Acai Plus: The Year’s Most Popluar Acai Product, Here is Why


Acai plus has recently become popular in the U.S. and UK because of its massive impact on weight loss.

People Fail in Weight loss… here is why?

Fail_Fat_loss_AcaiMany people are not aware that a clogged colon severely inhibits metabolism leading to stubborn fat.

Even for people go to the gym every day, eat healthy and avoid processed foods, but still just can’t seem to lose that fat around their belly.

Your colon is not functioning properly. Acai berries are very high in resveratrol and several other antioxidants, some of these antioxidants can help stimulate weight loss by aiding in the elimination of waste.

And that is one simple benefit to the significance of Acai plus in fat metabolism.

Why Acai So special?

  • “Rich in antioxidants and amino acids, açaí is thought to be one of the most nutritional fruits of the Amazon basin.” New York Times, 8/4/2004
  • Acai has 10 Times the antioxidant power of red grapes and twice that of blueberries
  • The Freeze Dried Acai which is used in Acai Plus Extreme has 9x the antioxidant power of blueberries!

Acai Plus Extreme Features:

  • pros100% Pure Organic Acai
  • prosFreeze Dried to Retain Nutrients
  • prosORAC of Over 40,000 per Bottle
  • prosNo Fillers, Flow Agents, or Artificial Ingredients
  • prosVegan, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free

Key Benefits of Acai Plus Extreme:

pointProtect your body’s cells from getting damaged by oxidative processes in cells.

By protecting against oxidation, acai berries have the potential to help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and various conditions related to old age.

A great advantage in preventing premature aging
pointAppetite suppression
: If you get “over hungry” and tend to overindulge, It help you eat a more balanced amount. It makes you feel fuller.
pointLethargy will be removed, leaving more energy for other daily activities.

It improves mental clarity and promotes sound sleep. It even helps with digestive functions.
pointImproved blood circulation
eventually leads to slowing down of the aging process. Skin will look healthier, and cholesterol levels are regulated.

The heart, which is one of the most important muscles in the human body, also starts to become stronger. This phenomenon also may contribute to a boost in sex drive, especially for men.
pointNatural ability to help regulate cholesterol levels in the body. and It proved that it can burn body fat, fast and efficient due to its high antioxidant effect.

However, the mechanism of action regarding that issue is already well described on “Toxins and Fat loss” research.

Acai Plus Extreme


Acai Fruit Accessibility and Where to Get it From?

acai-berry_fruit_treeCommonly found in central and South American countries such as Peru and Brazil.

They come from the Acai palm, which grows in swarm lands. Perhaps that’s why they have been largely ignored by urban dwellers until now.

Scientists have found that the Acai berry is a great source of fiber, heart-healthy fats and antioxidants. Well known commonly as a “super food” and very popular for its weight loss effect.

Acai palm trees can grow as high as 60 feet in the Brazilian rainforest.

Because harvesting is done by hand, the locals responsible for collecting the berries have to scale dangerous heights to get them.

Harvesting the berries and preparing the bunches for shipping has to be an extremely quick process, because the berries have to be shipped by boat and can spoil easily.

Getting it as a “fruit” is no way possible unless you decided to travel to Brazil.

If so that’s your chance to try it in its most natural form. The good news is Acai pulp can be dehydrated into a powder and freeze dried.

This powder can then be put into capsules to make pure Acai supplements that maintain all the nutritional properties of fresh Acai – just in a concentrated form. Manufacturers of Acai Plus managed to do this very well and maintained their uniqueness… here is why

Why People Buy Acai Plus Extreme over any other Acai products

  • prosMany users experienced severe winds and gasy stomach feeling. Not the case with Acai Plus extreme.
  • prosThis product is equal to the acai juice (found frozen powder). These capsules are much more convenient with more acai concentration.
  • prosVery easy to swallow, no offensive taste.
  • prosCustomer service is outstanding.
  • prosHigh reorder rate.
  • prosAfter breakfast keeps you awake and full of energy.
  • prosNever get that jittery feeling like I have with some other pills.
  • prosThe UK’s most trusted acai berry product.

5 Things To Look For When Buying Any Acai Product:

1Buy 100% Pure Acai and avoid products with labels stating 18:1 extract or similar. Example of Pure Acai and Acai extract:100 pure acai

2Organically grown Acai contains 4x more anti-oxidants.

Many supplement manufacturers have begun to “farm” Acai palm trees outside of South America and much closer to home.

To experience the best health benefits always opt for 100% organic Brazilian Acai.
3Buy Acai which has been independently reviewed and approved.

Both the Daily Mail and the Sunday Express reviewed the supplement and found that Evolution Slimming’s Acai was the highest quality pure Acai berry fruit on the market.
4Choose quality over price with Acai berry.

The cheaper the supplement, the more likely it is to contain extracts, concentrates and fillers and less of what really matters – 100% pure Acai.
5A quality Acai berry supplement should contain 500-700mg of pure fruit per capsule and nothing else.


There’s hundreds of acai berry capsules available, online and on the high street. Be very careful when buying acai – there’s a lot of inferior acai berry out there.

You may have seen acai berry on the high street for £4-£10, but you’ll need to check the ingredients to see just how little acai berry is in these products. Acai berry should be first on the ingredients label, however you’ll probably see it third, fourth of fifth.

This means there’s very little acai berry inside the product and is padded out with fillers, bulkers and anti-caking agents. It is often claimed that extra ingredients are necessary to process the acai into a useable form, this is simply not true! If you are in any doubt you can ask them to read you the label.

Beware of capsules filled out with such fillers as: Starch, Soya Bean Oil, Yellow Beeswax, and Soya Lecithin. All of these ingredients are inactive so they’re not going to help you lose weight in any way.

Is Acai Plus Safe?


It combines pure acai berry powder with green tea, l-carnitine & chromium to create a high strength, powerful supplement.

However, Acai plus is not for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid conditions! There is caffeine present in Acai Plus Extreme so if you particularly sensitive to this ingredient you may experience mild temporary side effects.

Average Reported Weight Loss Results With Acai Plus Extreme

1 to 3 pounds per week, this might increase with dieting and constant exercise.

Independent Acai Plus User Reviews From All Over The Web

Victoria Gray, an editor for the Sunday Express, tested our 100% Pure Acai berry to see if it lived up to its fantastic qualities.

She published her unbiased findings in the Sunday Express’ ‘S Magazine’ on January 3rd 2010. The review wasn’t a paid-for advertisement, rather an honest, real testimonial.


Many users left their feedback on Amazon regarding this product… here are few:




Directions of Use

Not recommend taking these before bed especially if you’re sensitive to caffeine. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated and aid the removal of toxins.

Acai Plus Dosage Per Day:

2 capsules in the morning before or after breakfast.

Pricing and Where To Buy

You can buy Acai Plus Extreme from Evolution Slimming website, who are the leading suppliers of Acai Plus and a number of other popular diet pills.

acai plus price

Acai Plus Coupon & Special Offers

The current price after sale is 37 USD per bottle. However, there is a special offer if purchased 2 bottles or more you’ll get exclusive offers


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