Bella Natural Herbal Breast Enlargement Cream Review

A woman’s breast size is a product of many factors, which include her genetic heritage and her environmental factors.

These will influence the amount of estrogen released by her ovaries at the onset of puberty, which is the hormone that controls breast size.

Oestrogen then fluctuates throughout your lifetime and its various seasons, perking up or drooping down during events like pregnancy and childbirth, menstruation, weight gain or loss.

Age ultimately age catches up with them, leaving them less lively than they were during your youthful years.

While the solutions to the perfect boob size abound out there, not many are accessible, affordable, safe or guaranteed to work.

Surgeries may be the 100% assured route, but their expense and complications are a big no-no for most women.

You may consider using push up bras, but who loves it when they can dress down their perfect cleavage?

There’s the physical exercise route to perk up the pectoral muscles, but without knowledge, guidance, and dedication.

You may only end up losing the fat in your assets, making them look smaller than they initially were.

All these daunting solutions are what has made natural solutions to breast size enlargement such an appealing solution.

The added advantage of these natural solutions is that though they do not deliver drastic results as surgery does, the results they do offer is natural, is painless and with no adverse long-term effects.

Bella Cream

Bella Cream Breast Enhancement Full Review

Bella cream is a medium of Pueraria Mirifica, and a few other mastogenic herbs and fruits extracts, suspended in a cream medium that enhances your cleavage through a natural lifting process.

It leaves them supple, enlarged and naturally gorgeous, through increasing the production of estrogen in your body.

How to use Bella Cream

This cream should be applied daily, after your morning hot shower when the pores of your skin are the most recipient of cream absorption and later at night before bed.

The makers of Bella Cream advise that on the first-week usage should be twice in the morning and twice before bedtime.

The makers of Bella Cream have proposed a few steps that assist you to apply the cream in the best possible way to ensure complete absorption of the active ingredients.

Spread enough cream to cover your breast all around it.

Application to the nipples is not necessary

With your back bent forward, massage the cream under the breast line, in an upwards motion towards the upper part of your breast.

This movement should be replicated at least ten times.

Focus the massage of the cream on the area around the armpit towards the upper breast area, repeating this motion for another ten times

To ensure that the cream’s active ingredients are maximumly absorbed into the cleavage area, use your two fingers, to pull the breast tissue from the chest bone area towards the armpit area.

Repeat this motion a few more times.

Bella Cream mechanism of action

Bella cream mechanism of action

Bella Cream has four treatment times beginning on the first day of application to day 30.

The preliminary stage is the first and second day, where the cream initially absorbs into the skin of the chest to begin activating growth.

The second step is the activation stage, which occurs on day 7-9 of application, whereby you notice slight changes and effects of the treatment, like some minor pain.

The absorption stage which begins on day 20. During this phase, you are expected to notice a slight swelling of the cleavage as well as fullness and firmness.

At the 30 day mark, comes the stabling and moisturizing stage, where your boobs are now more prominent and firmer than they initially were.

During this phase, you are expected to keep using the cream 3-5 days a week to keep them moisturized and perky.

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Benefits of using Bella Cream

prosBella Creams  breast enhancement results can be visualized in just two weeks of usage

prosIt lifts your fallen soldiers that have drooped due to breastfeeding

prosIt reduces the visibility of unsightly stretch marks on your décolletage

prosIf your boobs are asymmetrical Bella Cream can help balance their sizes out

prosYou will have a firmer and fuller cleavage after use


Bella Cream’s ingredients

Green Papaya

Papaya is both rich in nutrients and enzymes, and studies show that these enzymes are what is beneficial to breast enhancement.

Proteolytic enzymes, for example, Papain, for instance, breaks down proteins and fats, helping your body absorb more of them.

Proteins are the building blocks of breast tissues.

Green papaya has twice as much of these enzymes as ripe papayas do, which is why Bella Cream uses it as an active ingredient.

These enzymes and vitamin A in green papaya are also full of phytoestrogens, which stimulate the production of prolactin and estrogen in the body, both key to breast enlargement.


The Kigelia tree native to sub-Saharan Africa is also known as the Sausage tree as it produces fruit that resembles a sausage in shape.

The fruit’s extract known as Kigeline, has potent concentrations of flavonoids, phytohormones, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents.

These can keep the skin supple and firm prevent sagging that comes with aging.

These agents are known to increase skin firmness by adding a bit of tension.

Side-effects of using Bella Cream

With 100% all natural active ingredients, there are no adverse side effects of using Bella Cream.

It is ill-advised though for women with tumors that react to estrogen to use it as it may create its estrogenic effects may further advance the diseases.

Pros of using Bella Cream

  • Gives a natural look unlike surgeries and implants
  • Pain and scar free and with no harmful side effects
  • 200 times cheaper than invasive surgeries
  • Results noticeable after using for at least two weeks
  • Free insured shipping worldwide
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Cons of using Bella Cream

  • Needs more patience than surgeries as effects are slower to actualize
  • Every woman experiences different results depending on their natural capabilities

How to choose the perfect breast enhancement product

Understand the ingredient list

At the core of breast enhancement products are herbs and plants extracts that are considered mastogenic and provide breast growth stimulation.  

