Best Collagen Supplements Celebs Use To Maintain Sexy Youthful Looks

The benefits of using collagen supplements

No one can deny or even don’t know the massive effect of collagen on different body areas and functions, but what is the reason behind its effectiveness?

What is collagen scientifically? What are the benefits of collagen generally?

What are the reasons that may interfere and decrease the collagen levels?

How can I increase the collagen level? And many other questions may hit your mind when you know more about collagen…Keep reading you will have all the answers you need for the previous

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins found naturally in your body in form of polypeptides that contains a mixture of glycine and proline.

Collagen is vital for your general health state and for your skin. On the other hand, it helps to reduce the signs of aging, and this seems interesting, right?

Collagen considered as an important building block for elasticity.

Furthermore it has the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ability to firm sagging skin, to even your skin tone and many other important functions.

Types of collagen in your body


Collagen found naturally in your body with different types that help and affect your body in a positive way, here is some types of collagen:

  1. Type I Collagen

Type of collagen that usually found in bones, skin, tendons, scar tissue and artery wall; this type characterized by its strength and effectiveness.

  1. Type II Collagen

Type of collagen found abundantly in Hyaline Cartilages like nose, trachea and ears.

  1. Type III Collagen

Type of collagen found mainly in Blood vessels.

  • Generally, the most abundant types are type I and type II, however, there are many other types of collagen but they are found associated with or linked with both type I and type II collagen or found specialized in certain area of the body.


What are the benefits of collagen supplements?

  1. Collagen Benefits For Skin:

prosNo more wrinkles and fine lines

Your frequent exposure to some environmental factors such as exposure to sun, pollution, and many other factors can decrease your collagen levels present within your skin in addition, to the natural aging process that can mainly affect your skin and appears in form of fine lines and wrinkles.

How? Your collagen naturally found in a layer called dermis; for the elasticity function therefore when your collagen starts to drop, you will begin to notice the creepy skin look and wrinkles especially around your mouth and eyes.

So, the addition of collagen supplements to your daily routine is a must if you start to notice this problem as it will provide you will a firm and beautiful look as it used to be.

Before and after having collagen in skin

prosMoisturize! How?

Dry skin is the most common skin condition found in all age categories; in fact, dry skin has too many reasons such as environmental factors and collagen drop due to the aging process.

Collagen supplements can easily help in this situation as it supplies your body with many types of amino acids that mainly act as a moisturizer and hydrate your skin.


prosNo more acne scars

As mentioned before, collagen supplements can supply your body with amino acids; studies show that this amino acids can diminish your acne scars that totally affect your psychological state as it can help your skin to repair itself in addition to its role in the skin healing process.

If you need more information about acne treatment you can also check this article



prosOne tone skin is your look now and then

Indeed there is a relationship between the collagen level found in your skin and the skin’s tone; Uneven skin tone is a problem we may face as we age due to the decrease of collagen level.

Your collagen supplements can increase the collagen percentage found naturally under the skin that responsible for keeping your skin light, a firm with luminosity look.

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  1. Collagen and hair

Take a deep breath and let us count together the benefits of collagen to hair and how can collagen supplements help you to overcome any kind to problems you have now with your hair;

prosIncrease the hair building proteins, therefore, it prevents hair loss

prosIt reduces the effect of free radicals that affect your hair texture

prosIncrease the diameter or the thickness of individual hair

prosReduce the appearance of grey hair by supplying and supporting the hair follicle

prosIncrease the moisture level of your hair, so the dry hair is no longer your look

prosBoost the hair growth


  1. Collagen and cellulite appearance

prosCollagen reduce your cellulite appearance too! So, “NO MORE CELLULITE BUT MORE BIKINIS

prosCellulite happens when your fats found under your skin pushes upward towards the upper layer of skin. The more collagen levels in your body, the more your skin’s wall get stronger and become more hydrated, as a result, your skin will look much firmer and hydrated. Furthermore, it increases the elasticity of the skin, therefore, it reduces the appearance of cellulite bumps.


  1. Collagen can help in many other functions; it improves circulation, promotes healing of injuries and relieve the arthritis pain.

Studies show that collagen supplements are safe for usage and can be digested much more easily than any kind of other products that may give you a minor effect. And because we know that aging process cannot be avoided, so your collagen supplements must be part of your daily routine.

We highly recommend the UK Best Seller Collagen Supplement “Youtonics Collagen Drink”.


benefits of drinking collagen

Here is the top 5 foods high in collagen

Soy Products

soy products for collagen natural

The secret behind the effectiveness of soy products is the presence of a natural plant hormone called “genistein” that enhance the collagen production, as a result, an increase in the strength and elasticity of the skin.


Carrot-Juice-for natural collagen formation to the skin

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A that stimulate the collagen products in addition to its role in slowing down the collagen breakage rate that is responsible for skin aging.


best citrus fruits to help for collagen formation

Vitamin C the most important component that link the amino acids together to form collagen, obviously vitamin C is critical component in the pre-collagen production phase. Citrus fruits are amongst the richest sources of vitamin C, so make sure to add lemon, grapefruit and orange to  your smoothies and salad dressings.


Benefits of Berry for collagen

The ellagic acid found naturally in berries has a potential to prevent the collagen breakdown from UV effect and act against skin aging signs.

Black or Green Olives

green-olives-black-olives for collagen natural better than supplement

Black or green olives are rich in Sulphur element that  promotes collagen formation and enhance  many other functions related to your skin health. So, make sure to add olive to your daily salad.

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