Best Selling Anal Bleaching Cream (At Home)

Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching is now a common trend that many people are considering despite being famous among men and women seeking a better looking anus.

People are now using this method to improve the skin around their asses. While celebrities do not mind spending their money in an expensive salon to bleach butthole, some people prefer doing it more privately from home.

If you don’t dare to let a stranger work on your anus, you can get a bleaching cream and apply it easily on different parts in a discrete setting.

Your anus is a delicate area and spas may not provide you with good hygiene for the procedure.

The risks of germ contamination from a salon are higher than from your home. Salon may lead to conditions such as infections and herpes.

For this reason, many people choose anal home lightening.

SOME BY MI Cream has been rated among the best creams that work effectively with minimal side effects.

Let us first look at why people are exploring anal bleaching before talking about the benefits of this cream.

Why is anal bleaching gaining fame?


Lots of ladies are becoming conscious about how their bodies look.

Bleaching your anus may seem weird, but it improves the tone of your skin on your butthole.

Ladies who undergo this say that they feel more confident to walk in bikinis and G-strings when hanging around the beach.

You do not need to worry about having an uneven skin tone around your booty anymore.

This area tends to darken more than other parts as one keeps on aging.

Those that wear very tight panties can also develop a dark butthole due to excessive friction caused by movements.

Lack of proper caring of your skin may also add more melanin on the outer surfaces.

Allowing excess matter to accumulate in this area due to poor hygiene may affect the color of your skin, making it look brown or purple.

An uncared for anus can make a sexual partner uncomfortable during sexual intercourse.

Users of bleaching creams report that this kind of bleaching increases their esteem while having sex and makes one more conscious about their personal hygiene.

The fact that one does not have to go through surgery to lighten the area also causes more people to consider it.

This SOME BY MI Cream is a lifesaver to people who fear all the operations that are used on almost everything. You can get a better butt without passing through sharp knives that take time to heal thanks to SOME BY MI Cream.

What are the benefits of SOME BY MI TONE-Up Cream?


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Conduct your research today, and this name will pop up at almost all your sources. Behind every rumor, lies some truth in it. If you are wondering why everybody is praising this cream to bleach buttholes, check out these benefits:

Safety is guaranteed

Incorporating natural components in this cream has made it one of the best anal bleaching agents. People who use it do not develop irritations and scars from this lotion.

The ingredients that make it safe for your anus are discussed below.

Gentle sensation

By rubbing the cream on your skin, you can tell that it is gentle on your hands assuring you of the same feeling on your butt.

It acts silently while improving your skin conditions no matter the depth of your pigments.

Get rid of skin discolorations

People who suffer from discolorations can now even out the color of the skin surface using this cream.

Each ingredient works towards giving you a normal skin to make you more comfortable.

It causes the dark spots around your thighs become invisible by fixing hyperpigmentation.

If you have unnecessary blemishes such as birthmarks in sensitive areas, SOME BY MI Cream is what you should use. It also takes care of your acne scars making them appear the same color as your skin. People who suffer from melisma can significantly benefit from this lotion.


For those individuals with smell allergies, you don’t need to worry about the smell from this bleaching cream. It does not leave weird smells on your anus or hands.

No perfumes are added to this cream or parabens to make you uncomfortable.

Feel free to apply this cream few minutes before work without being sensitive to whether people can feel the smell. Some customers report that it has some noticeable smell which is pleasing and not irritating to your nose.

Contains no hydroquinone

Some physicians recommend that bleach butthole serums that contain hydroquinone can harm your sensitive areas.

Most bleaching agents are fitted with hydroquinone that affects many users negatively.

This chemical can create a burning effect on your asshole or leave it scarred. It also exposes people to risks of getting cancer.

Prevent such cases by using this cream that is free from chemicals such as hydroquinone.

It does not contain any harmful chemicals to ensure that your anus does not feel scorched.

Works fast

According to how much melanin your skin produces, you will start seeing results within few weeks.

Unlike other creams, purchasing this type is not a waste of your money. Many positive reviews and high ratings are a clear indication that SOME BY MI cream works.

It’s designed in FDA accredited facility, which should make you believe in the effectiveness of the cream since it’s licensed and medically tested.

Researchers have spent their time looking at all possible ways to develop a bleaching agent that is risk-free and developed SOME BY MI Cream. Carrying out control experiments and analyzing the results in the form of graphs should convince you to try out it.

Ease of application

Simple and clear instructions on the manual make it easy for you to apply.

You can, thus, enjoy your privacy as it is easy to use without the need for more information from the internet.

If you are a first time user going with the home option, you can ask a partner to help you out before you can learn how to apply it without assistance.

You don’t have to worry about leaving a mess in your working area since its texture makes it not slide off from your palms.

It is fitted with a bottom grip and a nozzle that allows you to push it down to help you get the desired amount without wasting it.