This is made possible by the ingredients ability to act as catalysts to estrogen production in your body.

Estrogen is the dominant hormone responsible for breast growth, a responsibility it undertakes once you reach puberty till you are about your early 20’s.

Breast enhancement products only step in to create room for any further development that may not have reached its peak during those groundwork days, possibly due to various environmental, physical health and psychological issues, all that impacted what estrogen and your genes combined should have achieved.

The most common mastogenic herbs today include;

  • Dong Quai
  • Saw palmetto
  • Mexican yam
  • Fennel seeds
  • Pueraria Mirifica  extract
  • Lucky thistle
  • Damiana
  • Green papaya extract
  • fenugreek

These natural plants extracts are combined in various proportions and sold in cream or capsule form so that their phytoestrogenic activity can impact your cleavage.

It is essential to read and understand the ingredient list, as some may cause you extreme allergies or some products may use ingredients that have no proven effectiveness at all.

In case you are in doubt its wise to consult with a medical practitioner so you may have a clear picture of what is in the can.

Buy from reputable sellers

Many products sold online have the reputation of being cheap knock-offs of original products, such that you may spend a tiny fortune on products that never were.

Check on a seller’s status for authenticity before purchase, or otherwise purchase straight from the producer’s website on reputable online stores like Amazon or eBay.

It goes without saying that fake products can end up with harmful substances that may cause bodily harm, or not do anything at all to improve your breast enhancement dream.

Purchase products with good reviews on social media or online stores.

Trial and error on several products can prove to be a costly and slow way to meet your breast size targets.

It would be easier if you got the bigger picture from other users who have already tried and tested the product for safety and effectiveness.

Go for a product with generally overall good reviews, and you will end up less disappointed with a sale.

Buy products with a 100% natural ingredient list

By ensuring that whatever you use on your chest area is natural, ensures that you do not have any lingering adverse side effects once you are done with the product.

Synthetic ingredients may promise to deliver faster results, but this may come at significant cost to your body.


Most breast enhancement product has to be used at least twice daily, so it is prudent to purchase a product that is convenient and easy to use.

If you do have time to apply and massage the product onto your boobs after a shower in the morning and night, then the cream is not the best product for you because failure adheres to guidelines, may not bring desired results.

In case pills are easier for you to swallow, then go that route.

All you need to remember is the frequency of use.


Products that come with a money back guarantee, discounts, value packs or buy one get one free type of selling are worthwhile, as they provide value or safety for your money.

Money back guarantee proves that a company is quite confident in their products integrity and effectiveness, so it safer for you to take a chance on what they have to offer.

Ease of Use

A breast enhancement product should be easy use. If it turns your life upside down to allow usage, then it might not be worth the premise.

A product has to be used for the consideration of your stage in life, may it be career-wise, parenthood or any other life season.

It should be merely usable twice for maximum results.

A product also that needs extra hard to get or expensive products may not work so well for you either.

A simple clear and straightforward method of usage shows that a product is well designed for maximum impact.

Use a product that has online support or that has a way to answer your queries or allay your fears, even offering guidance where you may need it since these products can be used continuously for months on end.


Most breast enhancement products have to be used for months on end so pick one that is cost effective and affordable to you.

This ensures that you will see the use of the product through and not fail midway.

Consider too the amount of product alongside the sticker price.

Is it sufficient for the price tag?

You can compare that with other like products to get a clear picture of what should be suitable for the price tag.

Both Brestrogen and Bella Cream engage the female hormone estrogen to help perk up those beauts. While they both employ the active ingredients in Pueraria Mirifica, Bella Cream has other added elements, and we’ll pore through each to understand how they do what they do so well.

Comparison Review of Breast Enhancement Products

Bella Cream

Bella Cream



Mechanism of action This cream should be applied daily, after your morning hot shower when the pores of your skin are the most recipient of cream absorption and later at night before bed. The makers of Bella Cream advise that on the first-week usage should be twice in the morning and twice before bedtime. Use only three drops of the cream in the morning after your shower, and right before you to go bed at night.
Side-effects prosNo reported side effects prosNo noted side effects
Ingredients prosPueraria Mirifica, Kigeline, Green Papaya extract prosPueraria Mirifica Vitamin E
Safe to use prosThe cream is manufactured in a GMP certified facility prosThe cream is manufactured in an FDA approved facility
User feedback pros

Highly mixed feedback, some women claim changes in cleavage size in a matter of two weeks use. And almost 32% of users said it has no effect.

prosMost users have seen an impact on breast size and firmness within a month or two of use.
Expected Results prosUsage will increase your cup size within 30 days by up to 6-8 cms dependent on your body type prosContinuous use for six months should bring improved cleavage shape and size.
Shipping & Where To Buy

From Our Store

From Official Website


$19.95 (Instead of $30)



These two breast enhancement products are potent due to the Pueraria Mirifica extract in them clinically proven to help in breast enhancement due to the phytoestrogens in them.

However, do note that Breastrogen is incredibly expensive for unknown reasons. It literally uses the same ingredients as Bella but with an inflated price.

In case you are considering a breast lift, but you cannot reconcile with the scars and costs, then these two are suitable options for that naturally perky cleavage.

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