Adorna Cream Reviews (+Comparing Results)

The size of a woman’s cleavage can either be a source of pride or cringe depending on the level of personal self-esteem one has.

To eliminate the unpleasantness of having assets you are not exactly proud of, some women result in surgeries or implants that can take a toll on your expenses as well health.

Scars and pain are not most women’s cup of tea on the road to beauty, and neither is the time required to recover from surgery.

This is why naturally breast enhancing products are such a hit with women seeking a more relaxed, healthier way out of this problem.

Adorna cream and Brestrogen are both made with natural ingredients that are designed to enhance your cup size without the pain or loss of finances.

While the results may not be as drastic as surgeries, there is the safety of lack of adverse side effects as well as affordability.

Comparison Review of Top Rated Breast Enhancement Products

Adorna Cream

adorna review

Bella Cream

Mechanism of action This cream should be massaged deeply into the breast tissue, twice daily. Use only three drops of the cream in the morning after your shower, and right before you to go bed at night.
Side-effects prosNo reported side effects prosNo noted side effects
Ingredients prosPueraria Mirifica prosPueraria Mirifica, Mexican Yam, Dandelion Root, Hyaluronic Acid, Reservatrol
Safe to use prosAll ingredients are natural prosThe cream is manufactured in an FDA approved facility
User feedback Not much happy customers on

Adorna Review

prosMost users have seen an impact on breast size and firmness within a month or two of use. (user feedbacks collected from independent forums as this product is not listed on
Expected Results High amount of complains regarding results on major blogs and amazon review section. prosContinuous use for six months should bring improved cleavage shape and size.
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Bella Cream

Bella Breast enlargement

If your breast size is small because of lack of enough breast growth hormones in your body, that is a problem Bella can assist with.

This is because the determination of your breast size is at the mercy of several hormones in your body including progesterone, prolactin, growth hormone and estrogen.

For your cleavage to have the best possible capacity that your genes can allow, you will need these hormones released to your mammary gland at the right time and the proper amounts.

Failure to do this results in less than perfect boobs.

Bella is a natural breast enhancement product is purposely made for women who wish to increase the bosom size, naturally avoiding any adverse side effects.

Bella is a cream designed to quickly absorb into your skin, in a relatively short time.

Its active ingredient Pueraria Mirifica is amongst the most potent breast enhancement herbs on the market today.

Rich in phytoestrogens, it works by increasing blood flow to the boobs and running the distribution of estrogen to the mammary glands.

This mastogenic herb also works to make breasts firm and soft by expanding the fat tissue deposit in the mammary glands, leaving your decolletage soft, supple and giving them that much need Va Va boom!

How to use Bella Cream

This natural breast enhancer is a topical cream in a 50ml pump up bottle, which should be massaged into your breasts twice daily for at least a minute.

Use only three drops of the cream in the morning after your shower, and right before you to go bed at night.

Once you have used it for up to six months, then improved cleavage shape and size should be apparent.

Benefits of Bella Cream

prosNatural ingredients with no hidden added ingredients

prosGives your breasts a firmer, fuller shape

prosReduces wrinkles

prosAlleviates symptoms of menopause

Bella mechanism of action

How to increase boob size with Brestrogen

Bella’s backbone is Pueraria Mirifica, a plant native to Myanmar and Thailand.

The locals have relied on Pueraria Mirifica’s  ‘elixir of youth’ capabilities to look younger, longer for centuries.

Over time it has been discovered that this plant’s main constituent is phytoestrogens, a substance that mimics estrogen in the body.

This means that Pueraria Mirifica can be utilized as an  Oestrogen supplement, which means that it can do what only Oestrogen does to boobs, enlarge them.

Phytoestrogens increase blood flow to the mammary glands and improve the flow of estrogen to the breast tissues enabling them to expand naturally.

The isoflavones and miroestrol in the plant extract strengthen the milk ducts and increase fatty deposits to make fuller perkier and supple bosoms.

This female hormone is undoubtedly the most influential hormone when it comes to breast size determination.

Oestrogen influences how wide your pelvis and butt is, how big your thighs are, in fact it is the hormone you have to thank for your hairless face and chest.

In adolescence, Oestrogen stimulates receptors in your breast tissue cells, causing growth in these tissues.

This event also happens during pregnancy, which is why pre and post pregnancy cleavage is usually most perky.

This hormone though is a combination of similar hormones in chemical composition, namely, estriol, estrone, and estradiol.

The latter is most responsible for breast growth and is what is found in abundance in the root of the Pueraria Mirifica plant, as miroestrol and deoxyestrol.

These phytoestrogens, increase breast size too by increasing the flow of blood to the breast tissue, which in turn causes fatty tissues to grow, and milk ducts to lengthen while adding firmness to the ligaments.

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Bella Ingredients


This phytoestrogen was first isolated from Pueraria Mirifica in 1960 and is most responsible for the fame this plant has acquired.

It enhances your body’s estrogen capacity by only associating with specific estrogen receptors, which implies that it can’t cause an overdose of estrogen production.


When exposed to oxygen this phytoestrogen, turns into miroestrol increasing the estrogen in your body


This coumestan is very prevalent in soybeans, spinach and alfalfa and Brussel sprouts too and its power is in its ability to mimic estrogen.


Produced by the legume family of plants these phytoestrogens can alleviate menopause symptoms and only work by binding themselves to Estrogen receptor beta.

Side-effects of Bella

Bella utilizes the naturally powerful estrogenic effects of the Pueraria Mirifica plant, without any added ingredients that may cause health risks.