The lotion does not leave a sticky effect on your butt or hands. You can conveniently bring along the lightweight bleaching agent on your trip.

Suitable for all skin types

Your sensitive skin will not develop irritations from applying SOME BY MI cream to bleach butthole.

Manufacturers aim at giving you a safe cream that lightens your bum without affecting your delicate skin.

It is also not based on a particular gender.

Both men and women can enjoy this agent. In most cases, men tend to get isolated when it comes to various lotions.

This is gender sensitive so that a man does not feel uncomfortable to go to a spa full of women to whiten their anus.


All your intimate areas can benefit from the cream.

You can use it on your butthole, nipples, vaginal lips, penis as well as your inner thighs.

It is formulated to work in such areas to enhance how they look making you feel sexy.

Women are sometimes embarrassed when breastfeeding babies in public due to the dark surface surrounding their nipples.

Use SOME BY MI Serum to make this surface lighter as well as improve how vagina lips appear.

Changing the physical appearance of these areas entices the opposite sex since it shows proper care of oneself.

Refund with lack of satisfaction

A money back guarantee enhances the credibility of the product since customers don’t have to feel a loss of their funds in case it does not work.

If you are not seeing any change with anal bleaching after a long time, get in touch with the customer care to receive help since you may be using it wrong.

They can also fully refund you if you are still not satisfied with their support.

Ensure that you purchase the product from authorized retailers for you to acquire a warranty to be legible for a refund.

An authorized reseller may decline to give you a refund since they don’t provide customers with a warranty.

Affordable prices and impressive delivery

Reducing the cost for customers is attracting more sales.

Get this natural cream online at affordable rates to take your confidence to the next level in bed.

Most online stores have significantly reduced the price for people including low-income earners to afford it.

The modes of payment are also convenient for you to purchase this cream from different parts of the world.

Ordering this product from credible sources gives you effective delivery as it is delivered few hours after purchase.

Fast deliveries and supportive team enhance the relationship between the company and its clients thus, achieving loyalty. They also mind your privacy, therefore, remain confidential while delivering the product to your doorstep. You don’t need to worry about your purchase falling into the wrong hands.

Some by mi toneup intensive cream

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How do you use it?

Patch Test

Carrying out a test before beginning the process helps you gauge how the cream reacts on your skin surface. A patch test enables you to determine its compatibility on your skin.

Feel free to try it on your hand before exposing it to delicate parts. You can implement this a few days before applying it on your anus and when satisfied with the sensation, proceed.

Prepare the surface

Ensure that your butthole is clean and ready by taking a thorough bath. Use a gentle scrub on your anus to avoid damaging the skin around the hole.

A loofah would help you eliminate unnecessary matter around the hole. Pat your butt with a clean towel until it is completely dry.


Start by implementing small amounts of the Cream after the first day and gradually use more every day. Use circular motions to apply SOME BY MI Tonup Cream around your butthole gently.

Be patient with the ingredients to penetrate the inner surfaces of your skin effectively. Ensure that you don’t leave any part unrubbed.

Repeat the same procedure every morning and evening after a shower as you wait for it to work.

Use it for few weeks until you are satisfied with the color transformation of your ass.

In case you feel irritation, combine the cream with Ceramide moisturizer to reduce itchiness. Ensure that you balance the amounts of the bleaching agent with that of your moisturizer to enable them to work better together. Following the instructions, as indicated prevents any side effects.

Expected Results

In as much as you may want instant results, it is important to stay realistic for it to work on you.

It may take longer to bleach a darker skin butthole compared to someone a bit light skinned.

The cream requires some time before it penetrates the inner layers of your skin. It may be slow to act, but give you long-lasting results.

To some extent, your patience and consistent application may affect the results.

The use of natural products in SOME BY MI also makes the results extend for some weeks or months in different individuals.  Most people report changes after the first two months of use.

Why is it different?

What differentiates SOME BY MI Cream from other products to bleach the butthole, is that it is durable.

It is the only bleaching agent that has incorporated the use of natural ingredients such as glycolic acid.

The product has been medically proven to work and is not tested on animals.

What people don’t like about SOME BY MI Cream

The only mishap that many users report from using this lotion, is that it is packed in small quantities.

Since you may need to apply it up to two months, you need to purchase at least two to three bottles to avoid running out.

Limiting how you can buy the product inconveniences customers who require to obtain it in bulk.

Manufacturers should look into making this option available to the customers or increase the quantity in each bottle.

Final thoughts

Many people may hold back on ass bleaching creams due to fake products that do not live up to their advertisements.

Though most of them don’t work, SOME BY MI anal bleaching Cream stands out among the rest. Applying this cream will make you look at life differently.

You will feel more confident walking around a beach in your thong with a new even color of your anus.

Avoid spending all your life savings in a spa trying to improve your ass and get a product that you can you can use efficiently from your home.

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