Best At Home Treatment For Blackheads; Via These Easy Methods


Blackheads are no longer considered a big deal at all! You shouldn’t be hopeless but you should track the causes and start the ideal treatment protocol…we will provide you a full guide about the blackheads in form of a journey starting from blackheads causes, then formation, and then its treatment. You will just have to scroll down and keep reading and we will answer the following questions:

prosDo I need to know what are blackheads?

prosWhat are the causes I should be aware of in order to decrease its prevalence?

prosWhat are symptoms?

prosHow are blackheads diagnosed?

prosWhat are the available treatment options to get rid of those annoying heads?



The journey usually starts as you practice certain causation or as you experience certain body changes as follows;

What Causes Black Heads


The hormonal changes associated with the sexual maturity that can vigorously affect the skin’s gland; causing them to secrete more oil. Therefore, the oil releases through the follicle reaching the surface of the skin in order to keep it moist, at the same time acne may start to develop due to the mixing of oil with dead cells, as a result, the skin pores are blocked and form of a blackhead or whiteheads. P.acnes bacteria may also develop on this mixture! As a result; the situation getting much worst!



blackheads sebum menstural cycle in women

It is not the muscle cramps associated with the menstrual cycle, the bad mood you get through before or during the cycle, but also the noticeable and visible features like the formation of blackheads during this cycle! But why?

This is due to hormonal variations that your body experience! Your estrogen levels decrease while the progesterone levels are increasing definitely, as a result, the oil glands start to produce more sebum.  More oil, the presence of dead cells, favorable conditions for bacterial growth, as a result, more blackheads, unfortunately.


pointUsage of Contraceptive Pills      

blackheads and how it happends in women with contraceptive pills

Unfortunately, using some types of contraceptive pills could stimulate the blackheads formation, however, other types can help you luckily to clear up your blackheads…how?

Based on a study performed in 2012, that took a look at 31 trials involving upwards of 12,000 participants to examine whether oral contraceptives might help decrease the incidence of acne.

It has been found that the birth control pills mechanism of action works by decreasing the androgen level in your body, noticing that decreasing androgen means that you are decreasing the oil production! Eventually, your blackheads are disappearing. However, some medications are working by an opposite effect which is increasing the androgen level, therefore, increasing the incidence of having blackheads.



Aside from its everything that smoking destroys, it has been found that smoking has a direct link with the formation of blackheads. A condition called “smoker’s acne” – which leaves smokers with blocked pores and spots – has been identified by researchers at the San Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome.


pointYour bony tail can save you!

Yes, it is important to tie up your hair especially in the summertime as it may be one of the reasons that cause blackhead formation. As it usually combine with oil produced, and P.acnes bacteria consequently stimulate the formation of blackheads.



pointUnhealthy lifestyle

You are what you definitely eat! Eating too many chocolates, greasy, fried foods, and many other junk food forms that can stimulate the formation of blackheads and usually worsen the situation.


pointOther factors may also contribute to the formation of blackheads as follows;

  • Usage of greasy makeup that may block your pores
  • Usage of medications containing steroids for a long time
  • Some health conditions like PCOD “Polycystic Ovarian Disease”
  • Excessive usage of medications that stimulate rapid cell turnover

The cause occur! And then, the blackheads start to develop but how? Let us continue our journey in tracking the process…

As a result of any of the previously mentioned causes; the pores found in the skin become plugged with the oily substance produced by the oily gland and dead skin! Forming type of acne that seems to be small bumps with a surface that looks dark or black.

Black? Yes, black … Many people say that the dark color result from trapped dirt found on the surface of a skin surface, however, this is totally wrong because the black color almost results from the oxidation reaction occur when an open pore react with oxygen in the air and turn black.


At this time, you start to look at the mirror and distinguish those small annoying blackheads that may appear on many body parts such as; back, chest, neck, arms, shoulders, and many other areas.

And then, you start to Squeeze or scrub those blackheads! Thinking that you found your own way to rid yourself of blackheads… and don’t know that you are almost worsening the situation.

What? Worsening the situation? … then, how can I remove the blackheads in a right way?

WARNING: Get away from traditional extraction methods that usually worsen the state!


Many people use common methods that have been used for too long for removing the blackheads although they are considered as harmful and you must stop using if you are currently using one of these methods! For example;


  1. You should stop using glue to rid yourself of blackheads due to its toxicity and its ability to cause spider veins, redness, and irritation. It is almost worsening the situation instead.


  1. Platforms are almost full with masks and pore strips that said to be effective in removing blackheads and although many people gave positive response for many products, however, some dermatologists said that pore strips can also remove essential elements that are said to be important for your skin causing dryness and sometimes, irritation. Therefore, you should check with your doctor whether you can use pore strips or not.


  1. Do not pick, scratch, squeeze, or even pop your blackheads with toothpaste brush! This usually worsens the situation and cause swelling, irritation, and rupture of skin cell walls causing infections and acne scars! Squeezing may also force the pores to get larger than normal as a result, it may initiate deep infections.


  1. Waxing is generally a horrible method in all ways. Especially if you have a sensitive skin type and then allowing a highly heated material to touch your face and wait for a good result! Waxing isn’t a good option for removing blackheads. Based on a case study, it has been found that “Ingrown hair, folliculitis, pseudo‑folliculitis, and post‑inflammatory pigmentary changes after waxing are common side effects of waxing. Eruptive syringomas have also been reported.”