There no scars, pain or risks of infection, unlike surgery.

It is not safe for women with cysts or gynecological tumors to use it as the estrogenic activities might further exacerbate these health issues.

A few women might have allergies to the active ingredients in the cream, so it is advisable then to seek medical advice before embarking on the use of the cream.

Pros of using Bella Cream 

  • pros100% natural ingredients
  • prosPueraria Mirifica estrogenic effects have been well researched clinically
  • prosEasy to use, no pills or injections. Just shower and apply
  • prosNo adverse side effects and no health risks
  • pros200 times less cheap than most other invasive breast enhancement surgical procedures
  • prosEasily absorbed by your skin
  • prosSmells good and leaves no stains on clothes
  • prosHas a 45-day guarantee if no results
  • prosMany positive reviews for the product

Cons of using Bella

  • Take quite some time (4-5 months) to notice considerable results
  • Only sold on the product’s official website
  • No free shipping
  • Every woman experiences different results

Adorna Cream mechanism of action

Adorna cream prides itself on the creation of a product that is free of animal testing and also paraben free.

Parabens added to many other products could be carcinogenic, and Adorna cream believes in placing safety first.

It promises to increase your cup size by one or two sizes, through a mix of natural botanical ingredients, in a no mess, no stain formula that smells good too.

How to use Adorna cream

This cream should be massaged deeply into the breast tissue, twice daily, to allow the active ingredients firm up the boobs.

By enabling the body to create additional fat stores in the breast tissues, therefore enlarging the size the breasts.

They also produce an increase in blood circulation to the area adding suppleness and firmness.

Adorna cream’s ingredients

Pueraria Mirifica

This plant’s usage native to Thailand dates back to the 13 century, and old stories tell of people eating its roots and leaves to look youthful for longer. Its popularity is an ode to Luang Anusang, who published works about its ability to enhance skin texture and reduce aging symptoms. Dr. Kerr in 1952, defined its botanical name and the rest they say is history. Today this plant is the most recognized of all breast enhancement extracts and perhaps the most researched on.

This plant’s extracts have been proven to enlarge breasts naturally as well reduce symptoms of menopause, increase libido and assist in weight loss. It has been shown that 70% of women who have used this plant’s extracts have indeed evidenced a growth in breast tissue, with no adverse side effects. The use of these extracts also reduces the visibility of stretch marks and makes the skin more supple and beautiful.

These effects are due to the phytoestrogens present in the plant, which mimics the effect of estrogens in the body. Estrogen is the essential hormone that is disbursed by the body at the onset of puberty to kick-start and maintains the growth of your breast tissues.

Other benefits of Pueraria Mirifica

  • Helps the skin to keep smooth, soft and clear
  • Increases libido
  • Alleviates the symptoms of menopause
  • Has benefits for your hair, bones  as well help prevent cancers


Mexican Yam

Progesterone and estrogen aids in stimulating milk glands in the breast tissues, causing an enlargement during the various cycles of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

The roots of Mexican wild yam contain diosgenin which can be converted into Progesterone in a lab, a feat the body naturally cannot achieve.

This makes a compelling ingredient in hormonal replacement therapy, and a potent ingredient too when it comes to breast enhancement.


Dandelion Root

Besides granting wishes and being a nuisance on your lawn, dandelion as a host health benefits too.

It is useful in your journey to the perfect cup size by assisting your body to excrete toxins that may hinder the estrogen receptor sites in your breast tissues.

This in effect may impair the proper working of phytoestrogens in the Pueraria Mirifica in Adorna Cream.


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronan is a carbohydrate, which abounds in your body, and it binds to water to form a viscous quality.

It lubricates joints and muscles in the body, and its consistency makes it’s a top-notch natural moisturizer for your skin.

It is water-loving, and its effects on the skin include reducing signs of aging such that its used as a lip and breast enhancement injection in cosmetic surgery.

Over 50% of this naturally occurring substance is found on the human skin, and skins with large amounts of HA are more supple, healthier and fresh looking.

This fantastic substance can bind up to 1000 its weight in water which means that it will give your cleavage that Va Va boom you are looking for.

This is because HA hydrates the collagen in the skin prevents saggy boobs. The HA will ensure that your assets are perky, well hydrated and wrinkle free for good measure.


A polyphenol, it acts an antioxidant, protecting you from disease-causing factors.

It is naturally occurring on the skins of red grapes, berries, and peanuts.

It supports anti-aging, and reduces inflammation as well as bad cholesterol in the body.

What Are the Side Effects of Adorna Cream?

Made with natural extracts, Adorna Cream has no adverse side effects with prolonged usage and neither any health risks.

Its makers have gone a step further and made it paraben free, to ensure your utmost safety

Main Concern About Adorna Cream

It has got majority of negative reviews on

You can check their Amazon page over here. Also seems they have poor customer support and after sale support.

How to pick the safest and  best natural breast enhancement product

  • Look  for quality assurance
  • is it FDA approved or has GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification?
  • Look for products with a money back guarantee
  • Look for positive testimonials or review of use
  • Ensure that the price tag is reasonable
  • Ensure that the product has legitimate seller contact information
  • Read and research on the product’s ingredients


If you are not entirely happy with the size and shape of your bosom, it is now easy to correct that and have the body shape you’ve always desired.

Both Bella and Adorna Cream have Pueraria Mirifica as an active ingredient that has been proven to affect the levels of estrogen in the body clinically.

However, we highly recommend Bella in the long run.

Due to its great results, risk free, affordable solution with many positive reviews from current users.

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