all night around your neck and face.

Made with all the right ingredients, this night cream works on both new and old stubborn scars that you have probably given up on.

How do the ingredients lighten your scars?

Primrose oil

As you go through adolescence, your hormones may keep on fluctuating causing cycles of acne that never give you a minute to catch your breath.

Break this cycle by using zeta white lightening cream that contains primrose oil, which comes with omega 6 fatty acids to balance your hormones so that you can finally conquer acne scars without using harsh chemicals that damage the skin.

When the pores on your skin clog, acne scars become a stubborn condition.

Primrose oil repair your skin cells so that it can achieve a good cell turnover to prevent your pores from clogging due to excess dead skin.

It also minimizes your scars from turning red especially if you have a brown sensitive skin which tends to exaggerate every inch of imperfection on your face.

Passion fruit extracts

Extracts from this light and greasy fruit provides you with numerous benefits for your scars since it contains useful carotenoids, phosphorus and calcium.

By repairing damaged cells, your scarred skin gets rejuvenated.

The extracts also prevent inflammation so that your wound scars do not keep on swelling.

Other benefits of Zeta white

  • prosZeta white products are alcohol and sulphate free
  • prosHigh-quality products are manufactured ensuring that you don’t experience any side effects as you eliminate your scars.


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Zeta White products safely work towards getting rid of skin discolorations so that within few weeks or months they no longer appear depending on how fast your body heals.

Any kind of hyperpigmentation can be healed from using Zeta White Products.

Whether you have had a visible big scar since you knew yourself or developed a recent one while working out, you can get rid of it by applying zeta white 3 point skin whitening products or their bleaching creams for scars.

What makes Zeta White different from others?


Among other brands promoting scar lightening creams, Zeta White remains unique because it not only uses natural extracts to help you eliminate scars on your skin, but also provides you with products that work even as you rest.

Their products have also not been tested on animals.

Without being biased against sensitive skin, you can always find a product from zeta white that will not irritate your scars or make them worse.


It uses 95 % organic ingredients giving you the safest way to heal scars without risks of complications.

They not only give you products that are vegan friendly but also offer you money back guarantee in case your scars do not diminish within a year.

From the high ratings and the positive customer reviews, you can feel confident knowing that your scars no longer have to define you.

Final thoughts

Putting lots of brilliant minds to research about scar lighteners, Zeta White does everything they can to give you effective products for your scar no matter how deep it goes or where it is located.

Find the product that works for you and use in on a daily basis exercising patience to start seeing results.

Remember, it will not be instant but certainly, a few weeks or months of waiting and constant use will make your scar disappear.

If you are looking for Zeta White from your local store, you may not find it because these products are sold online from their website.

Purchase it through the web and receive good customer support from a team that not only gives you all the necessary information you need regarding scar lightening, but also provides you with the right precautions to adhere to for you to enjoy the outcome.

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