  1. Overusing of cleansing products and washing is not a way of removing the blackheads and may worsen the situation more if you kept on using and cause irritation for your skin. You will just need to wash your face as you used to be and use other effective ways of removing blackheads.


You should use one of the following treatment procedures in order to rid yourself from blackheads


  1. You can deal with them through manual removal

Blackhead removal with dermatologist

Under the supervision of a dermatologist, you can remove the blackheads through a special tool called comedo extractor that is placed around the blackhead area with different angles in order to make sure that it is done perfectly. And then apply a force that is able to force and push the skin surrounding the pore, as a result, the content of the pore gets out.


  1. Exfoliation could be one of the methods too

What? Don’t you know that exfoliation can lead to irritation?  Yes, it can! However, you have an incomplete answer! Exfoliation can only lead to irritation if the type of acne is inflammatory. While for the blackheads; exfoliation is an excellent method as it removes the dead skin found on the surface of the skin that may is usually combined with the oily substance causing clogging pores.


The best type of exfoliators is the alpha and beta hydroxyl acids that are not only working on blackheads but also on aging signs such as wrinkles, face lines, and age spots. Based on a study entitled “The effect of physically applied alpha hydroxyl acids on the skin pore and comedone”  it has been found that:

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) have been recognized as commonly used therapy for acne. Our studies examined whether an additional effect of physical treatment using chemical peeling combined with negative pressure and compared with AHA treatment only occurs in acne-prone subjects” and “4% AHA solution combined with a physical effect had rapidly improving effects on whiteheads and blackheads synergistically. Combined physical therapy may have more impact on pore size and seborrhea.”

We Recommend: Revitol Best Exfoliator For Face

revitol best exfoliator for face

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  1. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion works through using a fine jet in combination with suction tools that are able to provide a fine stream of crystals or through a diamond chip which is mainly directed on the affected area replacing the dead skin with new healthy ones, stimulate blood flow, and encouraging the cell to produce new collagen and elastin. This method helps remove the blackheads as it often eliminates blackhead plugs, opening up the pore and removing the contents of the blackhead.


  1. Chemical peels

A method that is similar to microdermabrasion; it works through enhancing the overall skin status of either the face or body; they are working by the destruction of specific skin layer through using chemicals such as TCA; as a result, the dead skin’s layer peeled off and a new, fresh, smooth, and healthy skin is regenerated.

Read more: on the difference between Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels here


  1. Topical Effective Creams + Supplements

Revitol Acnezine is effective in preventing acne breakouts and its signs and symptoms, both on the surface area of your skin with existing zits and under the layers of your skin. The potent formula of 5% benzoyl peroxide along with other acne-fighting substances work to cure and stop pimples.   Considered as an amazing method in case of blackheads as it works by unclogging pores and prevent its further build-up.

Unfortunately as you age, the skin cells stop maturing and they tend to pile up,” says Doris Day, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in laser, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology in New York City. “It works on a molecular level to normalize cell turnover.” Basically, it tells your cells to renew themselves regularly again.

Main Acnezine Benefits:

  • prosEliminate spots, pimples, redness, pus, blackheads & whiteheads
  • prosClear Existing Skin & Prevent and Treat Acne Breakouts
  • prosFast and effective acne treatments from the inside out

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  1. Laser applications

You can also go for laser option; the fractional laser considered as a perfect idea for blackheads treatment, it also offers additional positive results such as wrinkles and face lines improvement.

  1. Clay masks

Another perfect option, whether you already have blackheads or not you can use clay mask which is able to remove any dirt, excess oil, and dead skin, therefore, unclog the clogged pores that almost consider as the problem core. You can use the clay mask twice a week and you will notice perfect results.

  1. Charcoal mask

Is another formula that has the same effect of clay mask; It will mainly work by unclogging the clogged pores, therefore, giving you the final clear skin look.


In the treatment of acne; medications usually try to fulfill more than one target and I can say they are the triple R:

1.Reduce the oil production

2.Reduce the inflammation

3.Reduce the total bacterial count found on the surface of the skin


Therefore, while searching for your blackheads treatment try to look for the following formulas and elements;



thyeme for blackhead removal

The aromatic herb of the mint family, that contains the bactericidal compound called thymol, therefore, considered as an amazing ingredient if found in one of acne treatment products. Another compound that is also perfect for reducing the bacterial count on the skin surface is the Calendula.


pointLemon Oil

lime juice to remove blackheads

The excellent astringent element that works perfectly in case of blackheads as it is needed to contract the large and open pores, helping in the treatment process of blackheads.


pointBenzoyl Peroxide

As it has Antimicrobial and Anti-inflammatory effect; it mainly reduces the total no. of bacterial colonies (Propionibacterium Acne)  in addition it clear the pores of the skin’s surface area from both the dead skin and excess oil found on the surface of skin, and reduce any kind of inflammation that may associate with acne formation


pointSeaweed or Knotted Wrack:

seaweedmask for blackheads

Based on a recent study, after just two weeks of seaweed usage, blackheads and spots had reduced by 29 percent and after a month blackheads were cut by 42 percent and spots by half.


pointBeta hydroxy acid “Salicylic acid” 

Considered as an excellent exfoliator agent; that shed the dead skin away and prevent its mixing with the oil found on the skin’s surface, therefore, prevent the formation acne.


And finally our journey came to its end; our last tip, you should be aware of your lifestyle in order to prevent the prevalence of blackheads such as you must be aware of products containing oily ingredients either in case of makeups or creams, and you should not sleep with your makeup never ever!


Blackheads are easy to be treated, you will just need to be patient…

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