Get A Decade of Your Age, Look Healthy With Acai Juice


Before diging deep on how to get your self the best energy juice at home. First checkout this video to understand the importance of what you are dealing with.

The True Benefits of Acai Berry Juice

BulletsEncourages weight loss

BulletsBattles leukemia cells

BulletsImproves immunity

BulletsSlows down the aging process

BulletsPrevents Alzheimer’s

BulletsImproves sexual performance (find out why it has been called the Viagra of the Amazon and why Brazilian men swear by its power to give them increased sexual energy and performance)


Scientific Proof on The Effeciency of Acai Berry as An Energy Juice

Acai is rich in antioxidants, fiber, omega fatty acids and more it is known for its chocolate- berry flavor and deep purple color.

Cases Demonstrates How Powerful is Acai Berry Juice For Conditions Like


They dripped the concentration of acai berry phytonutrients expected in one’s bloodstream after consumption on some cancer cells taken from a 36-year-old woman with leukemia.

They saw a dramatic rise in cancer cell mortality–about twice that found previously using similar concentrations of hibiscus tea on the same cancer.



Ten overweight folks were given two packs of frozen acai pulp every day for a month. Even though they were allowed to take it with sugar, their fasting blood sugars dropped, as well as their insulin levels and cholesterol.

It appeared to significantly blunt the sugar spike caused by a standardized meal–all without any obvious adverse effects.

In fact the only theoretical concern cited in the NSRC review was that it may work too well. If you’re on diabetic blood sugar lowering medications Acai berry could potentially drop your blood sugar too low, or if you have an autoimmune disease or are on immunosuppressants it could stimulate your immune system too much.


Memory loss

Clinical research led by Robert Krikorian, of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center, studied the effects of daily consumption of wild blueberry juice on the memory of aging adults.

The study sampled nine adults who showed early memory changes. At the end of the 12-week study, the subjects showed improvement in paired-associate learning and word recall test.

The findings of this study were published in the January 2010 issue of the “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.”(Source)


100 mg of Acai ingredients contains:

One 100 mg serving contains just 60 calories, 3g fiber, 6% RDA iron, 15% RDA vitamin A, 5,800 ORAC units, 4.58mg heart-healthy omega fatty acids, 0g sugar and zero caffeine or gluten.

It also contains various minerals, vitamin C and even some calcium.

What are free radicals? Why are they damaging to the human body?

Free radicals form in our bodies as we metabolize (process) food and during other natural body functions.

They are also created from exposure to the sun, pollutants found in the air, eating processed foods, smoking, and much more. They are also caused by stress.

Remarkably, athletes create free radicals as a result of the stress they put their bodies through.

That is not to say that exercise is a bad thing. It just points out that even things we do that seem healthy can have adverse consequences


We aren’t defenseless against free radicals. The body, long used to this relentless attack, makes scads of molecules that quench free radicals as surely as water douses fire.

We also extract free-radical fighters from food. These defenders are often lumped together as “antioxidants.” They work by generously giving electrons to free radicals without turning into electron-scavenging substances themselves.

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of different substances that can act as antioxidants.

The most familiar ones are vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and other related carotenoids, along with the minerals selenium and manganese. These substances are mostly found in Acai Berry.

Where To Buy Acai Berry Juice (Energy Juice)?

– Buying Acai. Acai comes in a few forms. Frozen acai smoothie packs, acai juice and acai powder.

My favorite way to enjoy acai is via the frozen smoothie packs because you can easily blend up frosty smoothies and creamy purple acai bowls.
– When choosing acai you can either buy 100% acai or a “blend” product. Below I show three brands and options for frozen smoothie packs.

Acai_Powder_Evolution_SlimmingBuy NOW

How To Prepare an Acai Berry Juice

These are three of the most common ways on how to get the perfect Acai Berry Juice

Acai berry juice-1

1Obtain a glass containing either water or any other soft drink. Take at least two tea spoons of acai berry juice and add to the glass of water.

Have the mixture stirred and drink it.

The concentration of the acai berry juice depends on one individual taste and preference. Moreover, you can always use something else to come up with acai berry juice drink, such as soy milk.

Acai berry juice-2

2You can effectively come up with an intriguing acai berry juice shake. This is appreciable when you are seeking for a dink to boost up your energy when carrying out some exercises.

Here are some of the ingredients you will require in order to come up with an energy giving acai berry juice shake: two tea spoons of acai berry juice; a banana; a cup of fresh milk; chocolate flavor; at least half small cup of strawberries; five paces of ice cubes; and at least 1 oz. of peanut butter.

By using a blender, have all the ingredients added in the blender and then blend to obtain a splendid acai berry juice shake.

This particular juice you have just prepared is highly rich in amino acids that promote the strengthening of your muscles, hence keeping you physically as well as psychologically fit.

Acai berry juice-3

3Purchase some fresh ice cream from the store and then add acai berry juice in it.

Make sure that the acai berry juice does not exceed two tea spoons not unless you are in need of a deeper concentration.

Moreover, you can always have the acai juice blended with other juices.

For instance, you can come up your splendid mango juice and then add to it at least two tea spoons of acai berry juice for that energy giving taste.

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